Keeping the “I” in IFS



Chinning in Cusco, Peru.

Baby Making Time


Dear Dudes,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post and an even longer time since I’ve had something worth posting about.

Yes, our micro loans to Latin American farmers are secure and solvent. Christmas still saved? cheap viagra canada Double Yes!

I have news far more important than global poverty and more exciting than the security of Christmas. (Spoiler Alert: if you are on FB and friends with Anna you may already know. I tried to hold her off until I told you guys but my procrastination was too much for her to handle.) Anyway, Anna and I are having a baby!

We’re both really excited and happy about the whole thing. It was a bit of a surprise but one that we both welcome. It’s due around Dec. 17th so if anyone finds themselves in Norcal around that time let me know so I can introduce the little person to you silly bastards. I hope that you guys have a great fathers day. This one will be special for me, although honestly I must be a natural cause it’s been pretty cake so far.

E's baby photo

E’s baby photo


Love you all more than any man should love a group of guys,



El ultimo Juego…..Si se puede! Si se puede!!

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Esta noche es el último juego que betweent San Jose Sharks y los Reyes de Los Ángeles. Deseamos a nuestros jugadores la buena fortuna en su casa de hielo.  Vivan los Reyes!!



America’s Birthday


America turns 237 this year.  It’s a milestone.  It has been proposed that we celebrate in Santa Barbara county at the beautiful Zaca Mesa winery.  July 4th is on a Thursday this year so we wanted to meet on July 5th for a night or two of camping on the winery property.


Naturally, our master Sommelier Dane Campbell would be our guide and host.  He’s graciously offered to reserve the onsite campground for us.  I believe there’s plenty of room, so wives, girlfriends, and amigos are all welcome. 


I wanted to make a post on my hairline blog to gauge interest.  Would any ministers (or Rebbis) be interested in joining for weekend of patriotism and brotherhood to celebrate the day Ronald Regan vanquished the communists on Raptorback!


Or was it celebrating the day William Jefferson and Ronald McDonald saved New York from aliens?  Clinton

I can’t remember exactly, but regardless we should all celebrate America’s birthday together.  That is reason enough.

Defensor del título, la Copa de Don Estanley, los Reyes!


¡Atención! Los Reyes estarán defendiendo su copa, a partir de mañana contra los Azules de St. Louis. Espero que todo ministro cuerpo capaz de apoyar a los Reyes Magos en su búsqueda de una segunda taza.

La Copa de Don Estanley

La Copa de Don Estanley

Juanathan Rapido

Juanathan Rapido

Un golpe azul grande!

Un golpe azul grande!


El ministro de Asuntos real,

Don Frickeriguez

Cool Party



“Summer Solstice Parade and Extravaganza in downtown SB. Hoards of half clothed weirdos running around and day drinking around town and at the beer garden = pure heaven.”

-Miguel Torres

Rincon Classic Expression Session: Tasty City



Dre, laying down the shred last weekend at the Rincon Classic.  Scratching!!



The American Dream


May your break be full of corn-rows and firearms. Please Tisse…I need, I need…..

There’s A Hoodia In Every Man



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