Wow dad, I’m a Trojan



Well fellas..  I’m fuckin back.  I’m proud to announce I was accepted to both Western University and the University of the Pacific, but things just got a lot better today.  Today I received a letter saying I was accepted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at USC for the class of 2011.  I’ll be on my way to the city of angels before you all know it.  I’m thinking my road trip will be set for the middle to end of July and I’ll arrive out there sometime in early August.  Heat will be brought, but then books will once again consume my life.  I can’t wait to be back with all you guys and am so excited to start the journey towards the rest of my life.  I can’t stress enough how much I miss all you guys and am looking forward to all the great I.F.S. events to come.  Hope everyone is well and I’ll see you soon!  GOOD FUCKING FLAPJACK!

Minister of HEALTH

Fricker is going back to school!


Spun330aAs many of you may have heard, I have been accepted to the PhD program at UCLA in Geography.  I recieved official confirmation this morning, and I didn’t want to make any announcments before I had a letter in hand.
So… I’m going back to school next fall.  The last remaining hurdle is a financial one, so we’ll see how high I can jump and if I get any help from the great state of California.  Cross your fingers.  But don’t worry, I’ll still be availble for any questions regarding lasers and or laser maps from now into the future, hopefully moreso. 

I can also legitimately rep UCLA basketball for their game versus Flordia on Saturday. Go Bruins!!  I’d like to thank all of my brothers for their support. I love you all.  -FrickerAcceptance_letter

UCSB Laser Map Quiz


Ucsb_campusHere are ten 3D images taken from the LiDAR signature from
an airborne laser scanner flown over our beloved UCSB. There’s a bit of noise in these models and it’s
not like looking at an image, so interpret wisely. It seems the going rate is 2 bottles of ale
to the winner. First person to comment
with the correct answers (or the most correct answers) gets two beers and the respect of their peers:

There are 10 Laser Maps, all on the main UCSB campus.  For those who didn’t attend UCSB, get a campus map and guess anyway.Shot10arrow




I Have the Coolest Job of the Group!!!


Here is an average day in the life of Scott Baumann, laser extraordinaire (in training):


First, fly across the country and use satellites and computers to find the laser hole.


Then, after using satellites and computers to find it, reach through ice and water to finger the laser hole.


After the laser hole and been thoroughly fingered, go directly to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, the place where Teressa Bellissimo invented Buffalo wings in 1964.


Finally, eat as many wings as you can.  These are quite simply the best wings your humble Minister of Not Writing the Defense Report has ever seen and/or eaten.  They were huge and tender and perfectly fried.  The bleu cheese was so creamy and tangy that I thought for a moment I was giving Mark a blow-job.  The celery and carrots were pretty much the same as they are anywhere else.  Oh, and to boot, we also had pitchers of McSorley’s beer, which is beer that is brewed for and by McSorley’s Old Ale House, the oldest and most bad ass bar in all of New York City.  Jordan will confirm this for me.  They have a $2 cheese and raw onion plate that is to cheese plates what Anchor Bar wings are to wings.

Living the dream.  Sorry about your face.


P.S.-  Thank you Fricker for getting me this job.

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