Your Super Bald Champs: The Baldamore Rogaines

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The Baldamore Rogaines


Please find Fricker’s very important Super Bald hairline blog post below for information regarding the party at his Dojo.

Relocation (Jam)


Ministers (and Rabbi): I am pleased to announce my return to the IFS holy land.  Starting in August, I’ll be law-dogging out of an office on Fairview–a stone’s throw from our preferred bowling alley.  If all goes as planned, I should be in town by mid to late July

 Get ready for the stand-up-for-the-champions-themed housewarming party.

Hey uhhh…Frick! You uhhh, gonna take that down?



International Update: Minister of Finance


For those of you who may be unaware, our beloved Minister of Finance is living in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico playing professional soccer for one of the 4 teams in Guadalajara.  Its a great ceetey.  His absence has been sorely missed every time we attempt to divide the IHOP bill by the number of ministers at breakfast.  He has kept in touch and sent the pictures you see below.
IMGP0726.JPGThe official name of the club is ‘Club Deportivo El Oro’.  For those of you who don’t habla the espanol, ‘El Oro’ is Spanish for ‘The Oro’
Finance says, “Club Deportivo El Oro has two venues: ‘La Primavera’ and ‘El Estadio Jalisco’, the team is in the Mexican Second Division of Soccer, and I’m not sure about the mascot, but I would have to say it is GOLD.  Sometimes they call us ‘los mulos; which refers to the mules that were used to carry the gold from one place to another.”
IMGP0714.JPGBelow is the link to the club homepage, which is all in Spanish, so you’ll have to find a Spanish speaker to decipher it’s code.

You should write an email to say hello or actually go down to see a game, which I may actually do very soon.  If anyone is interested in sampling some authentic Mexican Meat Pancakes from Mexico in the near future, let me know.

In his free time he has been helping a mechanic bro who recently started a small
shindig of buying and selling used cars.  “We do all the mechanical,
body and paint work.  Here are a couple pics of him and I taking out
the fuel injectors while tuning up my malibu.”


Another one with his son
who is learning the ropes. 


“Also a picture of a dood i know who lived
some time in L.A.  His shirt says, ‘An akward morning beats a boring
night.’  i think the cold sore on his lip is a nice touch.”


Our beloved Financiero is living the dream, hopefully he’ll be someplace we can all watch him soon.  LA Galaxia friendly?

Calculate your own bill, Suckas!

El Oro.jpg

What I imagine Germany with R+S, ID, and Rousing looks like…


Since I’ve got nothing to go on, I’ll use my imagination.  This can’t be far off.  Have they imported any of those new fangled computer contraptions to Germany yet?

Working hard


Qaqc_cock_and_ballsTechnical Details:

Part of my job as the Director of Quality Control is to process GPS points collected in the field to check the Aerial Laser Survey data.  The Field Operations Specialist (Defense) mounts a survey grade GPS antenna on a vehicle, measures the antenna height and drives around the project area.  The resulting data is processed to a very high degree of accuracy (2-4cm) and compared with the Laser points collected in the aircraft to make sure they are accurate.  When the accuracy of the points is good, these charts show them in green.

Just imagine my satisfaction when i checked these GPS points and found they were all of very high quality and in the shape of a cock and balls.  I can just imagine the smile on Defense’s face as he charted his path through the central valley, thinking of me in the office, sitting in my cubicle, processing GPS points, taking screen shots and making IFS posts.  Meanwhile the heavy pelican case for the GPS equipment sits atop the shattered sacred documents. A giant green shlong and a job well done sir.  The client will be pleased.

Coach Tiger



Who’s in?

Living the Dream



I will give an update for those ministers who are unaware of the new
developments in Mexican Second Division soccer.  Our beloved Minster of
Finance has quit his financial planning job in San Francisco to go try out for a Mexican
Second Division squad in Playa del Carmen.

The official club name is Internacional Playa del Carmen and allegedly there’s
a contract to be drawn up upon Christopher Finance’s return to Mexico this
winter, if he doesn’t receive any other offers.  This new international
development begs the question, "When are we going to see Finance play Mexican
soccer for an IFS meeting?"  I personally can’t wait. Please join me
in congratulating our dear friend and supporting his quest to live the dream.


The Mexican Second division website is:

Oh I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener…

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Driving into work on Tuesday, a morning like any other, hazy, cold, a mountain of emails waiting for my arrival, and what do I spy barreling down the 5 freeway just outside San Clemente? The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  We quickly sped up in order to grab this pic, but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to get the driver to pull over and give us the customary wiener whistle, wow that sounds gay.

Maybe someday you will see one of the six giant rolling wieners too, but until that day you can read about their history here.

The Clock is Ticking…



Just a reminder to all ministers…  "Chico the River Wild" is just a month away.  We are still planning on
taking our next meeting on the road for Memorial Day weekend.
Reservations have been made at the finest hotel Chico
has to offer and reservations have been made at the world famous Sierra Nevada
Brewery.  Be sure to pack a swimsuit, a bowling shirt, a healthy appetite,
and a thirst for microbrew because you’ll use them all. 

The exact dates are May 25th-May 28th.  A large passenger van will be
rented and depart Los Angeles Friday night to return Monday evening for all
Southern California ministers.  I’m posting this a month in advance to
remind all ministers to get off work, turn in your homework early or pacify
your girlfriend.  Mark your calendars!  This will be a great journey
and I expect all ministers within a thousand miles to be there.  Mahalo.

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