The New I.F.S. Store – Preview


A new version of the I.F.S. store has been long overdue, and after hours of tireless search I have found a new online retail reseller worthy of our time. While our own Minister of Wardrobe attends the Lakers game and other dalliances tonight, thanks GC, I bring you the start of the new I.F.S. store:

Site Upgrade



Since the site went down yesterday, I took it as a sign to upgrade and backup everything so I spent the last few hours upgrading MovableType and backing up our database. I’m not sure what new features we can now use, but I will look into what improvements can be made to our current site. Please let me know if anything is not functioning properly so I can fix.


Site Hiccups

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Some of you may have noticed the site hasn’t been working for the last few hours. It should be operating now. Our hosting provider was having issues, but they appear to have fixed it so everything should work, but let me know through email if anything like this happens again. Thanks!

Social Development


Sorry this post will be a bit convoluted, but I have a few things to bring up. Here are the things I would like to discuss:

  1. I tried to deliver password protected posts yesterday, but they aren’t going to work in our current system. There are two options moving forward to achieve this goal:
    • keep us on MovableType but move over to dynamic content (php). This would have the least effect on everyone, but as I have found from using MT, it is not as widely supported as WordPress, so there are less cool plugins.
    • move us onto WordPress. This would be a new system, but it is really similar to MT so everyone should be able to figure it out. I know we just moved so I am weighing that in my decision. The last move took several days time so I will not be making this move for a while.

  2. The I.F.S. Game is moving along nicely. I have added a link to the top of the left column for easy access in the future. Everything is set for another level, but it would be nice to get the scoreboard completed as well. Which would you rather see first?
  3. The I.F.S. Constitution – Our beloved Minister of Philanthropy has drafted a more formal constitution that needs to be melded with our napkins so that we have super sacred documents. Philanthropy has some great ideas for formalizing some elements of our society in an effort to preserve it’s original intent, while providing groups of ministers the freedom to conduct meetings and business.
  4. The Next I.F.S. Meeting – We have a real need for some business to be taken care of, and the next meeting is a great opportunity for this to happen. I don’t want to sink ships, but from what I have heard Chicago is not going to happen, as there are many unknowns in people’s lives right now. The latest I heard from Team Germany was that they will not be able to make it. I personally am sitting on my rebate money, but could really use it to cover the past month’s credit bills as I apparently got a little crazey.
  5. It Doesn’t Happen At IHOP – I got the call and our story was a runner-up.

Any other business to discuss?

Comment Spam


I just installed a plugin that should help weed out the spam comments so let me know if anything on the site goes awry.

South Park – All Episodes Online

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The entire South Park series went online today over at, the official South Park site.

Click here to watch Cartman get his revenge on Scott Tenorman.

We’ve Moved

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Ok, the move is official.  Typepad is no longer alive, and we are now on Movable Type.  I will be emaling the info on how to login and post right now.

I.F.S. – Polling



We now have online polling!  I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, and finally found a solution easy enough for me to implement in between work time.  It’s pretty cool, shows you a google map with where people are voting from and who they are voting for, although comments are integrated into this site.  This is a sample poll, but it is my hope that we can utilize polls for important matters as well.  Send me your poll suggestions.  We can do these each week or each month, whichever.  Or maybe you don’t like them at all.  Anywho, we can put these polls in posts rather than the sidebar if that is preferred, or we can put it on the left sidebar.  I’m going to go watch this foosball game, where you beeeeeennnn?!?

Infinite Solutions

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Many ministers come to me when they are seeking advice on technology and media related matters, but I’m not always available to respond in an expedient manner and must send them to internet based how-to’s.  One new site has caught my eye as a wealth of information, not only on technology, but other topics such as cooking and travel.  So if you ever have another question, just point your web broswer’s navigation bar at

Or visit their YouTube page here:

Sorry About Your Facebook

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I.F.S. is now on Facebook, so if you have not joined the internet social scene that is sweeping the nation you better get you some.  I have added the page link to the Sitelist to live among our other technological endeavors.  Y/T is already a fan.

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