The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 2 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Miami’s Secret Hairline Weapon

A tradition of Hairline Heat

King Hairline

Support Andre Barbieri Website


The Minister of Auditory Pleasures has used his website skills to create a ‘Support Andre‘ website. This is a good link ( to send people to inform them of the situation and ask for support. Nice work MoAP.

Plans for the Flapjack Event are still being finalized via email, but a date will be established soon and then the real planning can begin.

How to Post Video 2 – Whare is the YouTubes button?


Click the Above image to see what to do to post video from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu etc. If you don’t know where the code for the video player comes from go to the video page on YouTube and click the Embed button below the video. If you don’t know how to copy and paste that code, I can’t help you and you have failed at life.

Fully Moved


Alright ministers we’re now officially moved over to the new site and now points to the new site domain I figured now that wedoitquarterly our old domain name was out of date.

Let me know if you notice any kookiness or if any images don’t work as I had to use some magic to get all the files moved over.

Also I’ve moved the minutes and documents to a secure page, the password is the same one I sent out in the email.

Good flapjack,

No More Spam

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I’ve switched us to approved comments only. This is a temporary fix, but no spam should get through. This means if you make a post you have to approve a comment for it to show up. Weak I know, but the Captchas wouldn’t work properly. I’m so damn tired of this system. It’s 20-10, time for some futuristic blog-o-magic. Anyone interested in helping shape the I.F.S. 3.0 site experience?

I.F.S. – Twitter Tracker

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Our organization has been slowly falling behind in the technology front. Only half our members are on Facebook, I think I’m the only one on Twitter, and Rousing’s cell phone can’t even send e-mail. To boost our street cred I’ve put together a very basic, but functional site at one of our unused domains here:

I sent out login e-mails to every member, this includes your username and password. Once you login you should be taken back to the homepage. Here rather than having to go into an admin like MovableType you can just post whatever into the Whatcha up to? box. You can embed video and links, or just write what yous up to. For example:

“Went to fridge, out a Mike’s Hard Cran Razz again. Heading to the store pronto.”

This is essentially our own private twitter. Someone makes a post and you’ll see it on the page without reloading.

My goal for this is to have it live alongside our public site with regular posts. We’ve always wanted a private area to share our thoughts and feelings, so here it is. Hopefully we can make it as funny and cool as I think we can.

Website Maintenance


I'm shocked and offended that your completely free online service isn't perfectly maintained

I’ve been running some upgrades on the site to try to improve the experience. I have upgraded everything successfully. Now we play the waiting game. If things don’t work over the next few days, then expect a massive overhaul. I will update you all when I know for sure. Please e-mail if you have problems commenting or posting, but not if you’ve forgotten your password.

1001 Posts – Wow Dad Jam


To those that didn’t catch the Arnold post code I dropped a couple days ago, the 1000th post landed with a Big Ron altercation description. The Minister of Letters continues his web prescient dominance by creating the 1000th post to our beloved site. An undetermined prize is coming his way for his dedication to the site and to our organization. Congrats Letters.

Bringing da heat…

Stand Firm for Kalyfornea

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Δείτε παρακάτω για μια υπόδειξη.

Stand firm and make the next post and a special prize (undetermined) will be awarded to you. Warning: The prize will match the post in effort. A bad post = bad prize. Oh, and ultimate power reserves the right to delete a really bad post.


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I can explain to you why your post shows up after the Contra Band post, but that would mean publicly humiliating you. Instead I will just post this video. An IFS : Zona post is coming today as we need to book the hotel rooms in the next day or so, and I need some help to coordinate hotel purchasing as well as ticket purchasing.

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