The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 2 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Miami’s Secret Hairline Weapon

A tradition of Hairline Heat

King Hairline

How to Post Video 2 – Whare is the YouTubes button?


Click the Above image to see what to do to post video from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu etc. If you don’t know where the code for the video player comes from go to the video page on YouTube and click the Embed button below the video. If you don’t know how to copy and paste that code, I can’t help you and you have failed at life.

Website Maintenance


I'm shocked and offended that your completely free online service isn't perfectly maintained

I’ve been running some upgrades on the site to try to improve the experience. I have upgraded everything successfully. Now we play the waiting game. If things don’t work over the next few days, then expect a massive overhaul. I will update you all when I know for sure. Please e-mail if you have problems commenting or posting, but not if you’ve forgotten your password.

1001 Posts – Wow Dad Jam


To those that didn’t catch the Arnold post code I dropped a couple days ago, the 1000th post landed with a Big Ron altercation description. The Minister of Letters continues his web prescient dominance by creating the 1000th post to our beloved site. An undetermined prize is coming his way for his dedication to the site and to our organization. Congrats Letters.

Bringing da heat…

Stand Firm for Kalyfornea

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Δείτε παρακάτω για μια υπόδειξη.

Stand firm and make the next post and a special prize (undetermined) will be awarded to you. Warning: The prize will match the post in effort. A bad post = bad prize. Oh, and ultimate power reserves the right to delete a really bad post.

Social Development


Sorry this post will be a bit convoluted, but I have a few things to bring up. Here are the things I would like to discuss:

  1. I tried to deliver password protected posts yesterday, but they aren’t going to work in our current system. There are two options moving forward to achieve this goal:
    • keep us on MovableType but move over to dynamic content (php). This would have the least effect on everyone, but as I have found from using MT, it is not as widely supported as WordPress, so there are less cool plugins.
    • move us onto WordPress. This would be a new system, but it is really similar to MT so everyone should be able to figure it out. I know we just moved so I am weighing that in my decision. The last move took several days time so I will not be making this move for a while.

  2. The I.F.S. Game is moving along nicely. I have added a link to the top of the left column for easy access in the future. Everything is set for another level, but it would be nice to get the scoreboard completed as well. Which would you rather see first?
  3. The I.F.S. Constitution – Our beloved Minister of Philanthropy has drafted a more formal constitution that needs to be melded with our napkins so that we have super sacred documents. Philanthropy has some great ideas for formalizing some elements of our society in an effort to preserve it’s original intent, while providing groups of ministers the freedom to conduct meetings and business.
  4. The Next I.F.S. Meeting – We have a real need for some business to be taken care of, and the next meeting is a great opportunity for this to happen. I don’t want to sink ships, but from what I have heard Chicago is not going to happen, as there are many unknowns in people’s lives right now. The latest I heard from Team Germany was that they will not be able to make it. I personally am sitting on my rebate money, but could really use it to cover the past month’s credit bills as I apparently got a little crazey.
  5. It Doesn’t Happen At IHOP – I got the call and our story was a runner-up.

Any other business to discuss?

Comment Spam


I just installed a plugin that should help weed out the spam comments so let me know if anything on the site goes awry.

Moving Day is Almost Here



Ministers and Rabbi,

We have spent many years on Typepad, but the time to move is here.  After much thought and deliberation, I made the jump this weekend and set us up on our own host, and upgraded the software to Movable Type, the smarter / taller version of Typepad.  Almost everything works the same, but there will be more opportunity for continued growth on this new setup.

The site is posted here for now:

I’m still ironing out a few things, making sure the site is a near perfect match of what we already have, and will then be able to UPGREYED.  When I flip the switch, probably this weekend, an email will go out to all members with the login information.  The url will be the same so those who don’t post won’t have to do anything.  I’ll sync all the posts and comments the day of the switch so nothing should be lost.

Good Flapjack,

P.S. National Pancake Day is tomorrow so be sure to eat some flapjacks.

Typepad – Create Pages



Hello Ministers,

Typepad has made an upgrade to their service that allows everyone to create pages, not too much difference from a post, but where posts have comments, and move around based on other posts / dates, pages would allow you to create something like this.

In the next week or so, I will look into adding a navigation bar to the top of the content section, which would allow us to quickly access these new permanent pages to make it more useful.  Right now all I can think of is an About IFS page, this could use some content, but I’m sure something else could be done as well, like a page that houses the information for the next meeting so that you don’t have to search through posts and comments.  This would be Coordination and Athletics job to update.

Anyway, this will be pretty useful as we continue to get bigger and stronger, we could also make a new layout for these pages if we want to mix things up a bit.

Let me know if you have any ideas for permanent pages, and we can start using this new feature.

Good Flapjack,

Calling Out the Monkey – Post / Comment Or Die

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As a founding father, there is a responsibility to instill the values of I.F.S. to all ministers that come later in membership.  The title of founding father is not as significant however, as the time spent as a minister.  As all founding fathers, have been a part of I.F.S. for two years now, we should know what to do to maintain our great society.  One of these duties includes posting, which goes along with wearing the brown + white shirts, and gold ties.  It isn’t hard, but it gets harder the longer you go without doing it.  Every minister should be able to find the 5-10 mins. a month to make a post, or comment a couple times, and almost everyone does.

Without a post since August, or a Comment since September, you are seriously lagging behind MOF.  And oh my god, would you look at that, it’s been exactly a year to the day since the last time I had to resort to calling you out in a post.

So for you Monkey of Finance, I thought I would make it easier on you by having Google translate the site for you.  And with this Bud Smack Talk thing, a post is just an uploaded picture and a sentence away.

See here I just did another one.

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