Contra Band

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Our buddy opened up for this band in Athens, GA. recently.  It reminds me of the time A&D and ID stayed up all night playing Contra.  So Badass.

Amendment to the IFS cheers


You can have wahtever you like…


Brain so good, coulda swore you went to college…

Creepiest PSA Ever

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I don’t even know if I should post this, but I watched and now I can’t help but share it.

Monday Cartoon Mania


The animator / director of this cartoon was a UCSB graduate. You can read more about Don Hertzfeldt here.

The Real American Gladiators

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Need A Lift?

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I will be driving up to SB tonight if anyone needs a lift.

Flapjack Clip of the Day #15


Flapjack Clip of the Day #14

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Flapjack Clip of the Day #13

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