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Arnold Schwarzenegger – 160 Quotes

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If you have ten minutes to kill today, watch the video above to relive all of Arnold’s greatest quotes. While it doesn’t have a soundtrack spanning it’s entirety, and the quotes aren’t edited together for greater hilarity, the quality of the video and sound are solid.

Coming Soon…


Townies Don’t Surf from benpersons on Vimeo.

Its Happening!



Proffesionally we are through…

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Joseph, There Will Be No Concert Today

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They teach you this in film school Wardrobe? Since I’ve loaded this site with video I’ll make this one a link. You know, in case you’re really bored. And a couple more if you really have nothing to do, here’s one, and here’s another.

Little hand says it’s time to rock and roll

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Yesterday Ol Glory and I purchased two tickets from LAX to Jakarta on August 14th.  The two self-proclaimed leaders of the Outdoor Adventure Squad are going back to Indonesia to catch a couple tasties.  If any soul is brave enough to join us, I wholeheartedly encourage you.  Dan?

The following video is from a little malaria infested island off the coast of Java we may try and get to.  Wish us luck.


Kobe vs. Lebron


Not sure how many of you are avidly following the NBA playoffs this year, but I’ve enjoyed the Kobe vs. Lebron commercials that Nike have put out, and the new one is pretty good. Check it out to see / hear what I mean. A couple other videos after the jump for anyone who needs some entertainment before tonight’s tip-off.


I’m so high…


This is like when A & D did the gainer off the cliff on the river in Chico, only way crazier.
Big American Penis.  This pool he lands in is so shallow.

LA is a great ceetey


A little something to get us pumped para los Doyers este fin de semana. See you monkeys soon.  Orale pues.

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