Flash Game Friday – Super Mario Star Scramble 2

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Another week has passed, and after a hiatus last week Flash Game Friday is back. This week’s game is the first Flash Game Friday falls into the knock-off category – Super Mario Star Scramble 2 developed by Kenney.

The game is a knock-off or homage to Super Mario as it uses Super Mario art, sounds, and ideas. Many game developer communities focus on this development approach in order to make new levels or ideas. Some go as far to actually rip the graphical sprites from the original games through modding or game de-compilers.

It puts a small spin on the classic game as you are not just trying to progress from left to right until you reach a goal, but are tasked with collecting 3 star coins hidden throughout the level in order to open the door at the start position of the level.

Play Super Mario Star Scramble 2

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Flash Game Friday – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

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So I don’t forget this FGF I made this post a bit early. Sorry about your work / school day jem, and all that your important plans. Prepared to be swamped…with gameplay. See what I did there? I took swamped and made it do work.

This week’s game is the first advertisement game. As a Flash game to promote the upcoming action flick based on the classic game, it’s surprising that it is actually fun, most movie based games suck. The game doesn’t use the same mechanics from the old series as it plays like Canabalt or Robot Unicorn Attack. Lucky for us they don’t paste a Gyllenhaal head on the Persian prince a la Flappy Does Adventures.

Play Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Oh, and if you ever want to go back and play one of the old games I’ve added a list to the Games page here for easy access.

Flash Game Sunday – Give Up Robot

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Dudes I totally spaced on the Flash Game Friday again. This week’s Flash game is another Adult Swim game. They’re quickly building up a library of addictive and unique Flash games and are making this weekly post easy.

Give Up Robot is a platformer without traditional enemies. You must jump and swing your way through the level, avoiding the holes and orange / lava like blocks. Levels are grouped in tens and get difficult around level 20. Enjoy

Play Give Up Robot

Flash Game Friday – Continuity

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This week’s Flash game suffered a bit of delay due to the Lakers game and a BBQ at the Minister of Lexicon’s place, but better late than not at all.

The game is titled Continuity and combines basic platforming with a slide-tile puzzle system. Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and the spacebar to zoom out to the puzzle view. You can then use the arrows to slide the tiles around.

Play Continuity

Flash Game Friday – Desktop Tower Defense

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What you thought I forgot to post this Friday’s Flash game? Nah, I was just hobbling through the day after a long night celebrating Slurpee’s graduation from nurse school. This week’s Flash game is one of several of the “tower defense” games. There have been so many games using this formula it’s practically become a genre in itself with several sub categories. There is even a South Park version for the Xbox that puts a new spin on it. But today’s game is one of the better versions as it keeps it simple and I’ll post it as it was one of the first.

In Desktop Tower Defense you’re tasked with placing stationary guns on table to protect the goals from waves of enemies. The game starts simple and you’ll breeze through the first few tutorial levels, but once you gather four or five different guns with different ammo the fun begins. Keys to winning for DTD are to create paths with your guns to lengthen the path the enemies have to follow, but you can’t block it or the game will stop and to upgrade guns frequently.

Play Desktop Tower Defense

Flash Game Friday – Warfare 1944

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This Friday’s Flash game leaves me a bit underwhelmed. It’s not bad, but I had high hopes. Still, the subject matter and scope make it worthy of one Friday on the site. From the same team that brought you The Last Stand, and The Last Stand 2, Con Artist Games did not tone down the difficulty for this war sim.

It took me five tries to pass the second level, the 5th try I beat it in a minute, so my advice would be strike while the irons hot. Give em hell, and don’t send your soldiers to the slaughter, cause they get super bummed. You get guided through how to play, but it’s most just clicking and some strategy.

Play Warfare 1944

or go back to the future and Play Warfare 1917



Flash Game Friday – Portal: The Flash Version


Now that the silliness has past, here’s today’s real Flash game. I’m not sure how many of you played Portal a couple years ago when it came out for the Xbox 360, but it’s a really interesting concept that was made better by unique challenges that test your dexterity and ability for complex thought.

In Portal you are equipped with a gun that can open up transport holes. Fire one at the ground and fire at the ceiling, run into the hole, and you are transported out the other hole. Make your jokes now… I’ll wait… You move with the A, W, and D keys and fire the portal gun with left click. Just wait for the later levels though, as it gets much more complicated as you progress. I beat this game so I expect nothing less out of you.

Play Portal: The Flash Version

Flash Game Friday – Robot Unicorn Attack


Clark was asking me to post this Friday’s Flash game a bit early. I said fuck that and will instead post a game just for Clark and not post the real Friday Flash game till 11:59pm.

So here’s your game Clark – Robot Unicorn Attack. It’s got rainbows, unicorns, stars, fairies, and a melodious song. Press Z to jump or press twice to double jump. X to dash through those pesky star blocks. It’s just like Canabalt, except you’re a unicorn with skills. I got 21,284 pts, but I’m sure most can do better.

Play Robot Unicorn Attack

P.S. I kid Clark, love ya.

Flash Game Friday – Plants vs. Zombies


Another Friday, another Flash game. This week’s game is Plants vs. Zombies. You plant plants, and some zombies come and try to eat your brain. It’s simple. I’m not sure how long the demo is, but the game is addictive, just like planting! (with ads in between levels) If you like it, it’s available on the iPhone for 3 bucks.

Just play the fucking thing:

Play Plants vs. Zombies

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