American Gladiators = STRONG


Twenty things to do today while high…



  1. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are busy working on a remake of "3:10 to Yuma", no trailer yet, but a couple of stills to get you pumped.
  2. If long haired cowboys isn’t your thing, the new Bourne Ultimatum trailer is out on the interwebs.
  3. There was no new Office this week, but there is a preview of next week’s episode, and it is highlarious.
  4. Southpark was really good this week, re-watch it or download it, or if you’re really high you can check out Soutpark in French.
  5. If you like to read while you’re high, here’s a look at what people at the turn of the 20th century thought our lives would be like.
  6. In sports news, the Ducks won, and Ricky Williams wants to get high with the Rams.
  7. Go see Hot Fuzz today, good reviews, and plenty of action / comedy.  Or if you’re too lazy, I’m sure one of these movies is playing on some channel somewhere in the world.
  8. Be sure to get up early tomorrow for Arcade Fire tickets.
  9. If you’re getting hungry, there are good fish and chips in Van Nuys.
  10. Listen to Bill Bradley talk, yeah that’s what I want to do when I’m high.
  11. Is this what we’d look like if we were chicks?
  12. Human Giant is out, and it’s pretty funny, read about it, or watch it, I don’t care.
  13. This is what happens when you don’t smoke weed, or smoke too much.  No this is what happens when you smoke too much.
  14. Why don’t you use your newfound creative juices to give me comments on the new site look?
  15. There’s a Gears of War tournament starting today, does anyone play that anymore?
  16. Man, this movie looks like crap, except for the Jessica Biel in panties thing.
  17. Is smoking weed good for you? Possibly  Do 14-year olds already know this?
  18. Why is Howard Stern one of the only logical persons in the media?
  19. Damn, twenty things is tough, and I’m getting the munchies.
  20. Next meeting, we are all eating these…


Why I can’t stand the Gators…


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What Will Happen on Jeopardy Tonight?



In an attempt to get more viewers than Bernie and Hank, Jeopardy’s website is hyping tonight’s episode as a first ever in the history of the show.  While this first is probably a three-way tie, the underwhelming possibilites are endless.  I like the show, but its declining ratings aren’t a good sign.  Look for them to mix things up, more money per row,  over the next few years, they’re contract with most stations will be up for renewal in 2010 – 2011, when we are all almost 30…

Southpark Season 11 Starts Tonight



Just a reminder to everyone, Southpark Season 11 starts tonight.  Here’s a summary of tonight’s episode:

New cases of people using the “N” word are on the
rise in an all new “South Park” entitled, “With Apologies to Jesse
Jackson,” premiering on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy

While the citizens of “South Park” must contend with the widespread use of the racial slur, Cartman fights a midget.

Watch or die…

oh.. fame jam


Bodas_098 Dear I.F.S. brothers. As many of you probably already know I, along with Estebrand, participated of the show Top Chef on Bravo. The episode that I was envolved aired last wed at ten and it’ll be on again tonight at 9pm for those who missed out the great opportunity of seeing a fellow minister on national television.. fame jam.. Also, Christie and I are most probably going to get married on the may 6th. And it’ll most probably be at butterfly beach. We’re doing it!! Wedding jam..Usa_125


Demetri Martin: Person


If you missed this special when it first aired on Comedy Central, make sure you have those DVRs set for 1/29/07 at 10:00PM.  This guy is a genius…  A Yale graduate that dropped out of NYU Law to pursue a career in comedy.  His CD is great and this special is great.  Make sure to watch if you missed it a couple weeks ago.Demetrimartin   That is all..


Just a little reminder…


Minka_kelly_1  Our next meeting is still on for Super Weekend (Feb. 2-4). Everyone should already be planning ahead and getting off work for this so make it happen. Also, for this year’s stripper cocktail waitress I’m working on getting Miss Lyla Garrity, and you don’t want to miss that.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose


As one television viewing chapter of our lives comes to a close, it’s time we look toward the future of teen-angst drama ridden primetime shows. This fall most of you likely have been missing out, okay, avoiding NBC’s lineup. However, amongst all the game shows lies hidden a diamond in the rough. Friday Night Lights, aka FNL, is by far the most entertaining new program hitting the tube. The adaptation is fresh, the writing is witty, the camera style is gritty and well, there is a ridiculous cheerleader on the show, just ask Towers…Gentleman, I ask you to give FNL a chance, (seriously ther are signs of cancellation due to the constant change of airtime) it may never fill that void left by that county I never mention, but it just may inspire you to pick up the pigskin and a nice cold Adolphus. I recommend posting up at your local Applebee’s establishment bar (bigtime sponsor) with a bacon-cheeseburger and bask in the acting skills that are Kyle Chandler, one hell of a father, coach and American.   




The Freshmen 15 Too Much Weight for The OC

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Say it ain’t so, The OC has gotten the axe.  No more side-eyes, no more Sandy Cohen surf sessions, no more Phantom Planet theme song, and no more drinking games.  All we OCer’s will be left with is an undeniable urge to put a "the" in front of the name of our county whenever people ask us where we are from.

While the show went from bad to terrible in the last three seasons, there was always the hope they would return to their over the top cheesy ways, but like Saved by the Bell, the show couldn’t overcome the dilemma of young actors / actresses getting too big for their britches, and the inevitable high school graduation / college move.  I’ll always remember the countless Thursday nights that we boozed to the show.

I will be drinking to the last episode on Feb. 22nd if anyone wants to join me, 1st season rules, but 4 drinks for every side-eyes.

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