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Can everyone see this? If not, that sucks, but I want to know who’s in on writing a remake of Buck Rogers

A Day in the Life of Jackie Johnson

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In case any of you were curious what it’s like to be a weather personality, there’s an awesome slideshow of Jackie’s Johnson daily routine here

The Super Bowl Approaches


With a victory over the Packers, the Giants have cemented their Super Bowl seat, and no one could be more excited than Carl from ATHF.  And with that, we must now decide where we will be watching this glorious event.  The votes on the site / poll are split down the middle, but after last weekend in LA, most confirmed they would rather watch it in LA, as SB’s TV situation is questionable, and the sheer number of participants living in LA is larger.  But this should be settled now so that preperations for Feb. 3rd can be made.  Kegs, streamers, and a server all need to be lined up so let’s figure this out in the next day or two.  SB people, will you be watching the game?  Is it just you Baggs?  Is Wardrobe really going to be selling shoes instead of watching the game / commercials?  The poll is up on the right now, Persons can now be called by his Flapjackian name Minister of Art Design, unless anyone wants to petition for the addition of an ampersand in between Art Design.


Product: Pontiac 2008 Lineup

Jam: Pogo

Artist: Digitalism

Happy Halloween I.F.S.!

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The State of the Many Roles of Kurt Russell Address

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In just two days, we will be uniting to form the MANY ROLES OF KURT RUSSELL.  For those of you who missed the first post, we will be uniting to form the MANY ROLES OF KURT RUSSELL at Amanda’s house in Los Feliz this Saturday night.  Here’s her address:

3424 Lambeth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Here’s a "Breakdown" of who’s coming and which Kurt Russell they will be portraying:

– Minister of Media and Technology will be Jack Burton from "Big Trouble in Little China." 
– Minister of MOM will be Snake Plissken from "Escape from L.A."
– Minister of Competition will be solar explorer, Col. Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil from "Stargate."
– Minister of Rousing will be Dean Proffitt from "Overboard."
– Minister of Interior Design will be Coach Herb Brooks from "Miracle."
– Minister of Letters will be Michael Zane from "3,000 Miles to Graceland."
– Minister of Defense will be McCabe from "Vanilla Sky."
– Future Minister and IFS blood relative Ryan Maughan will be Stephen ‘Bull’ McCaffrey from "Backdraft."
– Longtime Friend of IFS and forever welcome Guest Member Ben Persons will be Captain Ron from "Captain Ron."

That’s nine Kurt Russells by my count, just shy of double digit Kurt Russells.  Now, I know that Health/Trade will be attending the party – so if he dresses up as a Kurt Russell, then we’ll have ten Kurt Russells total.  Also, Philanthropy is attempting to shift his work schedule around so he can make it as well.  International Affairs, Maritime, Athletics and Shwayne, we haven’t heard anything from you four so please comment on this post with your status.  Younger/Taller/Athleticer and Letters will be coming down from SB, and Media will be coming up from the OC, so finding a ride should not be a problem.  Also, here’s some last minute costume suggestions that should be easy to throw together:

– As Jeff Taylor in "Breakdown," Kurt wears a Ralph Lauren polo tucked in to khakis, and cool sunglasses:

– Kurt wears a tux in "Executive Decision" and a black suit in Poseidon (granted, you’d have to jump in a shower for this one).
– Wyatt Earp – we still  need one.  Calls for a taller man with a strong mustache and a cowboy outfit, so I’m thinking Esteban.  Whoever takes this role, the all black getup would be the right way to do it.
– "Dark Blue" would be easy.  Black collared shirt, leather jacket, light blue jeans and black sneakers:

Anyways, just some ideas.  Like Competition commented earlier, this seems destined as Kurt Russell made a strong appearance on South Park last night.  I hope everyone can make it.  The more Russells the better. 

– Rousing

Un-Official Commerical Jam


For those of you who are into futuristic delivery systems, here is a link to the highly-addictive Heineken Draught Keg song: click here. Be advised that it has not been approved by Towers and may not, in fact, be a jam. Download at your own risk…

Introducing WCJ!


Greetings my fellow flapjackers.  As your Minister of Auditory Pleasures, I’m proud to introduce a new addition to wedoiteverymonth: Wham Commercial Jams!  They will appear periodically to inform you about worthy commercial songs – you know, the ones that get stuck in your head but you can’t figure out who sings them, but you whistle them under your breath anyways when you’re walking places or looking at internet porn…  To ensure quality, potential jams will be screened by the Minister of Athletics who will determine if they are in fact Wham Commercial Jams!  I invite you all to browse our first WCJ below.  Click the links to view the commercial, download the jam, or learn more about the artist.  Cheers.


Product: Hummer H3

Jam: Don and Sherri

Artist: Matthew Dear

Official Invitation: Peter Dante


For those ministers who were fortunate enough to be at an unnamed West LA watering hole Saturday night you may remember running into a certain Peter Dante.  Mr. Dante was told about the International Flapjack Society and expressed interest in possibly attending a meeting.

Let me be the first to say it would be an honor to have you Mr. Dante, and you are welcome to attend any meeting you wish.

To begin let me outline the International Flapjack Society (IFS) for the benefit of Mr. Dante.  The International Flapjack Society …we do it every month. A group of
twenty ministers gather each month to eat flapjacks and drink
adolphi at a predetermined pancake house.  Although as our members have dispersed geographically across Southern California and the world, we all try and stay close by attending meetings which have taken on a quarterly schedule.  This website is our means of staying in contact with each other between meetings.

Our membership includes a diverse range of personalities and talents from aspiring professional Mexican Soccer players, Santa Barbara radio DJ, Law student, Airborne Laser Operator, High School Football Coach, International Wine sales person, to Fish Biologist.  We are all brought together by a common brotherhood and the desire to share each other’s company and a good time.  Our meetings have taken place in such places as Las Vegas, Philly PA, Chico CA, and our breakfast staple the Turnpike IHOP in Santa Barbara, California.

The cross section of IFS members you met Saturday night is about half of our membership.  Please consider this an open invitation.  I will contact you about meeting times and locations.  We thank you for you interest in our organization.

Peter Dante’s Personal Website

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