Make Hair Great Again

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This video lies at the nexus of where this blog has ended up (mostly hairline based humor) and current events in the US.  I think we need to make this ‘webbrog’ great again!!  These damn Hoodia spam robots have taken over our website and taken all the good commenting jobs from hardworking, blue collar ministers.  Do your duty, post and comment, otherwise the spam robots win.  MOM 2016!!

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International Soccer Cup Sport

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It is time for the World Cup.  In the land of perfectly tanned hineys and fantastic sting bikini parties, the world will be putting the ‘I’ in International Soccer Cup Sport.  I know my hairline blog is not the best way to reach people, but for those in LA/Southern California, we should band together as brothers to watch Sam’s Army attempt to preserve a shred of American dignity on the pitch.  Arriba los Americanos.




The US doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Rio to get out of group play, but at least our coach believes in us.  Costa Rica US Wcup Soccer

Disappointed hairline


Italian ‘Hyuge jackedman’


Titanic Hairline



The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 2 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Miami’s Secret Hairline Weapon

A tradition of Hairline Heat

King Hairline

An Important Lesson In Winning


Curtis, has this made its way to the Prussian Empire yet?

And then there’s this:

Coming Soon…


Townies Don’t Surf from benpersons on Vimeo.

Beckhams first Galaxy Goalllllll!!


This is David Beckham’s first goal from scrimmage in the game yesterday against San Jose.

Name that Bar


To anyone who has been to our local West LA watering hole you might recognize the bar in this AT&T commercial.  Of course the commercial is minus the normal seedy clientele and Peter Dante showing up Letters with Bob Marley karaoke renditions, but it’s Dels. 

Look for these commercials during the College Hoops games being played this weekend.  The advertisement’s claim is true however AT&T cell phones do get full reception even in the darkest, saddest corner of this sanctuary for damned souls.


Two Rounds Down, Four to Go – NCAA is On

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I wanted to take this time to brag about my first place ranking, but with an angry Jimmy lurking in 2nd with a higher PPR I realized my top spot may be fleeting. Duke, UConn, and Vanderbilt all blew it pretty hard. It’s all about UNC from here on out!

Oh, and for anyone who keeps having to go through ESPN’s site to find the tourney challenge like me, here’s the link for future use.

South Park – All Episodes Online

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The entire South Park series went online today over at, the official South Park site.

Click here to watch Cartman get his revenge on Scott Tenorman.

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