La Copa de Don Estanley parte DOS!!


Arriba los Reyes de Los Angeles!!  Once again, the Reyes (Kings) have made the Stanley Cup finals!  Tonight we kick off the series against the Rangeros de Nueva York.  And whether you’re a Tiburones, Patos or Preds fan, you can appreciate the significance of the East Coast West Coast rivalry.  We must put aside our petty differences and band together as brothers to support the Reyes, because in the end, we are all Kings.  Todos somos Reyes.  Kopitamos!!


Hockey fans behaving badly.  If we win the copa, the rabid LA hockey fans will riot in the streets!


Tom es a Rey


If you haven’t already, start receding that playoff hairline!


“I am a Reyes” -Novasahn

Indeed Novasahn, we are all Reyes.


Putting the ‘i’ in Marriage….jam



Congratulations to the IFS Brazilian ‘international’ brother duo, who both got engaged to their beautiful fiances this past week.  Join me in congratulating the two newest Ministers of Matrimony.  Sounds like we’ve got a couple ‘cool parties’ to plan.


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I’d like to order a steak medium RALALLLAAALLLRE..

The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 2 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Miami’s Secret Hairline Weapon

A tradition of Hairline Heat

King Hairline

The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 1 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Mom’s Tasties

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Spiting sand bottom shacks, right on the beach.

If you want to see some Aussies score pumping Cyclone swell, click this link: Tasties!!


Strong Venetian Hairline.


Hyyyuge Traps.

Superbowl XLV: The Watching


Will Big Ben corner the Packers in the bathroom of a dive bar, or will Green Bay’s defense turn the tables on him?  More importantly, who’s down to watch and where should we do it? Normally I would nominate the Beethoven house, but with the recent loss of chin-strength there, maybe we should broaden our horizons.  Hollywood?  SB?  OC?  Let’s get the discussion going ASAP.

Post Meeting Fun: Sea Spray Jam



The Minister of Revelry and Spirits and I were chatting about some post-meeting activities, and we pondered the normal wine-tasting, basketball type activities, and we thought it might be fun to hit the sea.

I looked into a private cruise from the Santa Barbara harbor, and it’s a minimum of 2 hours, for $1,500 (all-inclusive). Meaning if we got 20 people to go, it’d be about $75 a person. The nice thing is there’s a max capacity of 145 people for the boat, so that price could be drastically reduced if we wanted to add more guests.

The cruise would be on the Condor Express (picture below)

Naturally I think we should get the boat reserved earlier than later, if we want to do it. Please comment on whether you think it would be fun, if you don’t, or any thoughts at all.

If there’s enough interest, I can organize it. If not, we can chose another activity, or we can roam State Street like a pack of disorganized rabid wolves. The nice thing would be if we could get a minimum number of people to sign on, and then we could just invite people as they come, whether they’re other wedding guests, or friends, or pretty ladies from the bar (Mr. Plow?). Either way, I think we’ll have fun making party with our brothers. If you have interest, please express via comment.

Good Flapjack!!

Relocation (Jam)


Ministers (and Rabbi): I am pleased to announce my return to the IFS holy land.  Starting in August, I’ll be law-dogging out of an office on Fairview–a stone’s throw from our preferred bowling alley.  If all goes as planned, I should be in town by mid to late July

 Get ready for the stand-up-for-the-champions-themed housewarming party.

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