Emergency in Santa Barbara

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All hands on deck! Apparently there is a surplus supply of Budweiser beer in Santa Barbara, the town is literally drowning. All available men must report for duty immediately, to save the town which has given us so much.
“Thirst for Bud!”

Minutes from SB Meeting


The meeting began with the welcoming home of Minister of Interior Design from his stay in Germany.  IFS also welcomed guest members Ben and Stefan.  

<1st round of beers>  

The IFS anthem was sung. With Minister of International Affairs running late, Minister of Letters skillfully sang the closing lines with bravado.

Following this, Ministers and Rabbi introduced themselves to guest members.
Memorable Quotes:
“It’s great to be back.  I fucked a hot pancake…I thought she was of age.” – Minister of Interior Design
“We recently got into micro-loans.  It’s high risk…” – Minister of Philanthropy

<2nd  round of beers>

Informative Quote:
“Take 1000 mg of B12 before or after drinking is helpful to avoid hangovers” – Minister of Trade and Health

After introductions, Minister of International Affairs made a fashionably late entrance blasting reggae music from his futuristic, reggae backpack.

Food ordered.

Notable Orders:
Minister of International Affairs ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of steak, medium rare and a short stack of blueberry pancakes.
Through the introductions and food orders, the meeting got off to a slow pace.  Some beer was spilled.

Guest member Nick joined in on the breakfast shortly afterwards.

Smoke break.

<3rd round of beers>

Re-singing of the Anthem.

Under some duress from both Minister of Interior Design and Minister of MOM for wanting to leave for Sacramento after the meeting, Minister of Competition disingenuously swore he would stay for the night.

Roll call (done with introductions):
Present – Minister of Member of the Month, Minister of Art and Design, Minister of Letters, Minister of Media + Technology, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Competition, Minister of Athletics, Rabbi of Leisure, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Interior Design, Minister of International Affairs, Minister of Health/Trade, Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Wardrobe, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Minister of History (15)

Absent – Minister of Photography, Minister of Rousing, Minister of Revelry and Spirits, Minister of Finance (4)

Minutes – On Website
Committees – None

Minister of Member of the Month read Minister of Revelry and Spirits’ letter detailing a potential IFS trip to Lake Tahoe to take place in early July. 

As Chairman of the meeting, the Minister of Philanthropy introduced an action item of changing Minister titles that was originally added to the agenda by Minister of Rousing.

Minister of Competition moved to have a Minister or Rabbi change his title be contingent on a 2/3 vote. The Minister of Health seconded this motion.
The motion was passed unanimously: 15 Y – 0 N

At this point in the meeting, the structure of the meeting became much more deliberate and orderly.  Though time-consuming at times, the parliamentary procedure was in full effect. 

Some more beer was spilled.

New system for IFS cheers was discussed but no motion presented

An action item was brought up to be discussed for the next meeting – the setting up of a joint bank account or a mechanism to transfer money between members for event planning, merchandise, etc.

<4th round of beers >

Committee for Lake Tahoe event was established:
Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Competition, Guest Member Ben.

Minister of Art and Design presented to the group a signed photo of Champ Kind (David Koechner) the original champion of “We Do It Every Month.”

Member of the Month:
Esteban won the Member of the Month award with 8 votes.
Fleming was awarded the Continental Breakfast award with 5 votes.

Final singing of the Anthem. 

Meeting adjourned.

High Definition Wham


samsung ultra HD LCD.jpgIFS has always prided itself in seeking quality in all aspects of our organization.  With this in mind I feel to watch the Super Bowl in Standard Definition would run contrary to our commitment to excellence.  It seems an organization such as ours must view this Sunday’s game in High Definition on a screen no smaller than 40 inches.

I understand arrangements have been made to have a cable box which will support HD TV, but all attempts to find a High Def delivery device have proved fruitless.

I have been asked to bring my television north for the viewing of the game which I am willing to do, however if this can be avoided I would be forever grateful.  The TV is something of a beast and I am unsure if it will even fit in my 4Runner.  Our second option would be to try and secure it into the back of the Rabbi’s truck, which sounds like a great way to break the TV.

This is what I propose, Someone at the Mesa house drives over to Circuit City and picks up a closeout flat screen.  TVs are pretty cheap right now and a good TV might be just what the doctor ordered for late night viewings of the ‘Talking Heads’ DVD.  I would also propose a 10$ viewing fee for all those watching the game to offset the cost of the TV.  A good HD TV will enhance your movie/sports/porn/surf video/music DVD/blue ray watching experience greatly. 

Please do not take my plea as a sign of ungratefulness for the hosting of the IFS weekend and the Game. I just don’t want to lug my TV to SB and possibly break it.  For any member who will bite the bullet and purchase said flat screen, you will get my vote for Member of the Month.  Trust me thats a big vote, I’ll rig that shit like Blagojevich.  Clammy.

Bernard Baggarly Member of the Year 2008


At the close of a great weekend, I’d like to make a post
about the Member of the Year.  Saturday
morning our Minister of Letters was awarded the member of the Year for
2008.  The list of reasons Letters was
awarded MOY is long, but at the end of a great IFS weekend after all the
hungover Ministers and Rabbi limped home, Baggs shows us the way. 

I realize most came from further away than LA,
and some didn’t come at all.  (PAT?) I
actually wasn’t there when IFS saved Christmas. 
So I owed one.  There’s a lot of ‘take’
in an IFS weekend, sometimes it feels great to ‘give’ a little something back.  The Ministers of Letters, MOM and Art and
Design all managed to make it down to the ‘Hillside House’ to spend a little
time with developmentally disabled men and women.  The experience was moving to say the

hillside home copy.jpg

Letters recently picked up a new
job at Hillside House and helps these folks as a second job.  The levels of functioning varied greatly
between residents and some people could hardly interact.  Others are relatively lucid and many have
well developed senses of humor and fun.  The
following video is a resident named Chris painting with us.  Chris has many girlfriends and likes to talk ‘smack’
to Bernie or anyone else in his path.  While
A&D and myself were largely bystanders, Letters introduced us to many
residents, helped with watercolor painting, fruit punch, football watching,
email, and just ‘clowning’.

Part of the reason i wanted to post these photos is to highlight what Letters might not mention himself in casual conversation.  He has a very positive impact on a number of these people and is recognized throughout.  Although our visit was brief, we got a great glimpse into a very special part of his daily life.  Parts of our visit were relatively humbling and the condition of many residents require constant care and supervision, some things are a little tough to see.

I really respect these selfless people who
work at the Hillside House an
d other similar establishments. 
Maybe I’ll go help some underprivileged Los Angeles youth who don’t
have fathers to play catch with, honestly I was that inspired. Good Work
IFS gives.


Photo Essay


As long as I live, I will never forget that day 21
years ago when I raised my hand and took the oath of citizenship. Do
you know how proud I was? I was so proud that I walked around with an
American flag around my shoulders all day long.

                                                                                                        -Arnold SchwarzeneggerChick_with_lasers 




Aren’t Nova and Converse running with the bulls?



Here’s a poignant image from this years running. That sort of looks like a short haired Nova
narrowly escaping a skewering on the right. Can we get an international post from our European branch?

UCSB Laser Map Quiz


Ucsb_campusHere are ten 3D images taken from the LiDAR signature from
an airborne laser scanner flown over our beloved UCSB. There’s a bit of noise in these models and it’s
not like looking at an image, so interpret wisely. It seems the going rate is 2 bottles of ale
to the winner. First person to comment
with the correct answers (or the most correct answers) gets two beers and the respect of their peers:

There are 10 Laser Maps, all on the main UCSB campus.  For those who didn’t attend UCSB, get a campus map and guess anyway.Shot10arrow




Bring the Feast! (or) Break-Feast!


Curtis, as usual, wanted to get some KFC.  My sister had just given me $15 in KFC bucks.  What a wonderful coincidence!  Mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, mac and cheese, biscuits, one of every available type of ‘snacker,’ and of course, 15 pieces of chicken.  The onion, tomato, artichoke and eggplant were added for the sole purpose of this photoshoot.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
500!  Horray!  My cup runneth over with free ale!

The Wino Anthem


The audio doesn’t match up, but the pride is ever ringing…note the sweet high five between Bunchy and Nova

Want To Be A Scab, Go Write for the Santa Barbara News Press



I couldn’t pass up this bit of Santa Barbara news after being up there this weekend.  The Santa Barbara News Press has a bit of an internal struggle going on, as the employees voted to unionize several months ago, and the owner, Wendy McCaw refuses to accept the new employee conditions or enter into negotiations.  Mass layoffs have occurred in the past few months, as staged pickets and sign holders have included current employees, who have been layed off as well.  Now’s the time to support these freedom writers, or get a job working for the SB News Press, however you feel inclined.

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