Hyyyugjche Traps



The Minister of Hyyyugjche Traps (Letters) says, 

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Putting the ‘i’ in Marriage….jam



Congratulations to the IFS Brazilian ‘international’ brother duo, who both got engaged to their beautiful fiances this past week.  Join me in congratulating the two newest Ministers of Matrimony.  Sounds like we’ve got a couple ‘cool parties’ to plan.

America’s Birthday


America turns 237 this year.  It’s a milestone.  It has been proposed that we celebrate in Santa Barbara county at the beautiful Zaca Mesa winery.  July 4th is on a Thursday this year so we wanted to meet on July 5th for a night or two of camping on the winery property.


Naturally, our master Sommelier Dane Campbell would be our guide and host.  He’s graciously offered to reserve the onsite campground for us.  I believe there’s plenty of room, so wives, girlfriends, and amigos are all welcome. 


I wanted to make a post on my hairline blog to gauge interest.  Would any ministers (or Rebbis) be interested in joining for weekend of patriotism and brotherhood to celebrate the day Ronald Regan vanquished the communists on Raptorback!


Or was it celebrating the day William Jefferson and Ronald McDonald saved New York from aliens?  Clinton

I can’t remember exactly, but regardless we should all celebrate America’s birthday together.  That is reason enough.

Rincon Classic Expression Session: Tasty City



Dre, laying down the shred last weekend at the Rincon Classic.  Scratching!!



A Chin-trospective

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Great to see everyone out in the desert this weekend. Enjoy the Minister of Auditory Pleasure’s video tribute to the Bachelor. See everyone in a few weeks for the final neutering.



Magic Legs

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Thanks to everyone for following my blog. Hope you enjoy this video. It’s a shout out for the Minister of Handicapped Awesomeness.

Look for the Ducati at 4:20ish, brahs. Dre needs some fairings. Scratchin!

El Boracho


For any Gaucho (and most Vaqueros), a late night freebirds burrito was a staple of the college experience. Legend has it, one night a drunken Rabbi entered the original freebirds, asked for a double tortilla wrapped burrito with nacho chips inside, and ‘El Boracho’ was born. Local IV scholars maintain that the restaurant added ‘El Boracho’ to their secret menu shortly thereafter, and can still be requested today.

On a recent business trip to San Antonio, TX. I noticed a giant ‘Freebirds – World Burrito’ billboard on the side of the freeway. A few weeks later, a Freebirds opened near the Beethoven House in West LA. The chain has exploded, there are nearly 50 locations in Texas (planned and built), it’s hyyuge there. Apparently you can even get custom freebirds Texas license plates. It’s good to see a local SB business doing so well. I’m glad I’ll be able to continue to enjoy their delicious burritos in LA, and apparently anywhere in Texas. But it still feels good to be a part of the original. If only they could add flapjacks to their menu.

Freebird’s Story
It all started in ’87 near the beach in Santa Barbara, California when two ex-hippies figured out how to roll some awesome burritos using fresh-chopped veggies, house-made rice and beans, and of course grass fed beef and all natural chicken.

Students at UC Santa Barbara quickly adopted FREEBIRDS as their own. Four years later, FREEBIRDS rolled into College Station, Texas where the Aggies at A&M got a taste of the soon-to-be legendary FREEBIRD & Monster burritos. And today, FREEBIRDS is spreading its wings and expanding across the country.

News Story from the South Bay:


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Everyone, Mark your Calendars, the FunDREser plans have been set into stone.

Date/Time: Sat June 4th 12-5pm
Location: The Rancho Embarcadero Clubhouse
224 Vereda Leyenda
Goleta, CA 93117

Tickets will be available to purchase, and more details will follow this post. Stay tuned to get the nitty gritty, but bottom line…Get DERE.

Clam Jam


For anyone in the Santa Barbara area this evening, I will be meeting with the Minister of Auditory Pleasures for a nice seafood dinner, after which I will never call him again. We were talking about the Shellfish Company, but are open to suggestions. Please join us.

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