This really happened


After a long weekend in FresYES, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update my blog. Although a rush of last-minute resignations threatened to weaken the FresYES Super Bowl weekend, a band of hearty IFS ministers made the trek to the BIG Country. The Minister of ID opened up his well decorated home to us, and showed as a weekend for the books.

We bowled, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we ate lots of Mexican food. Although the Doritos Loco taco has been discontinued, we were treated to something far better…a Caruther’s original. Tito’s. The Al Pastor was amazing.

Storm’s a Brewin’


Alright Ministers, Rabbi and friends. MOM’s got that tingly feeling in his left foot again, which can only mean one thing, IFS South Lake Tahoe meeting!

So far we have a sizable crew going and I encourage any minister who is on the fence to sack up and make the drive, you won’t regret it.  Your brothers want you there.
lake_tahoe.jpgThe address of the Cabin is:

2551 Del Norte
South lake Tahoe, CA 96150

The address of the Restaurant is:

Blue Angel Cafe Address:
1132 Ski Run Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

So far we have a number of guests and more are welcome if there are any last minute add-ons.  The more the merrier.  Many ministers, especially those of the North-State persuasion will be arriving earlier in the day Thursday.  I will be heading up the Glory-Train which will leave LA after work Thursday and arrive in Tahoe in the wee hours.

Tentative schedule:
Thursday Arrival – Those who are there early can open up the ‘Hurt Locker’ and see what’s inside.  Hopefully there are a few soldiers left standing when the Glory Train pulls into the station around 2am.  If all goes well, I expect to see Letters playing the air-drums and dancing by himself amongst drunken sleeping bodies.

Friday – IFS Summer Meeting (9-11am at the Blue Angel Cafe)
After the meeting there is a possible field trip to North Lake Tahoe where my brother and his younger hooligan friends are living in a cabin on the Lake for the summer. (Y&T 2)  The owners are family friends and have offered to allow us to some and hang out at the Lake for the afternoon.  They have a boat or two as well as other water-based entertainment.  They graciously offered to feed us and allow us to enjoy their Lakeside jam for the afternoon.  This should allow us to see the other side of Tahoe and relax for the afternoon before returning to the South Lake area for the evening.  Naturally this is not a mandatory trip, and if some ministers want to hit the casinos straight away, no problem.  Just an option.

In the evening we will return to South Lake and enjoy an evening on the Town, Casinos, Buffets, Cabin, you know, Make Party.
IMG_8764.JPGSaturday (Independence Day)
We have all day to enjoy our Nation’s Independence Day in South Lake Tahoe, no concrete plans.  If we can commandeer a boat to be on the water for a fire works show, that’d be great, but I’m sure being drunk at the casinos/cabin will also be fun.  Perhaps Cutie Pie can lead a break dance battle party in honor of MJ.  We’ll play this one by ear.  If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on particular activities, please post a comment. 
The Lows are always lower than the Highs are high.  We make an attempt to clean up our mess, and limp home to resume our boring lives whilst dreaming of the next IFS gathering.   

And remember….. Gooooood Flapjack

Minutes from SB Meeting


The meeting began with the welcoming home of Minister of Interior Design from his stay in Germany.  IFS also welcomed guest members Ben and Stefan.  

<1st round of beers>  

The IFS anthem was sung. With Minister of International Affairs running late, Minister of Letters skillfully sang the closing lines with bravado.

Following this, Ministers and Rabbi introduced themselves to guest members.
Memorable Quotes:
“It’s great to be back.  I fucked a hot pancake…I thought she was of age.” – Minister of Interior Design
“We recently got into micro-loans.  It’s high risk…” – Minister of Philanthropy

<2nd  round of beers>

Informative Quote:
“Take 1000 mg of B12 before or after drinking is helpful to avoid hangovers” – Minister of Trade and Health

After introductions, Minister of International Affairs made a fashionably late entrance blasting reggae music from his futuristic, reggae backpack.

Food ordered.

Notable Orders:
Minister of International Affairs ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of steak, medium rare and a short stack of blueberry pancakes.
Through the introductions and food orders, the meeting got off to a slow pace.  Some beer was spilled.

Guest member Nick joined in on the breakfast shortly afterwards.

Smoke break.

<3rd round of beers>

Re-singing of the Anthem.

Under some duress from both Minister of Interior Design and Minister of MOM for wanting to leave for Sacramento after the meeting, Minister of Competition disingenuously swore he would stay for the night.

Roll call (done with introductions):
Present – Minister of Member of the Month, Minister of Art and Design, Minister of Letters, Minister of Media + Technology, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Competition, Minister of Athletics, Rabbi of Leisure, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Interior Design, Minister of International Affairs, Minister of Health/Trade, Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Wardrobe, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Minister of History (15)

Absent – Minister of Photography, Minister of Rousing, Minister of Revelry and Spirits, Minister of Finance (4)

Minutes – On Website
Committees – None

Minister of Member of the Month read Minister of Revelry and Spirits’ letter detailing a potential IFS trip to Lake Tahoe to take place in early July. 

As Chairman of the meeting, the Minister of Philanthropy introduced an action item of changing Minister titles that was originally added to the agenda by Minister of Rousing.

Minister of Competition moved to have a Minister or Rabbi change his title be contingent on a 2/3 vote. The Minister of Health seconded this motion.
The motion was passed unanimously: 15 Y – 0 N

At this point in the meeting, the structure of the meeting became much more deliberate and orderly.  Though time-consuming at times, the parliamentary procedure was in full effect. 

Some more beer was spilled.

New system for IFS cheers was discussed but no motion presented

An action item was brought up to be discussed for the next meeting – the setting up of a joint bank account or a mechanism to transfer money between members for event planning, merchandise, etc.

<4th round of beers >

Committee for Lake Tahoe event was established:
Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Competition, Guest Member Ben.

Minister of Art and Design presented to the group a signed photo of Champ Kind (David Koechner) the original champion of “We Do It Every Month.”

Member of the Month:
Esteban won the Member of the Month award with 8 votes.
Fleming was awarded the Continental Breakfast award with 5 votes.

Final singing of the Anthem. 

Meeting adjourned.

Big Bear says: “I’M REAL.”


Yes, everyone, Big Bear is REAL and less than a month away.  I’ve discussed these plans with many of you, but for those of you who are not caught up, here’s what we’ve planned:

1) Three nights stay at the Lakeview Mansion in the heart of Big Bear – 1 mile from the slopes and a couple hundred yards off the main road through town.  We have the nights of the 29th, 30th, and 31st booked, with a morning/afternoon departure on the 1st of 2008.  This is the mansion:


2) The Mansion is strong.  It sleeps 16, but has room to sleep many more – the representative said upwards of 26 comfortably.  It is three stories high, with wrap around balconies overlooking the lake and the surrounding nature jam:


The interior features a jacuzzi, a pool table, a Pac Man arcade, an Asteroids arcade, a pinball machine, a big screen, a bar, a couple of fire places, a massive kitchen and a golden eagle:


3) Great location.  We’ll be a quick drive or tram ride to the mountain, so picture drunken skiing or, if you want to get SICK, drunken snowboarding (540 McTwist Bra!!  Scratchin’!!!).   Also, we’ll be walking distance from town, so a night or two at the local bars will be easy to swing.  There’s also plenty of restaurants in town, a couple of which I know are strong from experience (one is a badass haunted prime rib joint).

4) The money.  It is $100 total for the three night stay.  All expenses beyond that are up to you – but figure transportation, food, booze, and rentals, if you are skiing, or snowboarding (Jason!  Sick!!!). 

5) Who’s going?  Here’s who:


Also, we have 11 more of Team IFS scheduled to go – with a few maybes.  So, this should be very strong – and I’m sure they serve flapjacks somewhere in Big Bear.

With all of that said, the money is due Monday.  So far, MOM, Competition, Interior Design, M+T, Letters, and myself have paid (I’ll also be covering Revelry & Spirits).  Also, there are about five of you who have said that you were in, but have not yet paid the $100.  We need to work this out ASAP, otherwise, Amanda will be covering for you, which would be the opposite of strong.  If you haven’t yet paid, call me, and we’ll figure something out.  If you’d like to mail a check to Amanda, here’s the address:

Amanda Farrell
3424 Lambeth St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

For everyone else who hasn’t yet joined in on these plans, call me and let me know if you’re interested.  This will make for a very strong New Year’s Eve celebration…Spray Jam in the snow.

– Rousing
(805) 453 – 1103   

Outdoor Adventure Squad Update



Outdoor Adventure Squad Update
It’s been a little while since the last OAS update, but I’ve
been planning our next mission for a little while now. This afternoon four brave adventurers will travel
southward to begin filming on my new project, “The Tacumentary”. The Tacumentary will be a bilingual
exploration of Mexican cuisine and a sampling of Mexican waves. This surf/taco film will be sure to impress. We will be armed with surfboards, language
skills, and stomachs hungry for a variety of Tacos. Stay tuned.

Viva Flapjacks! Viva OAS!

Bring the Feast! (or) Break-Feast!


Curtis, as usual, wanted to get some KFC.  My sister had just given me $15 in KFC bucks.  What a wonderful coincidence!  Mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, mac and cheese, biscuits, one of every available type of ‘snacker,’ and of course, 15 pieces of chicken.  The onion, tomato, artichoke and eggplant were added for the sole purpose of this photoshoot.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
500!  Horray!  My cup runneth over with free ale!

Finger Lickin Good



It’s 2:00pm on a lazy Tuesday afternoon and I just returned from a little
lunch break.  I don’t claim to be a food critic or a culinary expert, but
I can spot quality when it slaps me in the face, which incidentally it just
did.  A co-worker clued me into a BBQ joint in Inglewood, which is for real.  It’s
called Woody’s BBQ, (not to be confused with the SB Woody’s) and there are 3 Los Angeles

I’ve only been to the Inglewood location, but somehow I feel as though it might be the most authentic.  An
over-zealous crack whore who accosted me in line to beg for money and offer her
hand in marriage, clued me into the fact that this is an establishment which serves the
"everyman".  The way she was routinely shooed away and quickly
returned made me think she likes Woody’s too, play your cards right and you
might find the love of your life along with a tasty meal.

The menu consists of normal BBQ/Soul Food i.e. Ribs, Rib tips, chicken,
chicken link, slaw, beans, collard greens, etc. The Bar-B-Q sauce is amazing,
available in mild, hot, mixed or bottled for sale.  I have some fresh
sauce stains on my pants which I’m saving for later.

I guess the point is, It’s really tasty BBQ.  You should totally try it.  Nova. It’s real close to
West Coast Customs, so next time you make a modification to the G ride, stop
in.  It’s the restaurant with the Giant Bulldog on the side of the