Make Hair Great Again

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This video lies at the nexus of where this blog has ended up (mostly hairline based humor) and current events in the US.  I think we need to make this ‘webbrog’ great again!!  These damn Hoodia spam robots have taken over our website and taken all the good commenting jobs from hardworking, blue collar ministers.  Do your duty, post and comment, otherwise the spam robots win.  MOM 2016!!

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The Super Bowl Approaches


With a victory over the Packers, the Giants have cemented their Super Bowl seat, and no one could be more excited than Carl from ATHF.  And with that, we must now decide where we will be watching this glorious event.  The votes on the site / poll are split down the middle, but after last weekend in LA, most confirmed they would rather watch it in LA, as SB’s TV situation is questionable, and the sheer number of participants living in LA is larger.  But this should be settled now so that preperations for Feb. 3rd can be made.  Kegs, streamers, and a server all need to be lined up so let’s figure this out in the next day or two.  SB people, will you be watching the game?  Is it just you Baggs?  Is Wardrobe really going to be selling shoes instead of watching the game / commercials?  The poll is up on the right now, Persons can now be called by his Flapjackian name Minister of Art Design, unless anyone wants to petition for the addition of an ampersand in between Art Design.

Poll Results – Who was most drunk at Spring Break 07

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The votes are in!  Competition has been declared the most drunk at Spring Break ’07, with 9 votes, and 52.9% of the 17 votes submitted, Competition displayed a drunken fury that could not be matched.  Congratulations Competition, you can print out this lovely pie chart and forever remember the time that you out drank everyone during a 3-day weekend.  THE GLENLIVET…