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Everyone, Mark your Calendars, the FunDREser plans have been set into stone.

Date/Time: Sat June 4th 12-5pm
Location: The Rancho Embarcadero Clubhouse
224 Vereda Leyenda
Goleta, CA 93117

Tickets will be available to purchase, and more details will follow this post. Stay tuned to get the nitty gritty, but bottom line…Get DERE.

Its Happening!




Comments Off on Earthshakes

Indonesia - Bali - Rice Terrace.jpg
The recent earthquakes in West Java and Sumatra followed directly on the heels of ol’ Glory and my path through surf paradise. Literally 4 days after A&D and I departed West Java a 7.0 earthquake rocking all the beach communities we were vacationing at. Our friends were all fine and no one was killed in Cimaja village where we were staying, however many perished in nearby communities. ([Story](
I left for Padang, West Sumatra and our surf charter was based out of the regional capital which was just hit by a 7.6 earthquake killing an undetermined number of people. ([Story]( We left our Aussie boat captain, his Indonesian wife, daughter (6) and son (2) at a hotel approximately 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything about their well being.
The people of Indonesia are a warm and welcoming people. Almost everyone we met on our travels was stuck in one of the hardest hit zones of one of these two quakes and have been dealing with the aftermath every since. We literally dodged a bullet and I consider myself lucky.
Anyway, Indonesia is hit hard by these natural disasters on a frequent basis and it throws the country back from its progress into poverty and despair. The Muslim extremists thrive on the poverty and ignorance of the country’s indigent. Indonesia is the worlds most populous Muslim nation and also serves as a model for moderate Muslims, despite fringe groups. But the world needs Indonesia to be a stable, democratic nation. They have a very pro-American president, SBY who is very popular. Anyway, these recent events touched me deeply and I felt compelled to donate to Surfaid, a non profit group which brings relief to these areas. If you want to toss a couple dollars toward the relief effort, please do. Thanks.
[Donate Here](

Bernard Baggarly Member of the Year 2008


At the close of a great weekend, I’d like to make a post
about the Member of the Year.  Saturday
morning our Minister of Letters was awarded the member of the Year for
2008.  The list of reasons Letters was
awarded MOY is long, but at the end of a great IFS weekend after all the
hungover Ministers and Rabbi limped home, Baggs shows us the way. 

I realize most came from further away than LA,
and some didn’t come at all.  (PAT?) I
actually wasn’t there when IFS saved Christmas. 
So I owed one.  There’s a lot of ‘take’
in an IFS weekend, sometimes it feels great to ‘give’ a little something back.  The Ministers of Letters, MOM and Art and
Design all managed to make it down to the ‘Hillside House’ to spend a little
time with developmentally disabled men and women.  The experience was moving to say the

hillside home copy.jpg

Letters recently picked up a new
job at Hillside House and helps these folks as a second job.  The levels of functioning varied greatly
between residents and some people could hardly interact.  Others are relatively lucid and many have
well developed senses of humor and fun.  The
following video is a resident named Chris painting with us.  Chris has many girlfriends and likes to talk ‘smack’
to Bernie or anyone else in his path.  While
A&D and myself were largely bystanders, Letters introduced us to many
residents, helped with watercolor painting, fruit punch, football watching,
email, and just ‘clowning’.

Part of the reason i wanted to post these photos is to highlight what Letters might not mention himself in casual conversation.  He has a very positive impact on a number of these people and is recognized throughout.  Although our visit was brief, we got a great glimpse into a very special part of his daily life.  Parts of our visit were relatively humbling and the condition of many residents require constant care and supervision, some things are a little tough to see.

I really respect these selfless people who
work at the Hillside House an
d other similar establishments. 
Maybe I’ll go help some underprivileged Los Angeles youth who don’t
have fathers to play catch with, honestly I was that inspired. Good Work
IFS gives.


Social Development


Sorry this post will be a bit convoluted, but I have a few things to bring up. Here are the things I would like to discuss:

  1. I tried to deliver password protected posts yesterday, but they aren’t going to work in our current system. There are two options moving forward to achieve this goal:
    • keep us on MovableType but move over to dynamic content (php). This would have the least effect on everyone, but as I have found from using MT, it is not as widely supported as WordPress, so there are less cool plugins.
    • move us onto WordPress. This would be a new system, but it is really similar to MT so everyone should be able to figure it out. I know we just moved so I am weighing that in my decision. The last move took several days time so I will not be making this move for a while.

  2. The I.F.S. Game is moving along nicely. I have added a link to the top of the left column for easy access in the future. Everything is set for another level, but it would be nice to get the scoreboard completed as well. Which would you rather see first?
  3. The I.F.S. Constitution – Our beloved Minister of Philanthropy has drafted a more formal constitution that needs to be melded with our napkins so that we have super sacred documents. Philanthropy has some great ideas for formalizing some elements of our society in an effort to preserve it’s original intent, while providing groups of ministers the freedom to conduct meetings and business.
  4. The Next I.F.S. Meeting – We have a real need for some business to be taken care of, and the next meeting is a great opportunity for this to happen. I don’t want to sink ships, but from what I have heard Chicago is not going to happen, as there are many unknowns in people’s lives right now. The latest I heard from Team Germany was that they will not be able to make it. I personally am sitting on my rebate money, but could really use it to cover the past month’s credit bills as I apparently got a little crazey.
  5. It Doesn’t Happen At IHOP – I got the call and our story was a runner-up.

Any other business to discuss?

The State of the Many Roles of Kurt Russell Address

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In just two days, we will be uniting to form the MANY ROLES OF KURT RUSSELL.  For those of you who missed the first post, we will be uniting to form the MANY ROLES OF KURT RUSSELL at Amanda’s house in Los Feliz this Saturday night.  Here’s her address:

3424 Lambeth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Here’s a "Breakdown" of who’s coming and which Kurt Russell they will be portraying:

– Minister of Media and Technology will be Jack Burton from "Big Trouble in Little China." 
– Minister of MOM will be Snake Plissken from "Escape from L.A."
– Minister of Competition will be solar explorer, Col. Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil from "Stargate."
– Minister of Rousing will be Dean Proffitt from "Overboard."
– Minister of Interior Design will be Coach Herb Brooks from "Miracle."
– Minister of Letters will be Michael Zane from "3,000 Miles to Graceland."
– Minister of Defense will be McCabe from "Vanilla Sky."
– Future Minister and IFS blood relative Ryan Maughan will be Stephen ‘Bull’ McCaffrey from "Backdraft."
– Longtime Friend of IFS and forever welcome Guest Member Ben Persons will be Captain Ron from "Captain Ron."

That’s nine Kurt Russells by my count, just shy of double digit Kurt Russells.  Now, I know that Health/Trade will be attending the party – so if he dresses up as a Kurt Russell, then we’ll have ten Kurt Russells total.  Also, Philanthropy is attempting to shift his work schedule around so he can make it as well.  International Affairs, Maritime, Athletics and Shwayne, we haven’t heard anything from you four so please comment on this post with your status.  Younger/Taller/Athleticer and Letters will be coming down from SB, and Media will be coming up from the OC, so finding a ride should not be a problem.  Also, here’s some last minute costume suggestions that should be easy to throw together:

– As Jeff Taylor in "Breakdown," Kurt wears a Ralph Lauren polo tucked in to khakis, and cool sunglasses:

– Kurt wears a tux in "Executive Decision" and a black suit in Poseidon (granted, you’d have to jump in a shower for this one).
– Wyatt Earp – we still  need one.  Calls for a taller man with a strong mustache and a cowboy outfit, so I’m thinking Esteban.  Whoever takes this role, the all black getup would be the right way to do it.
– "Dark Blue" would be easy.  Black collared shirt, leather jacket, light blue jeans and black sneakers:

Anyways, just some ideas.  Like Competition commented earlier, this seems destined as Kurt Russell made a strong appearance on South Park last night.  I hope everyone can make it.  The more Russells the better. 

– Rousing

Philanthropy Project: International Awareness



Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

     This is the first philanthropy bulletin. It is designed to
bring awareness to human rights violations around the world. Its aim is to take
4 to 5 issues a month and briefly explain what’s going on. Let me know which
one(s) you think IFS should concentrate on and I can provide more information
and ways we can help.

Zimbabwe: Political and Human Rights Violations
    The Zimbabwean government is under scrutiny for political
harassment. Political activists are being oppressed when voicing their concerns
over the government.

The police have gathered activists and beaten, tortured
and have denied them access to lawyers or medical care.
Read more:

Guantanamo Bay: US Detention Base     
    This might be a controversial one, but there is one case
particular that might be of interest. A Sudanese national Adel Hassan Hamad has been detained. Taken at
gunpoint he was beaten, had an attack dog forced at him, striped naked and
sleep deprived. He was taken to Pakistan
where he said conditions were very bad, he is now being held at Gitmo as an
enemy combatant. Hamad is a family man who worked for the World Assembly
of Muslim Youth (WAMY) hospital. See

Arbitrary Detention

    If anyone has followed the Chiapas situation headed by the charismatic
Subcomandante Marcos, they will find this interesting!!! You might have heard
of the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) their basic argument is
that the indigenous community in Mexico is being oppressed, here is
just one example. After the attack on the community in Chiapas, Diego Arcos Menses has been
detained, beaten and tortured. He is accused of aiding in the attacks on the Chiapas community. He
has been charged with murder even though DNA evidence has cleared him from any
shootings. He speaks little Spanish and cannot read it at all. The government
is trying to make him sign an affidavit stating he was involved in a terrorist
organization who carried out the attacks.
Background info: Many of the individuals who carried out the
attacks were seen with clothing worn by state police. Is this a set up? To read

People’s Republic of China :
Further information on fear of torture and ill-treatment/medical concern

    Whoa! Don’t mess with the Chinese government. Ablikim
Abdiriyim has been detained in secret due to his mother’s Rebiya Kadeer’s
political activism in China.
His charges are ambiguous at best, they include; “subversion of state
power", "ethnic separatism" and "sending information over
the internet to Ms. Kadeer.” The family is very concerned because they fear
Ablikrim’s health is grave and medical attention is not being provided. This
article is interesting because it sheds insight on how the Chinese government
treats political opposition.Read more…

Homepagepic_2 Tiananmen_tank_man_3

Laser Man!


As many ministers may be aware, our beloved MOD has been unemployed for
a short span of time.  Being the brother I am, I assisted the MOD in
getting a job at my company, Airborne 1.
Baumann will be a field operation specialist where he will be involved
with collection of Airborne Laser Data, in other words he will be
shooting a laser from a plane to make maps.  Scott will also probably
recieve a company flight suit (with eagle logo), a pair of company
aviator sunglasses and company moustache comb.

The following is the company wide email permanantly attaching our two names.  Is the MOM shooting himself in the foot with a laser on this one? Only time will tell… Make us proud MOD.


have a new member joining our Field Operations Specialist team on November 30th.
His name is Scott Baumann, and he is a friend of our QAQC Analyst, Andrew
Fricker.  Andrew and Scott attended the University of
  Santa Barbara

received his BA in Environmental Studies in 2005, with emphasis in Architecture
and Geography.  Scott’s employment history has been primarily in video
camera work and video editing.

Scott will replace Kevin Bickmore, who is migrating to our Data Processing



Chief Operating Officer

 Airborne 1 Corporation