Oooohhh the Colors…Rainbow Pancakes

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Now that my bracket has been shot to hell, thanks Jayhawks, my attention turns back to the never ceasing world of internet gold mining. Today’s entry is Rainbow Pancakes. They dazzle the eyes and tickle the stomach.

Dan Lacey: Painter of Pancakes


daily_inspirational_catholic_image2.jpgMinisters and Rabbi, it pains me to bury E’s excellent agenda post, but I think this is worthy.  I present to you the work of Dan Lacey, an obscure cartoonist who recently rose to interweb fame by painting pictures of historic figures with pancakes on their heads.  I’m currently looking into getting a signed print for our artifact collection.  Here are a few more examples of his work:

Barack Obama

Dick Cheney

Sarah Palin (with shortstack)