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Kirsten Haglund was named the official spokesperson for IHOP’s 3rd annual national Pancake DayClick here for more photos.

National Pancake Day Has Moved

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Due to Super Tuesday falling on Feb. 5th this year, IHOP will be holding National Pancake Day a week later than usual, Feb. 12th.  You can check out the press release here, and IHOP’s National Pancake Day microsite here, they’ve ripped off our Flash header, but we’ll let it slide cause it’s for the kids.  Or check out IHOP’s new website.  We should all be attending a local IHOP to enjoy a complementary short stack and to give a little back.  Oh, and don’t forget to vote.


Happy Shrove Tuesday…and Mark has banged more chicks than you


Happy National Pancake Day! or Fat Tuesday…all I know is that we lived up to the expectations of both titles here at the founding of our beloved organization:


Flapjacks and an Adolphus followed by a strong round of bowling and beyond (9-4-1)…goodnight.

oh…Bernie was in attendance.


By the way…

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Happy National Pancake Day!  I encourage all of you to frequent your local IHOP and treat yourself to a free shortstack.  Though the flapjacks are complimentary, donations are encouraged.  All donations received will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.  Please, think of the children!

Love Letters

here’s a picture of some guy at an IHOP.