Press Hop – Practice?


Hope everyone is getting their practice in for Tahoe. I’ve been training for the past few weeks and feel ready for the big game.

Kobe vs. Lebron


Not sure how many of you are avidly following the NBA playoffs this year, but I’ve enjoyed the Kobe vs. Lebron commercials that Nike have put out, and the new one is pretty good. Check it out to see / hear what I mean. A couple other videos after the jump for anyone who needs some entertainment before tonight’s tip-off.


It’s Friday – GFY with Crunchy Tunes


It’s Friday so I thought I would drop some various tunes / videos on all y’all’s heads. Go fuck yourselves if you’ve seen or heard them, can’t wait for IFS : ZONA. I found too many while making this post so they are all on the post page.

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"


Will Smith – President 2016


Not to trump your post MOMma, but my Seagal wine video only got two comments and I thought it was pure gold, so I’m pissed…and you will all pay by sitting through 7 minutes of heaven big willie style. I’m calling it now, Big Willie Style in the White House in 2016.

New Eminem Track – Relapse

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I know not many of you care, but for those who still represent, a clip of Eminem’s new track was leaked on the internet today, and can be heard [here](, at least until Shady’s lawyers get ’em. It reminds me of a simpler time when gas was under 2 dollars, and we were all fresh-faced college students.

Rams – Ram It – NFL Raps

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Why can’t they make team videos like this anymore? I like how all the white dudes are completely stationary when they “rap”. The sexual innuendo is priceless. Spray Ram. Other team videos from the mid-80’s after the jump.


You can have wahtever you like…


Brain so good, coulda swore you went to college…

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Josh Homme Is Scary

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The Mixtape About Nothing


If you haven’t heard his name yet, Wale, you will soon. You can [listen / download his Seinfeld themed mixtape released today here.]( Or read [an interview with him over at Wired.](

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