We Got HIM!!

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Go America!!

MoAD’s 28th Birthday


Fellow Ministers,
Our favorite space-cadet The Minister of Art and Design, will be celebrating his birthday this Saturday at Mar Vista Lanes, West Los Angeles.

The party will begin at the Beethoven St. residence, including BBQ, Beer and Brotherhood, followed by 3 hours of bowling starting at 10:00pm. Cost will be $20 per person, for 3 hours of unlimited bowling.

Get dere.

REAL Strength

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In light of recent events I felt compelled to share something which I kept seeing a few months back, and I think is appropriate.

I generally try and get a surf in before work (when I’m not too lazy) in the South Bay, Los Angeles.   Over the past few months before I’d paddle out, I would often notice something sticking up in the sand, right near the water.  I would see it almost every time I surfed, and at first didn’t even know what it was.  Upon a close inspection I saw it was a single crutch, stuck straight up in the sand, always in a different spot, but almost always present on a particular stretch of beach.  Once I figured out what it was, I started looking for it.  The crutch was a permanent fixture on the beach. I became intrigued with the owner of this crutch. A buddy of mine told me he surfed almost every morning and would get as close to the water as possible, bury the end of the crutch in the sand, and paddle out.  Truly inspirational. Here’s a video of him doing just that. Im curious to see him surf.


Although I have not actually met this man, nor even see him surf (Cool story Hansel, I know) the knowledge that he’s out there almost everyday makes me very hopeful for Andre. It also inspires me to be less lazy, lumpy and grumpy. I think the next time I see the lone crutch I must wait next to it, until the owner comes back to shake his hand and get his full story. Apparently he’s something of a legend at this beach, I’ll post something if I ever meet the man himself. I’m sure he’s…. how do you say? Strong.

The following video is also a good reminder of what we are helping raise money for, in terms of a functioning prosthesis. This company in Ventura makes custom solutions for different activities, and I think getting Andre a brand new ‘surf leg‘ is a great cause. I’ll be up in Santa Barbara this weekend, along with a decent crew of people to support Andre, and hopefully make some headway on our fund-raising plans. See y’all at OKR. -MOM

Meat Cocktail: “Pancetta Skar”




Fellow Ministers,

The time has come, the Super Important, World Premiere of ‘Townies Don’t Surf’. We failed mightily in securing a good viewing venue. Apparently the best surf video to come out of Mar Vista in the last 9 months doesn’t seem to carry much weight around these parts. Apparently, all the theaters are busy showing “Real Movies”.

Not to worry though, this will actually make for a good old fashioned Hootenanny at our humble residence. We will be hosting a viewing party at Beethoven St. this coming Saturday from 6:00pm-10pm. Whiskar will be provided to all guests, in jars.

Anyone in attendance is encouraged to bring a jug of their favorite moonshine, a few cold ones, or if you run over some meat on your way here, we can throw it on the grill. We will be BBQing at around 6:00pm.

There will be two showings of the film.

First Screening 8:00pm
Second Screening 9:00pm
Bowling 10:00pm

This will be a townie themed hootenanny, so dress appropriately. If anyone has a friend or two, bring them, as long as they’re kin!

We have three lanes reserved at Mar Vista Lanes at 10:00pm for those interested in throwing stones.

If you’re having a little trouble getting excited about a surf movie, made by two guys who don’t surf that good, maybe a few tarp tasties will get you in the mood. Scratching!!!!

IFS: Rumble in the Jungle

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Mission Accomplished. Well done gentlemen. It was a very enjoyable weekend and I thank everyone who made the journey for the first ‘new’ LA meeting. To those Ministers and Jew who could not be with us, you were missed.
IFS Meeting, check. New CB trophy, check. ‘New and Improved’ Anthem, check. Beer and Whiskey consumed, double check. Super Bowl Party, check.
Empty Table.JPG
**Member of the Month: The Minister of Letters**
Notable Accomplishments: New CB Trophy, “In the face of adversity you suck, fuck you.” Complete with top hat/wand emblem, and drama dancer guy. But perhaps the strongest addition from Letters was the newest edit of the IFS Anthem, a copy of which should live in your email inbox. Amazing, simply amazing. Well played Baggs, you deserve it.
**Continental Breakfast Award: The Minister of Art and Design**
Notables: Totally spaced on planning the meeting place. Managed however to come through in hospitality points, and was rewarded with the appropriate CB award love. Honestly, the CB trophy is awesome, and its been unofficially decided that it must be awarded to a member present at the meeting. It’s simply much more fun to award to someone who’s there.
Worthy of Note: Jimmy made a strong appearance in the middle of the MOM acceptance speech, stuck around for a few cold ones, and a little pin killing. GCross made a strong appearance for the weekend, proudly proclaiming as a guess, “The ‘Minister of Defense’, maybe?”. Difficult to argue there’s a strong case for that one. Something to ponder… If you’ve yet to meet ‘G’, he’s a friend from home (Chico, CA) and is a ‘Real American Hero’, a US Marine. A welcomed guest at any future IFS meeting.
Jimmy Interruption.JPG
Full Blood Ed, managed to drunkenly yell Anchor Man quotes across the bar. Lexicon was kindly removed from the bar for refusing to bribe a bouncer. Athletics was kindly asked to leave the bar because of inappropriate head gear, and a ‘snippy tude’. MOM had a few too many early, and tried to keep it together for the remainder of the night, nice. Glory spaced, and Nova spent.
The following are a few gems from the weekend. I’m thinking of making a run as the new MoPhoto, I got a little extra time on my hands, and no life, why not?
CB Award.JPG

The Death of Dels Saloon: A Photo Essay


First and foremost, everyone please look at the post below to M&T’s latest version of the IFS game, ‘Flappy Does Adventures’. Its awesome. Be good ministers, comment on how awesome it is.
Yesterday was a sad day. Dels Saloon closed its doors for good. The landowners have opted not to renew the lease, not because the bar was losing money, but the owners of the building opted instead to open a swankier, more overpriced and likely douchier bar in its place. ([Story](http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/restaurant-openings-and-closur/dels-saloon-closing/)) If they put in another Busby’s, I’ll likely fire bomb it.
A few ministers may remember the days of Franklin St. It was a quaint ‘little’ apartment in Santa Monica, where a numerous ministers and friends resided. It was a great house, until it was overrun with tropical parasites I brought back from the jungles of Panama on a research trip. Whoops. Many football games were watched, beers consumed, and meals enjoyed. One time, I even threw the Minister of Athletics in the shower with his clothes on, closed the shower door, and turned on the water. Pow!
The standard operating procedure after any Franklin St. gathering was the obligatory trip to Dels Saloon a few short blocks away. It was an easy jaunt down the street, especially with the help of a few ‘road sodas’. If you never made it to Franklin St. and consequently Dels, you missed out on a lot, and you probably suck at life.
Dels Saloon saw the likes of an epic Karaoke crooning battle between the Minister of Letters and our ‘close personal friend’. There were also less epic although equally amusing karaoke attempts from others, no shame at Dels. There were chance encounters with truckers, hipsters, blue collars, students, old fashioned drunks, and even the occasional random hook ups with strangers. There was the occasional daytime cocktail, which were far outweighed by far too many instances where we were the last ones being shooed out the door, with full beers in our pockets for the walk home. Through thick and thin, Dels was the place, our place.
A classic dive bar, Dels enjoyed a brief run of popularity with the younger folks after a brief cameo in a popular movie. Occasionally you’d even spot an attractive female there, **occasionally**. That was rarely the focus, and that’s what made it great. Dels Saloon was a great place to share a drink with friends. A true staple in the IFS diet from 2006-2008.
Last Night, there was a gentleman, a regular, who stood up on top of the bar and hushed the crowd to make a toast. He started slowly and worked up to a yell, “This bar is the greatest, goddammed, fucking place….in America!” Cheers erupted from the crowd. I laughed, but didn’t disagree. Last night I had trouble thinking of a better one, Turnpike IHOP, perhaps.
The following is a mini photo essay from the last night at our beloved Dels. Single Tear.
Dels Saloon. Rest in Peace.

Super Bowl XLIV: Rumble in the Jungle


logo 2010-Super-Bowl.gif
Beloved Ministers,
I have a proposal for you…. I propose we hold our annual Super Bowl Sunday party in sunny Los Angeles, CA this year. The reasons for this change in tradition are two-fold. One, the Santa Barbara chapter has graciously allowed the flappies to descend upon the quaint seaside town every year and it is time the favor is repaid. Two, We have a nice place, with a rooftop deck and a HD TV, perfect for such an event.
We can discuss the specifics through this post. However I propose an official flapjack meeting either the Sunday of the game or the previous Saturday. There’s a nearby IHOP and I will look into whether or not they serve beer, we may need to explore the space on that one.
We have the capability to BBQ on our spacious rooftop deck, and we have a solid kitchen for the preparation of serious game time munchies.
As far as accommodations are concerned, we will NOT be running a Monkey Motel at Beethoven St. I feel as we are getting a little older, crashing on couches becomes a little ‘IV’, and I’d prefer to keep our house as the game time venue, not as lodging for broke ministers. You stay classy ‘Beethoven Street’. There are numerous economic and luxurious Motels/Hotels ranging from ([spend like Finance](http://www.super8.com/Super8/control/Booking/property_info?propertyId=14189)) ‘Super 8’ options, to ([spend like Nova](http://jdvhotels.com/hotels/venicebeach/erwin/)) beachside accommodations. There are also a few local Ministers who may open their homes to rambling travelers. It might be nice to do a little of both, get a nice beachside party room, and a couple economy ‘barracks’ to house the troops. There are numerous bars and restaurants nearby where the flapjacks lads and friends can go to ‘make party’.
2005.07.02 - venice  beach.jpg
This brings up a few issues which I would appreciate a little assistance in organizing.
1. The Meeting. Will we make an official IFS meeting out of this event? There are numerous local pancake houses, and I think we need to have a meeting. Maybe a local minister could help me do a little research into a good venue.
2. The Food. With the Rebbi on the East coast, we are left to fend for ourselves. Photo/Wine, your lovely lady friend is an expert in game time eats. Could we try and coordinate an attack that would combine some external side dishes with some in-house BBQ?
3. The Help. True to tradition, we need some help serving drinks. Ideas? Glory? Should we do some reconnaissance work in the local establishments?
Please post comments to provide feedback and input on this event. I look forward to seeing you all again, very soon. Good Flapjack!



Was cleaning out my computer, and stumbled across this gem. Figured I’d share.

The Bells!!

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Let me paint you a picture…
This past Saturday night the Ministers of Health, Letters, A&D and MOM were accompanied by two lovely young ladies to the [Third Annual Christmas Sweater Festival](http://www.theelrey.com/view-details.php?id=467), a Charity Benefit for Teen Impact, a program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for teens and young adults with, or recovering from, cancer. Hosted at the [El Rey](http://www.theelrey.com/index.php) Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
The show was headlined by ‘The Deadly Syndrome’ a favorite local band of a few IFS members. The Drummer for ‘The Deadly Syndrome’, Jessie Hoy is a Gaucho alum and longtime friend. I don’t go to many shows, but will rarely miss the ‘Syndrome’ at the El Rey.
In an intermission period between bands, an ugly Christmas sweater competition was held. Various hipsters donned skinny jeans, tight sweaters, some carrying Christmas ornaments, some lit up by Christmas lights, some wearing full Christmas regalia, complete with red pants, sweater vests, and bow ties. There was even a bear who had a shirt on that read ‘Beary Christmas’. Strong showing. Then there was MOH, unshaven, non-skinny jeans, beer in hand (the only one on stage drinking), beer buzzed grin, and cloaked in the most glorious Christmas sweater Los Angeles has ever seen. While the sweater itself was lovely, complete with Christmas trees, Santa Claus embroidery, etc. The Coup de grâce were the buttons on the sweater, which were actually JINGLE BELLS. POW!!!
The judging went in two stages, the half-wits and the fashion challenged were unceremoniously herded off the stage to boos and angry fist pumps. Health easily made it to the final round of judging, where Mr. Hoy would present each competitor to the crowd and listen for applause. Then the highly accurate and highly scientific applause ‘o’ meter was used to precisely determine the strength of each Christmas Sweater, based on audience acceptance. Letters, A&D, MOM and two lovely ladies spearheaded the ‘Bells’ (As in ‘JINGLE BELLS’) cheering section. When the MC and Mr. Hoy came to Health and presented him to the crowd, and jingled his ‘Bells’ into the microphone, we erupted in applause, cheers, and drunken shouts of “THE BELLS! THE BELLS!!!!!”. The applause ‘o’ meter spiked and hipsters everywhere cowered behind their PBRs.
The running was tight between THE BELLS, the Bear, and some hipster with a crappy sweater decorated by 6 Christmas lights (whom ‘THE BELLS’ cheering section booed ruthlessly). After double checking the applause ‘o’ meter, and a seemingly endless deliberation, the judges emerged to announce ‘THE BELLS’ as the winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition! Everyone was sobbing, hugging, kissing and popping bottles of the finest Champagne, we had done it!!! Victory!!!
Below is a picture of the champ and lovely lady #2, post victory.
The show was a raging success, and Health was a local celebrity for the remainder of the night. Before long ‘[The Deadly Syndrome](http://thedeadlysyndrome.com/)’ came on a rocked a strong set for all the Holiday revelers. Including the following song Eucalyptus:

I would highly suggest this band to friends, their first album ‘The Ortolan’ was great, and their new album will be out in March. Next time they play in LA, we’ll make a post about it, and while I cannot guarantee such a grand spectacle, I can promise a good rock show and fun times with friends. Good Flapjack.

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