Outdoor Adventure Squad Update

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Nicaragua_rel_97This just in…. The mighty OAS is embarking on a new adventure.  Nicaragua. 
Defense and myself are flying down to Central America this Friday to meet up with the Rabbi of Leisure just in time to catch a new southern hemisphere swell next week.  The waves should be as tasty as the Nicaraguan pancakes.  We will be in the southwestern coastal area, blessed by constant offshore winds due to the massive inland Lake Nicaragua….Bra!
Nica_surfNicaraguacowboyBy the good grace of flapjack we shall return to our home in less than two weeks time, just in time for Caruthers High School Football season.  Go Blue Raiders!

Living the Dream



I will give an update for those ministers who are unaware of the new
developments in Mexican Second Division soccer.  Our beloved Minster of
Finance has quit his financial planning job in San Francisco to go try out for a Mexican
Second Division squad in Playa del Carmen.

The official club name is Internacional Playa del Carmen and allegedly there’s
a contract to be drawn up upon Christopher Finance’s return to Mexico this
winter, if he doesn’t receive any other offers.  This new international
development begs the question, "When are we going to see Finance play Mexican
soccer for an IFS meeting?"  I personally can’t wait. Please join me
in congratulating our dear friend and supporting his quest to live the dream.


The Mexican Second division website is: http://www.segundadivision.org.mx/

Aren’t Nova and Converse running with the bulls?



Here’s a poignant image from this years running. That sort of looks like a short haired Nova
narrowly escaping a skewering on the right. Can we get an international post from our European branch?

IHOP In Mexico? I.F.S In Mexico?



Did anyone else know that there is now an IHOP in Monterrey, Mexico?  Or that the Mayor of Monterrey, Mexico, Adalberto Madero is a member of the National Action Party, which is known by the acronym "PAN"

With the recent acquisition of Applebee’s, IHOP is on the move. We need Nic Cage to unearth this vast conspiracy.  Or we need to have a meeting in Monterrey.  Or is Mexico too dangerous for our outfit?  It’s an easy way of popping the proverbial cherry on our first International meeting.  The city does have the highest GDP in Mexico, and brews plenty of beer.

Sitting bored in an office in Cairo


Boys, Boys, Boys….where to begin.  I miss the hell out of you all.  Although I would not trade what I’m doing to save Finance’s life, I do at times feel a sense of despair when I view upon all of the momentous occasions that are celebrated without me.  Know that I am there in SPIRIT.  Know that I am doing my best to make the world aware of our organization through dignity, integrity, and most importantly through Adolphus.  I ask this of you.  At your next gathering raise your glasses in a toast for your Minister Abroad and say, "To Spirits, our Friend, our Minister and our Brother."  And get really really drunk after that.

Legitamize the I


There has been a silent murmur of a journey, a whisper of a great quest that is so immaculate it becomes difficult to wrap one’s head around the possibilities.  Yes brothers I am referring to, Amsterdam to Ofest: The Fellowship of the Pan.  I will let the minister of Rousing take care of most of the details, but I just wanted to sum up some of the logistics. Five days off work in September total of eight days in Europe.  Arrive on Sat in Frankfurt, leave Sunday evening for Amsterdam (5hr train ride), comeback to Frankfurt on Tuesday evening, leave for Munich (5hr train ride) on Wednesday, hit the Haufbrau house where Hitler started the Nazi party on Wed night,  Thur 7am hit Ofest (made for us), comeback to Frankfurt on Friday and leave Sat or Sun.  Total cost including ticket roughly 1,800-2,000.  Let me know who is serious.

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