I.F.S. In The News for IHOP Contest

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We have our first newspaper article about I.F.S. and the IHOP Contest.
[Check it out here.](http://fastfood.freedomblogging.com/2008/07/24/irvine-runner-up-wins-100-ihop-gift-card-for-it-happens-at-ihop-contest/)

We Happen At IHOP


I got the call today, we unfortunately did not win the grand prize, but our story was a runner-up in the contest. What this means is that we get a $100 gift card to IHOP, our story will be featured on the IHOP website, and I may be interviewed by local media outlets that want to cover the story. Not bad.

Social Development


Sorry this post will be a bit convoluted, but I have a few things to bring up. Here are the things I would like to discuss:

  1. I tried to deliver password protected posts yesterday, but they aren’t going to work in our current system. There are two options moving forward to achieve this goal:
    • keep us on MovableType but move over to dynamic content (php). This would have the least effect on everyone, but as I have found from using MT, it is not as widely supported as WordPress, so there are less cool plugins.
    • move us onto WordPress. This would be a new system, but it is really similar to MT so everyone should be able to figure it out. I know we just moved so I am weighing that in my decision. The last move took several days time so I will not be making this move for a while.

  2. The I.F.S. Game is moving along nicely. I have added a link to the top of the left column for easy access in the future. Everything is set for another level, but it would be nice to get the scoreboard completed as well. Which would you rather see first?
  3. The I.F.S. Constitution – Our beloved Minister of Philanthropy has drafted a more formal constitution that needs to be melded with our napkins so that we have super sacred documents. Philanthropy has some great ideas for formalizing some elements of our society in an effort to preserve it’s original intent, while providing groups of ministers the freedom to conduct meetings and business.
  4. The Next I.F.S. Meeting – We have a real need for some business to be taken care of, and the next meeting is a great opportunity for this to happen. I don’t want to sink ships, but from what I have heard Chicago is not going to happen, as there are many unknowns in people’s lives right now. The latest I heard from Team Germany was that they will not be able to make it. I personally am sitting on my rebate money, but could really use it to cover the past month’s credit bills as I apparently got a little crazey.
  5. It Doesn’t Happen At IHOP – I got the call and our story was a runner-up.

Any other business to discuss?

What Happens At IHOP


IHOP is holding a contest on their website, it started at the end of March, and goes to May 31st. [Enter Here](http://www.ihop.com/it-happens-at-ihop/entry.php). You have 250 words, and an optional picture to convince the judges that your story is:entertaining (33%), original (33%) and has an emotional impact (34%), or so says [the rules](http://www.ihop.com/it-happens-at-ihop/rules.php). I did not yet submit an I.F.S. story as I am about to leave work, but what I found more interesting while reading the rules of the contest is that IHOP’s 50th birthday is coming up on July 7, 2008, and they are holding some sort of celebration for it in New York, which the winner is flown out to be a part of, ontop of a lifetime of free pancakes.

With the Flowers…

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Kirsten Haglund was named the official spokesperson for IHOP’s 3rd annual national Pancake DayClick here for more photos.

Picture Day


Alfalfa_2Ministers and Rabbi,

    Although we have had lots of fun at various informal gatherings since Chico, the fact of the matter is that we have some serious business to take care of.  Numerous loose ends need to be tied up and I am looking forward to a very business-like meeting. 

    We will be inducting a new member and as usual it is very important for the organization to maintain our code and conduct.  The new member will be fully endorsed by all necessary parties and will have the paperwork completed before the meeting.
    I propose every member have something to bring to the meeting, no matter how small.  I personally will be bringing numerous items, including the member of the year trophy for the best member of 2007.  Remember what is at stake here.  I implore you, "If you have a responsibility within the group please carry out your required duties."  If you cannot perform your duties, find a minister who can and is willing to help.
    I also proposed a picture day in which we will be taking personal photos for the website and filling out personal bios.  I have prepared the bio forms and will be handing them out at the meeting.  For those members not present, the forms can be filled out and emailed.  It is my vision to work these personal biographies into the website.  So either wear something nice or IFS gear, or both.   
    Sorry about the serious business post.  Do good work,  love your beer, love your flapjacks, honor your organization, honor your country and be good ministers.  That is all.

IHOP In Mexico? I.F.S In Mexico?



Did anyone else know that there is now an IHOP in Monterrey, Mexico?  Or that the Mayor of Monterrey, Mexico, Adalberto Madero is a member of the National Action Party, which is known by the acronym "PAN"

With the recent acquisition of Applebee’s, IHOP is on the move. We need Nic Cage to unearth this vast conspiracy.  Or we need to have a meeting in Monterrey.  Or is Mexico too dangerous for our outfit?  It’s an easy way of popping the proverbial cherry on our first International meeting.  The city does have the highest GDP in Mexico, and brews plenty of beer.

The Clock is Ticking…



Just a reminder to all ministers…  "Chico the River Wild" is just a month away.  We are still planning on
taking our next meeting on the road for Memorial Day weekend.
Reservations have been made at the finest hotel Chico
has to offer and reservations have been made at the world famous Sierra Nevada
Brewery.  Be sure to pack a swimsuit, a bowling shirt, a healthy appetite,
and a thirst for microbrew because you’ll use them all. 

The exact dates are May 25th-May 28th.  A large passenger van will be
rented and depart Los Angeles Friday night to return Monday evening for all
Southern California ministers.  I’m posting this a month in advance to
remind all ministers to get off work, turn in your homework early or pacify
your girlfriend.  Mark your calendars!  This will be a great journey
and I expect all ministers within a thousand miles to be there.  Mahalo.

Wow Dad, We Do It Big!

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So this was initially going to be a marathon info update, but as I was perusing through some new photos I dug a little deeper and found some jems that represent some major events that have occurred up until the upcoming 500th post (crossing my fingers). When I look at some of the photos that have been taken, it wets my appetite for the next party, the next meeting, the next trip, the next visit, the next buffet after a party, the first wedding…holy shit, the first wedding.

But first, a little marathon info update:

Most importantly, the date of the marathon is April 29th, from Big Sur to Carmel, 26.2 miles. If you are planning on attending, which I know some of you are, give me a call so that we can talk about the housing situation. About my training: after drinking myself into the flu and tearing a silver dollar sized blister on one foot and a quarter sized blister on the other during the Super Bowl weekend, training was postponed for a week. But I am proud to mention that since then, training has commenced, and is going strong, real strong. My weekdays consist of going to work around 8:30, running an average of 8-10 miles during lunch, back to work till around 6, then to the gym for weights and more cardio on the bike or elliptical. On the weekends I tend to drink too much to run the next day. On Tuesday I ran the farthest I have ever run, 16.7 miles at an average 8:30 minute mile pace. Although I did not adequately prepare for running this great of a distance (it was kind of a spur of moment thing for that days run, thus I did not load up on carbs or liquids the day before or even that morning) I rose above the cramps due to the 80 degree heat and poor preparation, and the muscle and joint aches to finish at a good average mile time, knowing that with better preparation I can shave some time. I leave this update feeling very confident in the way my training is going.

Before the photo collage, Old Kings Road tomorrow night with Jordan if any of you are up for it (note: no harsh words in this post, just a simple invitation, didn’t want to hurt any of our sensitive members).


2007 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade I attended, where were you Curtis? I thought I saw you a couple of times but it wasn’t you. All the same. These guys in the yellow body suits where my favorite.


Cimg0772 Cimg0787_1 

Curtis and I with seasonal facial hair at Forbe’s Island and Pier 39 during Christmas. Amanda was present, but I felt more like Curtis’ date except for when they started hooking up while I was in the bed. Amanda insisted I sleep on the bed and not on the floor.



Thanksgiving 2006 at the Mesa House, my stuffed 24 lb. beauties. Josh would have been proud. Just like the pilgrims.

IFS Grapes of Wrath. Just the beginning. They didn’t know what they were getting.


Through Curtis’ and my eyes.

Nova and I at the Chargers game. Sorry about your face Rams. Thanks Morgan.Cimg0640_1

Halloween 2006.  



Cimg0638_1 Allergies and the resulting patch test.

IFS the Exodus.



Finance and I’s stunning win at the inaugural S.L.O.W. boccee ball tournament, with thanks to Simone in the first game.

2006 Solstice Day Parade. This man is getting married in a couple months?


Me at the grassy knoll. X marks the spot…oh god I’m going to hell.


IFS Vegas. Cimg0254_1 Chuy (damn picture won’t load but try this link Download CIMG0272.JPG).

Halloween 2005. The greatest Halloween ever.


Two times. Minister of Athletics, I had to remind you all why.


Happy Shrove Tuesday…and Mark has banged more chicks than you


Happy National Pancake Day! or Fat Tuesday…all I know is that we lived up to the expectations of both titles here at the founding of our beloved organization:


Flapjacks and an Adolphus followed by a strong round of bowling and beyond (9-4-1)…goodnight.

oh…Bernie was in attendance.


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