National Pancake Day II: Shrovin’ Dirty


They see me shrovin’ – they hatin’:

Shrove Angry: A Photo Essay


6 Years Strong: The Ann Jam



IHOP off Turnpike in Goleta, CA

November 6th, 2010


Minister of Media and Technology, Minister of Letters, Minister of Business Management, Minister of Interior Design, Minister of Member of the Month, Minister of Wardrobe, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Lexicon, Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Athletics, Minister of Art and Design, Minister of Health, Minister of History, Minister of International Affairs, and newly appointed Minister Edward (hereafter called Minister of Ed, short for Education or Edward, your pick).

[Heroic Anthem Singing]

[1ST Round]


Ministers went around the room touching on their roles and offering initial updates while saving business matters for later.  Minister of Interior Design pointed out the International Flags that accompanied the cups that he and MBM put together.  He was also sure to point out the party favors each member received in the cup, and pointing to one ‘safety measure’ in particular, said, ‘this one is for up in the ribs.’  MOM mentioned new ballots.  Lexicon promised quotes that would be presented later.  Minister of Athletics recalled his marathon from that morning.  Minister of International Affairs shared with everyone two things he liked that smell good, one of which was pancakes.  Minister of Ed. informed the group he likes spending his time doing Asian things like making SAT tests for mainly Asian kids.

[2nd Round]


Minister of Wardrobe –  Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity

Minister of Philanthropy – “Although not ordering the chorizo goes against my heritage, I think I’m going to order the steak and eggs”

To which Minister of Interior Design replied,  “Ay Dios Mio”

Minister of Art and Design – Avocado, bacon, and cheese omelet with a short stack of pancakes with strawberries and whip cream and a side appetizer sample.

Minister of Ed. – Sirloin Tip and Eggs with a side of pancakes

Minister of Health – Chicken Fried Steak (the dinner portion)

Minister of International Affairs – Eggs Benedict with an extra egg, short stack of pancakes, side T-bone steak , side of red skinned potatoes

[Smoke Break]

[Technical Difficulties trying to connect with Minister of Rousing]

[Food Brought Out]

Minister of Auditory’s European crepes were slow to come out and Minister of Athletics was quick to suggest, ‘they had to find a Frenchman to make it.’

Shortly after, Minister of Athletics recounted some of the finer moments of his tremendous athletic performance earlier that morning.  He recalled that he started the marathon listening to the Arnold Mega Mix and was laughing hysterically to himself, prompting the ‘serious’ marathon runners around him to wonder “who is this drunk idiot laughing to himself?”

[Third Round]


M+T talked about how great the tradition is, asking himself, “how long have we been doing this? Six years.”  He mentioned the need to establish one byline that is both fitting and appropriate, and suggested voting that ‘we do it every month’ be officially replaced with ‘by the cake of pan.’

Minister of Letters showed off the IHOP gift certificates.  He then suggested, perhaps seriously,  “we should get IFS credit cards.”  About his recent efforts, Letters offered, “sorry if I haven’t contributed, but it’s my life, so fuck you.”

Minister of Business Management showed off the new mugs that he made happen.  He credited Minister of Interior Design for the idea.  MBM also brought up the idea of drawing names out of a hat to select people to plan the big meeting of the year, which would allow a diverse group to get involved in the planning process that might not regularly be part of it.  The vote on this official proposition was held until the close of BUSINESS.  [Historian’s note: he also ran a half-marathon that morning.]

Minister of Member of the Month discussed the MOY award, talked about how he consulted with last year’s winner, MBM, and at first questioned whether anyone had made a substantial effort to warrant receiving the award.  Then,  upon review of the events that had transpired over the weekend, MOM announced Minister of Athletics as the Member of the Year.  Much applause and congratulations followed.  Then Minister of Athletics stood up on tired legs and said, “I’m kind of a shell of a human being right.  But I did my business this morning.  Thank you very much.”  More well deserved applause.

Minister of Wardrobe followed saying it was, “good to see everyone for the Ann. Jam.”   He talked about shirts that he had sized people for and promised they would be delivered at the end of the month.  Minister of M+T interjected, “That sounds awesome!”

Minister of Philanthropy started by simply saying, “6 years…pretty badass.” He then touched on saving X-Mas many, many years ago.  There were shouts to the effect of, “still bringing that up?” to which Minister of Philanthropy responded that he wanted to get bracelets for everyone saying “never forget.”  He went on to update everyone on the state of microloans explaining Oscar Mayara Garcia finally paid IFS back.  And that a new mico-loan was under way for Felix in Peru.  Everyone was very pleased though suspect of the possible business ventures associated with Peru.

[Beers grabbed at an as needed basis from the beer cooler throughout this part of the meeting]

Minister of Lexicon said how great it was to be here.  He went on to give a hilarious account of everyone’s finest quotes.  This was met with much laughter and applause and proved to be a very tough act to follow.  He also mentioned he did not bring the Continental Breakfast award; it made it as far as the Motel 6 but no further.

Minister of Athletics touched on his marathon and quickly sat down having already recalled the morning marathon earlier in the meeting.

Minister of Auditory Pleasures talked about how he may lack in objective contributions, but that he recently relocated to the origin of IFS, Santa Barbara.  Everyone applauded greatly.

[Historian’s note: also recently bought a Benz…absolute playa]

Minister of MOM commented that Minister of Art and Design’s first job was at Chucky Cheeses and everyone laughed.  Then Minister of Art and Design…

[Historian’s Note: Budweiser seems to have stained both the Historian’s record and memory of Minister of Art and Design and Minister of Health’s comments which are  missing here.]

Minister of History acknowledged he totally spaced on the Member of the Month award and was disappointed he missed out on the wedding and on the marathon.  He talked about his recent trips, one to Montecito, another to  China, and passed around some authentic artifacts that double as cozies.

Minister of International Affairs talked about his long awaited Social Security to the delight and congratulations of everyone.  “For a long time I’ve waited for this…”

Minister of Ed was welcomed into the group with a hearty applause.  “It’s an honor to join this esteemed brotherhood.  This type of brotherhood and camaraderie is in large part dying elsewhere, so I’m glad to be part of this.”  More applause and appropriate ethnic comments.

Then a vote was held on Minister of Business Management’s ‘hat drawing’ motion.  The  motion passed unanimously.

Following this, the ballots were collected for the Member of the Month.  Minister of Member hilariously read out each ballots as if he had written them himself.  Member of the Month was awarded to Minister of Lexicon in large part because of his great presentation.  He narrowly beat out Minister of Athletics who ran a marathon and then drank a forty of bud ice.

The Continental Breakfast award voting came down to a tie between Minister of Lexicon for forgetting the MOM trophy at the motel 6 and Minister of History for spacing on the CB trophy, amongst other things.  It was decided the two would make arguments to defend why they shouldn’t be given the CB award.  After two sloppy speeches, the tie breaking vote cast by Minister of Letters went to the Minister of Lexicon to ensure both trophies would make it to the next meeting.


Following the rules of the new motion, three names were drawn out of the hat to help plan the next big meeting.  Minister of Wardrobe, Minister of Athletics, and Minister of Lexicon were all selected and expectations couldn’t be higher.

[Meeting Adjourned]

Post Meeting Fun: Sea Spray Jam



The Minister of Revelry and Spirits and I were chatting about some post-meeting activities, and we pondered the normal wine-tasting, basketball type activities, and we thought it might be fun to hit the sea.

I looked into a private cruise from the Santa Barbara harbor, and it’s a minimum of 2 hours, for $1,500 (all-inclusive). Meaning if we got 20 people to go, it’d be about $75 a person. The nice thing is there’s a max capacity of 145 people for the boat, so that price could be drastically reduced if we wanted to add more guests.

The cruise would be on the Condor Express (picture below)

Naturally I think we should get the boat reserved earlier than later, if we want to do it. Please comment on whether you think it would be fun, if you don’t, or any thoughts at all.

If there’s enough interest, I can organize it. If not, we can chose another activity, or we can roam State Street like a pack of disorganized rabid wolves. The nice thing would be if we could get a minimum number of people to sign on, and then we could just invite people as they come, whether they’re other wedding guests, or friends, or pretty ladies from the bar (Mr. Plow?). Either way, I think we’ll have fun making party with our brothers. If you have interest, please express via comment.

Good Flapjack!!

Super Bowl XLIV: Rumble in the Jungle


logo 2010-Super-Bowl.gif
Beloved Ministers,
I have a proposal for you…. I propose we hold our annual Super Bowl Sunday party in sunny Los Angeles, CA this year. The reasons for this change in tradition are two-fold. One, the Santa Barbara chapter has graciously allowed the flappies to descend upon the quaint seaside town every year and it is time the favor is repaid. Two, We have a nice place, with a rooftop deck and a HD TV, perfect for such an event.
We can discuss the specifics through this post. However I propose an official flapjack meeting either the Sunday of the game or the previous Saturday. There’s a nearby IHOP and I will look into whether or not they serve beer, we may need to explore the space on that one.
We have the capability to BBQ on our spacious rooftop deck, and we have a solid kitchen for the preparation of serious game time munchies.
As far as accommodations are concerned, we will NOT be running a Monkey Motel at Beethoven St. I feel as we are getting a little older, crashing on couches becomes a little ‘IV’, and I’d prefer to keep our house as the game time venue, not as lodging for broke ministers. You stay classy ‘Beethoven Street’. There are numerous economic and luxurious Motels/Hotels ranging from ([spend like Finance]( ‘Super 8’ options, to ([spend like Nova]( beachside accommodations. There are also a few local Ministers who may open their homes to rambling travelers. It might be nice to do a little of both, get a nice beachside party room, and a couple economy ‘barracks’ to house the troops. There are numerous bars and restaurants nearby where the flapjacks lads and friends can go to ‘make party’.
2005.07.02 - venice  beach.jpg
This brings up a few issues which I would appreciate a little assistance in organizing.
1. The Meeting. Will we make an official IFS meeting out of this event? There are numerous local pancake houses, and I think we need to have a meeting. Maybe a local minister could help me do a little research into a good venue.
2. The Food. With the Rebbi on the East coast, we are left to fend for ourselves. Photo/Wine, your lovely lady friend is an expert in game time eats. Could we try and coordinate an attack that would combine some external side dishes with some in-house BBQ?
3. The Help. True to tradition, we need some help serving drinks. Ideas? Glory? Should we do some reconnaissance work in the local establishments?
Please post comments to provide feedback and input on this event. I look forward to seeing you all again, very soon. Good Flapjack!

Emergency in Santa Barbara

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All hands on deck! Apparently there is a surplus supply of Budweiser beer in Santa Barbara, the town is literally drowning. All available men must report for duty immediately, to save the town which has given us so much.
“Thirst for Bud!”



Minutes from SB Meeting


The meeting began with the welcoming home of Minister of Interior Design from his stay in Germany.  IFS also welcomed guest members Ben and Stefan.  

<1st round of beers>  

The IFS anthem was sung. With Minister of International Affairs running late, Minister of Letters skillfully sang the closing lines with bravado.

Following this, Ministers and Rabbi introduced themselves to guest members.
Memorable Quotes:
“It’s great to be back.  I fucked a hot pancake…I thought she was of age.” – Minister of Interior Design
“We recently got into micro-loans.  It’s high risk…” – Minister of Philanthropy

<2nd  round of beers>

Informative Quote:
“Take 1000 mg of B12 before or after drinking is helpful to avoid hangovers” – Minister of Trade and Health

After introductions, Minister of International Affairs made a fashionably late entrance blasting reggae music from his futuristic, reggae backpack.

Food ordered.

Notable Orders:
Minister of International Affairs ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of steak, medium rare and a short stack of blueberry pancakes.
Through the introductions and food orders, the meeting got off to a slow pace.  Some beer was spilled.

Guest member Nick joined in on the breakfast shortly afterwards.

Smoke break.

<3rd round of beers>

Re-singing of the Anthem.

Under some duress from both Minister of Interior Design and Minister of MOM for wanting to leave for Sacramento after the meeting, Minister of Competition disingenuously swore he would stay for the night.

Roll call (done with introductions):
Present – Minister of Member of the Month, Minister of Art and Design, Minister of Letters, Minister of Media + Technology, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Competition, Minister of Athletics, Rabbi of Leisure, Minister of Philanthropy, Minister of Interior Design, Minister of International Affairs, Minister of Health/Trade, Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Wardrobe, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Minister of History (15)

Absent – Minister of Photography, Minister of Rousing, Minister of Revelry and Spirits, Minister of Finance (4)

Minutes – On Website
Committees – None

Minister of Member of the Month read Minister of Revelry and Spirits’ letter detailing a potential IFS trip to Lake Tahoe to take place in early July. 

As Chairman of the meeting, the Minister of Philanthropy introduced an action item of changing Minister titles that was originally added to the agenda by Minister of Rousing.

Minister of Competition moved to have a Minister or Rabbi change his title be contingent on a 2/3 vote. The Minister of Health seconded this motion.
The motion was passed unanimously: 15 Y – 0 N

At this point in the meeting, the structure of the meeting became much more deliberate and orderly.  Though time-consuming at times, the parliamentary procedure was in full effect. 

Some more beer was spilled.

New system for IFS cheers was discussed but no motion presented

An action item was brought up to be discussed for the next meeting – the setting up of a joint bank account or a mechanism to transfer money between members for event planning, merchandise, etc.

<4th round of beers >

Committee for Lake Tahoe event was established:
Minister of Auditory Pleasures, Minister of Competition, Guest Member Ben.

Minister of Art and Design presented to the group a signed photo of Champ Kind (David Koechner) the original champion of “We Do It Every Month.”

Member of the Month:
Esteban won the Member of the Month award with 8 votes.
Fleming was awarded the Continental Breakfast award with 5 votes.

Final singing of the Anthem. 

Meeting adjourned.




IHOP Celebrity Sighting! – David Spade


Thought this was [worth posting for the IHOP related heiny shot]( And no Wardrobe I’m not talking about Spade’s ass. Though those are some crazy jeans – the british flag on a pocket, CRAZY!!! Extra exclamation points = extra crazy

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