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Wow, a whole week without a new post, I hope everyone is alive and kicking after Easter – peeps and egg decorating are painful, but necessary.  Or is it taxes that is driving everyone into a hole? They did it to me, I find out tomorrow how much I need to cut the check for, and I am not excited about it, but life goes on, and I will have money when the next IFS meeting rolls around.

In website news, I’ve started to move around some of the sidebar boxes.  I think the I.F.S. Should Know is one of the best boxes and have brought it up a bit, as it is a constant feed of what I am reading about on the internet (a lot of nerd stuff, but some general news as well).  You’ll find things like the new 2007 football schedule, Saints v. Colts opener, or Jet Li and Jackie Chan doing a movie together.

In related news, I will be putting a fresh coat of paint on the site, you can see my slow, but thoughtful progess over here.  If you have any input, or would like to see something on the site feel free to comment, so I can call you an idiot.

Wow Dad, We Do It Big!

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So this was initially going to be a marathon info update, but as I was perusing through some new photos I dug a little deeper and found some jems that represent some major events that have occurred up until the upcoming 500th post (crossing my fingers). When I look at some of the photos that have been taken, it wets my appetite for the next party, the next meeting, the next trip, the next visit, the next buffet after a party, the first wedding…holy shit, the first wedding.

But first, a little marathon info update:

Most importantly, the date of the marathon is April 29th, from Big Sur to Carmel, 26.2 miles. If you are planning on attending, which I know some of you are, give me a call so that we can talk about the housing situation. About my training: after drinking myself into the flu and tearing a silver dollar sized blister on one foot and a quarter sized blister on the other during the Super Bowl weekend, training was postponed for a week. But I am proud to mention that since then, training has commenced, and is going strong, real strong. My weekdays consist of going to work around 8:30, running an average of 8-10 miles during lunch, back to work till around 6, then to the gym for weights and more cardio on the bike or elliptical. On the weekends I tend to drink too much to run the next day. On Tuesday I ran the farthest I have ever run, 16.7 miles at an average 8:30 minute mile pace. Although I did not adequately prepare for running this great of a distance (it was kind of a spur of moment thing for that days run, thus I did not load up on carbs or liquids the day before or even that morning) I rose above the cramps due to the 80 degree heat and poor preparation, and the muscle and joint aches to finish at a good average mile time, knowing that with better preparation I can shave some time. I leave this update feeling very confident in the way my training is going.

Before the photo collage, Old Kings Road tomorrow night with Jordan if any of you are up for it (note: no harsh words in this post, just a simple invitation, didn’t want to hurt any of our sensitive members).


2007 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade I attended, where were you Curtis? I thought I saw you a couple of times but it wasn’t you. All the same. These guys in the yellow body suits where my favorite.


Cimg0772 Cimg0787_1 

Curtis and I with seasonal facial hair at Forbe’s Island and Pier 39 during Christmas. Amanda was present, but I felt more like Curtis’ date except for when they started hooking up while I was in the bed. Amanda insisted I sleep on the bed and not on the floor.



Thanksgiving 2006 at the Mesa House, my stuffed 24 lb. beauties. Josh would have been proud. Just like the pilgrims.

IFS Grapes of Wrath. Just the beginning. They didn’t know what they were getting.


Through Curtis’ and my eyes.

Nova and I at the Chargers game. Sorry about your face Rams. Thanks Morgan.Cimg0640_1

Halloween 2006.  



Cimg0638_1 Allergies and the resulting patch test.

IFS the Exodus.



Finance and I’s stunning win at the inaugural S.L.O.W. boccee ball tournament, with thanks to Simone in the first game.

2006 Solstice Day Parade. This man is getting married in a couple months?


Me at the grassy knoll. X marks the spot…oh god I’m going to hell.


IFS Vegas. Cimg0254_1 Chuy (damn picture won’t load but try this link Download CIMG0272.JPG).

Halloween 2005. The greatest Halloween ever.


Two times. Minister of Athletics, I had to remind you all why.


Happy Shrove Tuesday and Mark is Gay!


Happy National Pancake Day!  Hope you had a pleasant Shrove Tuesday, we did:

We’ll see you at IHOP next year for free shitty pancakes and not free Buds!  Bye Bye.



Christmas Jam


Merry Christmas to one and all.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of you for our rockin’ "New Years Jam ’07."


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