High Definition Wham


samsung ultra HD LCD.jpgIFS has always prided itself in seeking quality in all aspects of our organization.  With this in mind I feel to watch the Super Bowl in Standard Definition would run contrary to our commitment to excellence.  It seems an organization such as ours must view this Sunday’s game in High Definition on a screen no smaller than 40 inches.

I understand arrangements have been made to have a cable box which will support HD TV, but all attempts to find a High Def delivery device have proved fruitless.

I have been asked to bring my television north for the viewing of the game which I am willing to do, however if this can be avoided I would be forever grateful.  The TV is something of a beast and I am unsure if it will even fit in my 4Runner.  Our second option would be to try and secure it into the back of the Rabbi’s truck, which sounds like a great way to break the TV.

This is what I propose, Someone at the Mesa house drives over to Circuit City and picks up a closeout flat screen.  TVs are pretty cheap right now and a good TV might be just what the doctor ordered for late night viewings of the ‘Talking Heads’ DVD.  I would also propose a 10$ viewing fee for all those watching the game to offset the cost of the TV.  A good HD TV will enhance your movie/sports/porn/surf video/music DVD/blue ray watching experience greatly. 

Please do not take my plea as a sign of ungratefulness for the hosting of the IFS weekend and the Game. I just don’t want to lug my TV to SB and possibly break it.  For any member who will bite the bullet and purchase said flat screen, you will get my vote for Member of the Month.  Trust me thats a big vote, I’ll rig that shit like Blagojevich.  Clammy.

I.F.S. – The Game – Level 1



I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and I finally had the motivation to get started on it. So I present to you the first demo level in the first I.F.S. game.

In the first level you are trying to help our Minister of Finance find the key to his Passat while battling the evil waffle people in an effort to make it to meeting. There are still a lot of improvements and levels to be made, but I couldn’t make it another week without sharing my progress. Please test it out and let me know your comments, ideas, and concerns. The high score possible for this first level is 2500 pts.

Play the I.F.S. Game

Our Day at the Fair


A Photo Essay

Macgruff, the LAPD, Monks, and two Adolphi:


The Deep Fried Twinkie:


The Deep Fried Avocado:


Defense and Rousing discuss early Scorsese:


Scott was the Hot Dog vendor:


I was the Hot Dog:


Scott enjoys a stirring rendition of "Landslide," performed by Japanese duo "Makena":


Amanda, Sheila, Scott, and me, with the Turkey Leg:


Amanda, Scott, The King, and me, with the Turkey Leg:


One Fine Day:


The End.


Procrastinating..More Like Congratulating



Putting off working on my yearly work review, I decided to look at the site and noticed that with this post we will be at 350 posts and almost 950 comments.  A year and almost a month old, this site as well as I.F.S. have come a long way, and none of it could be possible without everyone’s ongoing contributions (except Dane and Jimmy cause they haven’t posted). 

I will be purchasing three thirty packs of Adolphus in SB this weekend if anyone would like to join me at my new vacation home, the Mesa House.

Just as I gave you all Recent Comments when we hit 250 posts.  I am experimenting with new side content.  We now have "MOM’s Posts from the last 60 Days" to highlight our current MOM, the Minister of Trade.  As well I have added the "Category Popularity", which shows the most popular Categories for Posts.  Let me know what you think.

Photo Essay #2 An Invitation

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This Post is  an open invitation to all IFS members.  As many of you may be aware, I am leaving San Diego at the end of the month, leaving our IFS San Diego contacts at zero.  To celebrate, my lady friend and I shall be hosting a bit of a Birthday party and a Goodbye to our apartment by the beach in America’s Finest City. 

I’m trying to use these pictures to entice you all down to San Diaago for the weekend. The party is officially Friday night, but we’ll be having fun IFS style all weekend long.

Fun can and will include:
Budweiser, BBQ, horseshoes, World Cups games, NBA finals, EXXXtreme sports, monkeys, beach bumming and perhaps Baseball. (The Padres have a home series against Seattle at Petco park all weekend, tickets can run from $6-$20 in the cheap range.)
I’d love a some monkey company for the weekend. It will be a lot of fun, i promise.

Links the Whole Family Can Enjoy


Mmm…I’m hungry, hungry for some "African American Flavor"

Look at him, he loves it.

This meat is making me sleepy.

Maybe Dad could read me a bedtime story.

How can I stop those plagarizing bastards now?

That’s right, I can use my special power.

No more clowning around, soccer is really really great!

And this month should be a lot of funB-days, graduation, booze, french people, and most importantly pancakes

Slushfund dreams.


IFS Pac-man Tournament


Whoever wins (most points) the month-long Pacman challenge will win an item from the IFS shop.  Use your minister name or real name to get credit.  Good luck!




Ministers and Rabbi,

As you probably know, IFS: THE RECONSTRUCTION will be held Saturday the 20th at 9:00am sharp.  We should all be ready for a productive meeting – a meeting of rebuilding – so everyone bring $40 cash (or else), some praise/criticism, and your appetites…this is a big meeting, so lets not leave behind a mess for Dotty.  In coordination with the IFS Invitational, remember to pack all necessary surf/beach items.  Further, the Invitational seems like the perfect setting for the Converse v. Fricker wrestling match: "Chins in the Sand."  We should all place bets – MOT, maybe you can organize this.  Call me or post if you have any comments or concerns.

Good Flapjack,


The Minister of Coordination and Rousing

You Ever Play Mario Bros…on Speed

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Although this guy uses a couple glitches, this video makes me wonder what I have been doing with my life…

If you want Mario to run really fast, you can head down to Mexico for all your methaphetamine needs.

VT Will Be Back

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With the largest game expo/show of the year, E3, coming up in a few weeks, game announcements will begin to pour in, but none more important than the one made today.  VT 3 will be hitting the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2007.

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