This Calvin and Hobbes is funny!

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This always makes me smile.

Its Happppening!


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In an attempt to be more ‘Diplomatic’ and ‘unbiased’ I want
to retract my previous post.  I apologize
for offending anyone, however I posted for the simple reason that we need to
discuss a few very serious matters.  All
matters will be put to a vote, including the ratification of the new IFS
constitution and sacred documents.  The
original sacred documents were essentially defecated upon, both literally and figuratively. 

I know some members are not planning on attending and some
members are not coming for very weak reasons. 
For those of you in such a situation I urge you to reconsider and show
up for the IFS Meeting.  Some commitments
are not flexible, others are.  IFS is
important and loses significance when members choose not to attend.

 For those members planning on attending the meeting this
weekend, can we get an update on the plans? 
A dozen tickets were purchased for the Angels/Yankees game,
correct?  Are they all spoken for and
what is the final roll call?  Are people
congregating in the OC Friday night?  If
so, what are the lodging and accommodation setups?  Should a hotel room or two be reserved? Where will the meeting be held?

I appreciate M&T and Letter’s quick organization of this
meeting and am looking forward to taking care of business and then having lots
of fun with my Brothers. 

Faithfully Yours,


From North to South, from East to West


From overseas we’ll come. So you tremble at our warning we’ll return next month.  The night will be ours, but the battle is not yet over…

This will be my final post before our San Diego journey.  As of today I have gotten commitments to come from almost everyone.  Why don’t I name who isn’t coming: Health, Letters, Wardrobe, fish fornication, Schnitzel,  of course our Germany contingent and Athletics? maybe?  Does that mean only Photo/Wine is the only SB minister to make it to our spring meeting? Dad, wow. Call him what you will, Dane’s love for Philanthropy is big.  (Auditory Pleasures and even Finance, yes Finance will be there)

Other than that I think we have everyone and I’m looking forward to a great weekend.  I’ve got two rooms booked at the Beach Haven Inn in Pacific Beach. (4740 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA) I will be trying to get off work as soon as possible and will head south with A&D, Comp and AP to go try and catch an Adolphus on the beach before sunset.
Padre 2.png
We will be hitting the town Friday night and Saturday we will be going to a local park to have food and drink for our meeting.  Philanthropy and I have discussed the breakfast and the park should be a relaxed atmosphere for us to hang around with friends and family, and drink early in the morning.  But don’t worry, in order to follow the rules of our Society, Philanthropy has promised flapjacks.  From there, the world of San Diego is our proverbial oyster. 

Lets Schuk.

You Like?

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Going to see the movie in a few minutes, but couldn’t resist posting this before tomorrow.

If wine is too fancy and decadent for your palette, check out the history of beer over at YouTube.

Are You Ready??

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The Most Amazing Invention Ever


We need one of these filled with Adolphus for our next meeting.

Speaking of Adolphus, this is slightly dated news, but does not take effect until Dec. 1 2006, the next in the family lineage of Adolphus Busch, August Busch IV, will take over as President and CEO of Anheuser-Busch.  Let us flap a jack in his honor (drink an Adolphus).  And don’t worry, August studied as an apprentice beer maker at Budweiser, and has been working in their marketing department for two decades.

    The Minister of Revelry + Spirits, and anyone who visits Germany should travel to Mainz-Kastel, the birthplace of Adolphus Busch, where he lived until he was eighteen, at which time he left with three of his brothers for America.  Did you know that Anheuser-Busch was not originally created by Adolphus, but his father-in-law, who was a soap manufacturer until he became owner of the brewery in 1860. 

"You can only drink 30 or 40 glasses of beer a day, no matter how rich you are."

-Adolphus Busch

Spirits Sentiments: Come on man we in Amsterdam


Yes boy’s that is correct, I made the trip to Amsterdam.  I had the preconceived notion that I was headed to the Tijuana of Europe.  My friends I was badly mistaken.  The city is amazing, diverse and the vibe is one of the best I have ever felt.  I would describe it as a more creative and sanitary San Francisco, with a population of 800,00 consisting of over 200 different nationalities.  My friend Vanessa accompanied me on this journey. No sex involved.  We arrived late and headed towards the red light district.  On our way we stopped at a coffee shop, which is where the marijuana smoking is conducted.  A cool ambiance, great music and grams of the most famous weed I had ever heard of, for 7 euro. In short, smoking man’s paradise.  After that, we headed straight for the pretty red lights.  A long street divided by a peaceful river had buildings on both sides consisting of glass doors that looked right into a prostitutes room, I would guess 500 overall. If the shades were drawn, congress was in session.  There was every type for every desire, dressed in every possible costume.  Although I was tempted, i did not pay the 50 euro charge.  The next day we went to the Van Gogh Museum, and this is now my favorite experience thus far in Europe.  Prints do not do him any justice.  It looks as if he used to paint with frosting in the bright never before seen shades of colors.  After that I went to the Heineken Experience, which was nice because now I can say I have been to the brewery, but I would have much rather gone to some more museums.  Before I loose your attention, at night we went to a sex show.  It was as you expected, a little too choreographed, but I did sit and watch.  After fifteen minutes I was talking about day-to-day things as if there wasn’t a girl deep throating some guy ten feet in front of me.  Everyone was just taking it easy, it was no big deal; it made me realize how much a culture can influence how you act.  People fucking in public in Amsterdam= No Big Deal.  People Fucking in Public in the States= Jail time, or in Vegas just getting kicked out of the club.



I know this…a man got to do what he got to do.


Ministers and Rabbi:

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Minister of Photography, IFS will soon indulge in a pleasant afternoon of wine chugging, I mean tasting.  To review:

1) Meet in SB on 11/3/2006, for our typical opening night of revelry and catching up.

2) The Morning of the 4th: Rise early and hit the road to make our 7:30 am reservation at the Turnpike IHOP for our Two Year Anniversary meeting.

3) Meet back at the Mesa house around 9:45 am for the Minibus that will be picking us up at 10:00 am. 

4) Taste wine for the next several hours, until our 4:00 pm dinner at the Hitching Post II.

5) Arrive back in Santa Barbara around 6:30 pm: Trade brings the heat (Jaeger) and we lose our minds.

6) Sunday morning / afternoon: The Mesa house throws a Backyard BBQ (point man for this event – Minister of Athletics).

7) Sunday evening / night / late night / Monday morning:  The Dark Drive Home.

Now before you complain (fuck you), meeting isn’t early, it’s right on time; we do the Pancake breakfast every month, not the Pancake lunch.   And quite frankly, our society has become lazy (myself included), so we’re gonnna do this meeting right.  That means we’re up early and prepared – prepared to swear in, prepared to explain our positions (I’m sure we’ll have at least one guest member), prepared to discuss our beloved society’s future, prepared to clean our plates, and prepared to drink ALL of the appropriated Adolphi.  Remember that our numerous accomplishments – Philadelphia, Vegas, the Website, the Anthem, etc. – started with us sitting around a table, eating flapjacks and drinking Bud. 

As we ring in our Two year Anniversary, we must honor our society by treating it with the respect it deserves.  So we’ll be dressing in Formal Attire: that means suits, ties, nice shoes, the whole deal.  Let’s not waver on this point – we dress up for far less important events (interviews, nice dinners, weddings, etc.), so let’s all look our best.  Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to wear our shirts this weekend, so bring them too.  If the ties are ready by then, we can all wear them – if not, then we’ll just have to wait for Wardrobe’s Spring ’07 line. 

So let’s celebrate the International Flapjack Society’s Anniversary with all of the bravura that I know we’re capable of.  This November 4th, let us remember all we’ve done and let us plan for all we will do.  Comment or email me with questions or concerns. 


The Minister of Coordination and Rousing



Show Me What You Got, Adolphus

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Adolphus is pulling out all the stops to make Adolphus Select the beer of choice amongst the kiddies, with Jay-Z as their new spokesman and co-brand director.  What does a co-brand director do?  He puts on his pants one leg at a time like all of us, but once they’re on he sells Adolphus Select like it was candy.

You can check out his new single from his new album "Kingdom Come" here.

The Wine Trip


So it’s final! I booked us all a mini-bus for 10am on November the 4th. So make sure you all get the first weekend of November off (Biaz and Fidel!). To my understanding we will have our much celebrated Flapjack meeting before the wine tasting festivities. At 10am we all need to be at Club Mesa Ln. for take off. Because of our groups size (need for a mini-bus) and the overwhelming consensus on doing a dinner at The Hitching Post, this has increased the cost. We will be renting the mini-bus + a driver for 94.50/ hour. I’m guessing that (travel time+wine tasting time+hitching post dinner) we will need at least 8 hours to fit it all in. This brings our total to $756/16= $47.25 per person, not including tasting fee and dinner cost. Like I said in the last post, we will probably hit 4-5 wineries of our choice(add $25-35). If anyone has any favorite wineries or suggestions post them or call me @(530) 828-1597, so that I can add them into our itinerary. As of right now I count 15 IFS monks (very stoked to see that our man Jordan is coming), plus a guest member (Flemming). This is not going to be a cheap day so prepare yourself financially ($30 for IHOP + $47 for transportation + $25-35 for tasting + an expensive dinner), but it will be a fucking blast. I am counting down the days.
         -Min of Photo


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