Your Super Bald Champs: The Baldamore Rogaines

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The Baldamore Rogaines


Please find Fricker’s very important Super Bald hairline blog post below for information regarding the party at his Dojo.

This really happened


After a long weekend in FresYES, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update my blog. Although a rush of last-minute resignations threatened to weaken the FresYES Super Bowl weekend, a band of hearty IFS ministers made the trek to the BIG Country. The Minister of ID opened up his well decorated home to us, and showed as a weekend for the books.

We bowled, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we ate lots of Mexican food. Although the Doritos Loco taco has been discontinued, we were treated to something far better…a Caruther’s original. Tito’s. The Al Pastor was amazing.

[Title Needed]


El Boracho


For any Gaucho (and most Vaqueros), a late night freebirds burrito was a staple of the college experience. Legend has it, one night a drunken Rabbi entered the original freebirds, asked for a double tortilla wrapped burrito with nacho chips inside, and ‘El Boracho’ was born. Local IV scholars maintain that the restaurant added ‘El Boracho’ to their secret menu shortly thereafter, and can still be requested today.

On a recent business trip to San Antonio, TX. I noticed a giant ‘Freebirds – World Burrito’ billboard on the side of the freeway. A few weeks later, a Freebirds opened near the Beethoven House in West LA. The chain has exploded, there are nearly 50 locations in Texas (planned and built), it’s hyyuge there. Apparently you can even get custom freebirds Texas license plates. It’s good to see a local SB business doing so well. I’m glad I’ll be able to continue to enjoy their delicious burritos in LA, and apparently anywhere in Texas. But it still feels good to be a part of the original. If only they could add flapjacks to their menu.

Freebird’s Story
It all started in ’87 near the beach in Santa Barbara, California when two ex-hippies figured out how to roll some awesome burritos using fresh-chopped veggies, house-made rice and beans, and of course grass fed beef and all natural chicken.

Students at UC Santa Barbara quickly adopted FREEBIRDS as their own. Four years later, FREEBIRDS rolled into College Station, Texas where the Aggies at A&M got a taste of the soon-to-be legendary FREEBIRD & Monster burritos. And today, FREEBIRDS is spreading its wings and expanding across the country.

News Story from the South Bay:


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Everyone, Mark your Calendars, the FunDREser plans have been set into stone.

Date/Time: Sat June 4th 12-5pm
Location: The Rancho Embarcadero Clubhouse
224 Vereda Leyenda
Goleta, CA 93117

Tickets will be available to purchase, and more details will follow this post. Stay tuned to get the nitty gritty, but bottom line…Get DERE.

The Superbowliest Party


As we all know the Superbowl is upon us and the Arizona Chirp Chirps will be facing off against the Benrapelesberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh wait, spacing…this year it’s the Packers who will most likely lose to Polamalu’s hair and give the Steelers their 3rd Superbowl win in 6 years. Needless to say this year has no Manning, or major underdogs to pull for, it should be a good game, but I’m struggling to care…

But what I do care about is the Flapjacks, Puppy Bowl, BBQ, Adolphus, Backyard Games, Me, Gambling and Brotherhood. For the past 6 Superbowls IFS has had a meeting followed by a Super Bowl party, 4 years straight in SB, and last year in LA. The Sunday is brutal after a weekend of boozing and few actually drink enough to be called drunk, but jokes about the commercials and puppies pooping makes it all worthwhile, even when you get hammered and have to cram into the back of a Rabbi’s red truck with a mustachio hipster so you don’t have to take the train the next morning.

The point I’m trying to make is: I know the OC seems like a far drive, and that driving may make it so you can’t get drunk like a monk, or even watch the whole game, but in the long run the game is not what matters, but how much Nova wins by betting that Christina Aguliera’s national anthem song time will go over 1 min. 50 sec.

I encourage all IFS ministers to dig deep and come down for the first IFS OC Superbowl party. Notice is short and Glory may make sad drewings all day as a result, but come on down to Costa Mesa and party at the President house.

This message was paid for and endorsed by Coach.

IFS goes to Duketown


Esteemed Ministers,

In discussions with several of you durring my brief visit to California over the Christmas break, it was made clear to me that there is a groundswell of support for the IFS-Durham pilgrimage I have advocated for since my first months in tabacco country. Though I know the journey is far and pocketbooks are slim, however I assure you the rewards of such a mission will substantially outweigh the costs.

Therefore I would like to formally invite you all to join me in the land of biscuits and gravy for what will prove to be an adventure of legendary proportions.  Nestled comfortably between Iraqi Kurdistan and Kosovo, Durham proudly holds 35th place on the NY Times’ list of greatest cities to visit in the world in 2011, and in the wake of an IFS assalt, I am confident Durham can surpass the Kurds by 2012.

In lue of a longwinded explanation of all the wonders Durham has to offer, I submit to you this list of web-links for establishments we will patronize should my invitation be accepted:

….and many more

Now the question is when. I suggest a Thursday through Sunday timeline (with arrival prior to dinner on Thurs).  I will try to make whatever date works best for you fit with my schedule.  As a starting point for discussion, I propose the weekends of:

Feb 17-20, March 10-13 or 17-20 (my spring break), April 7-10 or 14-17

Please discuss dates amongst yourselves and contact me with any questions. I hope too see you all in Durham soon.

Good Flapjack to you,

The Rebbi

Meat Cocktail: “Pancetta Skar”


Durham Calling


Esteemed Ministers,

I am greatly saddened to have to miss both the Halloween Rumble and the upcoming 5 year reunion. My distance has proven to be a formidable obstacle to my active participation in IFS activities since school has begun. But I would like to take this seemingly lamentable situation and use it to the benefit of our entire organization. What I am suggesting will be demanding of you all, but the rewards will far out way the costs… I, the Rabbi of leisure, would like to invite you all to Durham, North Carolina, for the greatest New-Year’s celebration of the decade!!! IFS New-Year’s 2010 has the potential to blow your flap-staken’ minds and stir your syrup-pumpin hearts.

For those bold enough to make the journey, I guarantee:

• Life altering Barbecue (and many other varieties of food to clog the arteries but quicken the spirit)

➢ Diego- This means all you can eat, so get your shwammy-as-she-goes ass down here

• Beer that flows like wine (and for that matter, wine that flows like wine as well)

➢ If anyone can convince Jordan to come, the Mike’s Hards are on me all trip

•Scantily clad, sex-starved women, eager to experience the joy of uninhibited flap-jackery

➢ For Jimmy – Fish to have sex with

• Music so riveting as to inspire Bunch to dance, and make Nova want to sodomize Esteban

• A whirlwind tour of one of the south’s most vibrant cities (led by your own Rabbi of leisure)

• And most importantly a chance for our brotherhood to strengthen bonds friendship in yet another far-flung destination

Let me know how this sounds to all of you. If there is a will there is a pancake, so let’s do it!

Light and fluffily yours,

The Rabbi of Leisure



IFS: WWF: Wrestlemania…and Beyond


Halloween is approaching and it is shaping up to be our strongest one yet. You all remember how fun our last group Halloween costume event was…this one will be even better, or should I say, HYOUUUGER.
Who: The International Flapjack Society, friends of IFS, and assorted gunt
What: IFS: WWF: Wrestlemania Costume Party…and Competition; best costume gets a HYOUUUGCHE Belt and pride and glory.
When: Halloween, Saturday, October 31st, nighttime
Where: Newport/Costa Mesa border, at the house of two IFS allies – Nephi and Sam (absolute praaahans), address soon to come – the house is perfect with a HYOUUUGCHE backyard.
Why: Because we can.
Participation in this event is already going strong. To keep those who don’t respond to IFS emails because they are the opposite of strong, here is a list of ‘who’s who’ for our upcoming WWF costume jam:
The Minister of R&S: The Ultimate Warrior
The Minister of Letters: Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
The Minister of M&T: Rowdy Roddy Piper
The Minister of MOM: The Rock
The Minister of History: Razor Ramon
The Minister of Rousing: John Cena
The Minister of ID: Ric “Nature Boy” Flair
The Minister of Comp: **Hulk Hogan**
The Minister of AP: Pending
The Minister of AD: Pending…The Undertaker?
The Minister of Health: Pending…Mankind? Sgt. Slaughter?
The Minister of Wardrobe: A wrestler…and not fucking Teen Wolf
Guest Member – Chuck: Andre the Giant
Guest Member – Ed: Irwin R. Schyster, I.R.S.
Guest Member – Sam: Jake the Snake
Guest Member – Nephi: One of the Island Boyz (tentative)
Guest Member – Mikey: Pending
Ok, that’s what I have so far. If I made a mistake or missed someone, then please amend this post with a comment.
Next Steps:
1) Comment on this post or respond to the massive email chain with who you are going to be.
2) **Invite girls to the event** – this is key, because a group of guys dressed up as wrestlers and getting drunk together **without **a bunch of gunt around would be about as gay as a Teen Wolf costume. Girls and friends of IFS don’t have to follow the Wrestlemania theme, though it is encouraged. If any of your girlfriends want to dress up as characters from Teen Wolf, that’s ok.
3) Be ready to respond to a Paypal email that R&S will be sending out shortly – each Minister will be donating $20 to our Wrestlemania cause. This will cover booze and decorations (see step 4). The Paypal account will also ensure that someone (R&S) doesn’t get fucked over with the bill.
4) We need decoration ideas – banners, posters, strobe lights…anything that will reinforce the WWF theme. Interior Design, this is your department, any ideas?
Ok, let’s remember, the more the merrier, so let’s brung heat.
That brings us to our next item, that is also fucking YOUUUUGCHE…
**IFS: The Quinquennium Anniversary**
5 Years. 19 Members. Dozens of M.O.M.s, dozens of C.B.s and handful of M.O.Y.s. Hershey, The River, Spring Training, Lake Tahoe. And now, back to where it all began.
New Picture.png
This November, IFS turns 5. I’ve spoken with Letters about this, and we’re of the opinion that for such a grand occasion, less might be more.
For now, we’re thinking we start off with our typical Friday night invasion of State Street. Saturday morning, we feast. After breakfast we head over to the Hillside House with Letters, where he says that our presence (for an hour or two) will be greatly appreciated.
Next, we head back to the Mesa house where we setup for a late afternoon BBQ that slowly bleeds into a massive house party, to be accompanied by a surprise band…
Nice and simple. One thing that we need to discuss is a date. We can do this the weekend before Thanksgiving (Friday the 20th – Sunday the 22nd) or the weekend directly after Thanksgiving (Friday the 27th – Sunday the 29th).
Comment on this post with questions or suggestions. Let’s make this first Quinquennium a strong one.
– Rousing

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