Your Super Bald Champs: The Baldamore Rogaines

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The Baldamore Rogaines


Please find Fricker’s very important Super Bald hairline blog post below for information regarding the party at his Dojo.

This really happened


After a long weekend in FresYES, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update my blog. Although a rush of last-minute resignations threatened to weaken the FresYES Super Bowl weekend, a band of hearty IFS ministers made the trek to the BIG Country. The Minister of ID opened up his well decorated home to us, and showed as a weekend for the books.

We bowled, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we ate lots of Mexican food. Although the Doritos Loco taco has been discontinued, we were treated to something far better…a Caruther’s original. Tito’s. The Al Pastor was amazing.

Meat Cocktail: “Pancetta Skar”


Oooohhh the Colors…Rainbow Pancakes

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Now that my bracket has been shot to hell, thanks Jayhawks, my attention turns back to the never ceasing world of internet gold mining. Today’s entry is Rainbow Pancakes. They dazzle the eyes and tickle the stomach.

Coming Soon…


Townies Don’t Surf from benpersons on Vimeo.

Its Happening!



To Live… and Die… for a Taco, man


Esteemed Ministers,


Much time has past since my last post, but with the announcement
of the MOM’s Taco Challenge and with Philanthropy’s initial toss of the
gauntlet, I have been compelled to curtail my over-stretched hiatus from the


Two weekends ago I set out on a mission to sample, savor, and
document some of the finest tacos in existence.  To accomplish this I
traveled many miles, slept few hours, drank excessive amounts of tequila in precarious
places, and braved the dreaded H1N1 Virus.


I submit the following list of tacos consumed and the
accompanying photos, as my entry into the honorable Minister of Member of the
Month’s contest:


1. Taco Al Pastor: This pork filled taco is considered to be the
result of Lebanese immigrant’s assimilating into Mexican culture and bringing
with them the taste of their homeland. M
arinated over one or two days with a blend of different
chili peppers, spices and herbs, and then slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie
called a 
Trompo (lit: spinning top), often with a pineapple on
top, this taco is fantastic late night on the streets of Mexicali.



Taco de Pescado: Best enjoyed in seaside towns along Baja (San Felipe in this
case), I prefer these made from beer battered Corvina (caught fresh), and toped
with lime, cabbage, chili sauce, and Mexican sour cream.

fish tacos.jpg


Tacos de Cabeza:  Though many of you may hold the misconception that these
succulent delights are made of cow brains, that is not the case.  They are
actually made from the meat of a sheep or cows head, slow cooked over an open
fire. These tacos are most commonly found on street stands throughout Mexico,
and are not generally served past mid afternoon.



Tacos de Borrego: The best tacos you probably haven’t tried, are made from
mutton covered in Magauy leaves, berried, and slow cooked in the earth. These originated
around the area that is now Mexico City, but can be enjoyed north of the border
as well at El Borrego de Oro in Boil Heights LA.



Tacos de Corazon:  My Mexico adventure climaxed with a stop in Holtsville
Ca, in view of the Mexican border fence.  At the ranch of a friend of Nick
Taborak’s, I witnessed the slaughter of a live sheep and was then responsible
for the butchering, preparation, and cooking of the carcass.  A large
fiesta was had, many Imperial Vallyites were fed, and in homage to our kill, I grilled
our quarry’s hart over mesquite charcoal and prepared heart tacos for myself
and the



all was said and done, the taco tour proved to be a resounding success (special
thanks to my host and traveling companion Nick Taborak) and I am eager to
embark on my next culinary journey.



Rabbi of Leisure/Culinary Affairs


live forever, but Tacos never die.”

 Felipe Calderón


Somehow 1+1=3


Mexico, not pleased:

The Prize is in…

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A little motivation to get out there and eat some tasty Mexican Meat Pancakes

What I imagine Germany with R+S, ID, and Rousing looks like…


Since I’ve got nothing to go on, I’ll use my imagination.  This can’t be far off.  Have they imported any of those new fangled computer contraptions to Germany yet?

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