Flash Game Friday – Crush the Castle

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Is it Friday already? Shit Yeah! This Friday’s Flash game is titled Crush the Castle. I destroyed all 24 castles in the game, can you?

Developed by Armor Games, Crush the Castle lets you rain stones down on susceptible wooden castles. Your objective is to rock the castle supports to bring the house down on the guards and royalty, so the timing of your catapult throw is key. Click to start the throw, click to let it fly. Hit the weak spots and you can bring the castle down in one throw.

Play Crush the Castle

Flash Game Friday – Canabalt


This Flash game Friday goes out to the Minister of Interior Design. Just keep reaching for the stars and maybe someday you’ll beat my 3643m score.

Today’s Flash game is Canabalt. Developed by Adam Atomic who created Flixel. He developed this game to showcase the commercial potential of a simple 2d Flash game using the library of code he developed over the past couple years. The game utilizes a single key to jump obstacles, but the levels are randomly generated so no play through is the same.

Click here to play Canabalt.

Flash Game Friday – Cream Wolf


It’s been a while since I’ve made a non-administrative post, and now that we have our new system I think it’s time to reintroduce a weekly post. As I’ve started working and learning more and more about game development, I have a new appreciation for the little guy. In small teams some amazing and creative games are made. They may not have the fanciest graphics, but the themes and concepts are always pretty unique. Which leads me to my first post in this category – Cream Wolf – a game that uses old school graphics and gameplay, but presents a really unique story.

I recently posted on this on my personal site, but it’s too good not to share with all of I.F.S. I won’t ruin the concept with a summary, but just go play it when you’re bored today or this weekend. I’ll follow this up with a post every Friday of an awesome and free game.

Play Cream Wolf

luminara – Flash Game

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Here’s another Flash game for the week.  This time no apocalyptic overtones, just a Geometry Wars clone that is really tough to play, as it’s hard to see where you are, but it’s simple enough that you can play it drunk.

Post your high scores so I can tell you how much better I am afterward.

Play Luminara

Look They’re Bible Fighting

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First we had The Last Stand, and now we have Bible Fight.  Be prepared for the apocalypse and play both games this week.  Who doesn’t want to kick Eve’s ass with the Devil, or beat up Noah with a full grown Jesus, if only they had included the six pound eight ounce baby Jesus in the game.

Jesus vs. Moses in the Manger arena, raining fish and leaven bread.  IT’S ON.

The Last Stand – Flash Game

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I came across this game today and did not stop playing it until I beat it (survive 20 days).  Check it out / play it at work / have fun.  It’s a cross between Resident Evil and Space Invaders, and it kicks ass.

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