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I will give an update for those ministers who are unaware of the new
developments in Mexican Second Division soccer.  Our beloved Minster of
Finance has quit his financial planning job in San Francisco to go try out for a Mexican
Second Division squad in Playa del Carmen.

The official club name is Internacional Playa del Carmen and allegedly there’s
a contract to be drawn up upon Christopher Finance’s return to Mexico this
winter, if he doesn’t receive any other offers.  This new international
development begs the question, "When are we going to see Finance play Mexican
soccer for an IFS meeting?"  I personally can’t wait. Please join me
in congratulating our dear friend and supporting his quest to live the dream.


The Mexican Second division website is:

Basketball Jam!

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Dear Ministers and Friends,
I have recently come across some half-price Los Angeles
Clippers tickets for their game this coming Saturday against the Indiana
Pacers. The game is at the Staples Center at 7:30pm and the tickets are 18

I’m doing my best to secure as many tickets as possible. If you are interested in attending let me
know and I’ll reserve a ticket for you. But act fast, I’m not sure how many tickets I can get and I’m going to
try and reserve them today or tomorrow.

What’s the spread on this game? Might be worth a look. Make a bet, and then protect
your investment with beer drinking and loud cheering. Like Brothers. Cheers!


IFS Fantasy Surfer Champ


1st place: Dane
    2nd place: Fricker
        3rd place: Baumann
               4th place: Beaz

I just wanted to announce my fantasy surfer victory over Fricker, Baumann and Finance.  Even though I know it is not a very impressive victory, any sort of surfing victory over Frick can be considered big.  I would also like to take this moment to throw out the idea of having IFS Fantasy Sports leagues. This could include sports like; baseball, basketball, football, surfing, hockey or any other sport. I know everyone enjoys watching sports, so this could be a new way of keeping in touch, talking shit and competing against one another. Let me know.

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