The Flapjack Fundraiser: Andre Barbieri


Dear Friends and Flapjacks,

At this point I think everyone has heard about Andre’s horrific snowboarding accident about a week and a half ago.  For those who haven’t, Andre was snowboarding at Mammoth and got into a very bad accident, breaking his femur.  He was airlifted to Reno for emergency treatment, his injury did serious damage to his femoral artery, and there was massive internal bleeding.  We were very close to losing a dear friend.  After a massive effort to stabilize Andre, the doctors were able to save Andre’s life, however his left leg had to be amputated above the knee.

(Andre after surgery)

While the loss of the left leg his very sad, we must remember how close we came to losing Andre altogether, and be thankful he lives to fight another day.  Everyone who knows Andre understands this will likely only be a bump in the road, and his optimism and love of life will carry him through this difficult time.  I envision Andre recovering, rehabbing and getting right back to his active lifestyle, surfing, hiking, etc.

While no one worries about Andre’s optimistic spirit or ability to overcome such a difficult challenge, there is a financial burden which he must endure.  Andre does not have health insurance, and the medical bills for such an operation are enormous.

The outpouring of support thus far has been amazing, and many people have offered their assistance in whichever ways they can.  It really has been an inspiration to see how much love we have for one another, and how willing everyone is to help out a brother in need.  To help Andre raise some money for his medical bills, MOH started a Paypal account, and anyone who has the means in encouraged to donate, every dollar helps.  The email address that donations should be sent to is:

The main ‘Flapjack Fundraiser’ event is something which is currently being planned for late April, early May in Santa Barbara, CA.  Such an event makes our normal flapjack meetings seem rather unimportant and trite, however this is one event which really matters, and should be attended by all.  Once details are finalized, they will be posted on this site.  Please stay tuned for the details.

“I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don’t believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn’t want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street.”
– Malcolm X

(Thats right, Malcolm X. -Fricker)

(Andre’s first walk)

The Death of Dels Saloon: A Photo Essay


First and foremost, everyone please look at the post below to M&T’s latest version of the IFS game, ‘Flappy Does Adventures’. Its awesome. Be good ministers, comment on how awesome it is.
Yesterday was a sad day. Dels Saloon closed its doors for good. The landowners have opted not to renew the lease, not because the bar was losing money, but the owners of the building opted instead to open a swankier, more overpriced and likely douchier bar in its place. ([Story]( If they put in another Busby’s, I’ll likely fire bomb it.
A few ministers may remember the days of Franklin St. It was a quaint ‘little’ apartment in Santa Monica, where a numerous ministers and friends resided. It was a great house, until it was overrun with tropical parasites I brought back from the jungles of Panama on a research trip. Whoops. Many football games were watched, beers consumed, and meals enjoyed. One time, I even threw the Minister of Athletics in the shower with his clothes on, closed the shower door, and turned on the water. Pow!
The standard operating procedure after any Franklin St. gathering was the obligatory trip to Dels Saloon a few short blocks away. It was an easy jaunt down the street, especially with the help of a few ‘road sodas’. If you never made it to Franklin St. and consequently Dels, you missed out on a lot, and you probably suck at life.
Dels Saloon saw the likes of an epic Karaoke crooning battle between the Minister of Letters and our ‘close personal friend’. There were also less epic although equally amusing karaoke attempts from others, no shame at Dels. There were chance encounters with truckers, hipsters, blue collars, students, old fashioned drunks, and even the occasional random hook ups with strangers. There was the occasional daytime cocktail, which were far outweighed by far too many instances where we were the last ones being shooed out the door, with full beers in our pockets for the walk home. Through thick and thin, Dels was the place, our place.
A classic dive bar, Dels enjoyed a brief run of popularity with the younger folks after a brief cameo in a popular movie. Occasionally you’d even spot an attractive female there, **occasionally**. That was rarely the focus, and that’s what made it great. Dels Saloon was a great place to share a drink with friends. A true staple in the IFS diet from 2006-2008.
Last Night, there was a gentleman, a regular, who stood up on top of the bar and hushed the crowd to make a toast. He started slowly and worked up to a yell, “This bar is the greatest, goddammed, fucking place….in America!” Cheers erupted from the crowd. I laughed, but didn’t disagree. Last night I had trouble thinking of a better one, Turnpike IHOP, perhaps.
The following is a mini photo essay from the last night at our beloved Dels. Single Tear.
Dels Saloon. Rest in Peace.

The Prize is in…

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A little motivation to get out there and eat some tasty Mexican Meat Pancakes

Back off Warchild, Seriously.

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Bunker and Warchild would not be pleased…


This post is directed at the Rabbi of Leisure and his ‘yes


2008-4-20 bus ride 001 a.jpg

“Okay, so this is where you tell me all about how locals
rule and yuppie insects like me shouldn’t be surfing your break and all that,
right? No. That would be a waste of time. We’re just going to fuck you up….on
the blogosphere.”


True Story:

 On a sunny afternoon 4 guys (3 IFS members) struck out on a
surf mission to a local spot.  This spot
was actually featured quietly in the hit movie ‘Point Break’, including a famous
‘localism’ intimidation scene. 

Although this surf spot is no secret, it is a bit off the
beaten track and I won’t go into the etiquette and complexities of showing up
at an uncrowded, quality surf break with only a few people in the water, but in
short, you must be respectful and tread lightly. 

After the OC crew took a trip back to the car to fetch sun
screen to prevent dry skin and rashes, we hit the water.  OC team leader quickly surfs a set wave,
while OC towel boy cheers him on by hooting and hollering. “There’s not enough
wax on my board. This water is cold, I wish I had a better wetsuit, I usually
wear booties, my feet go numb easy.”
were a few choice expressions from the guy
you don’t want talking to you in the lineup.

After more than an hour surfing in excellent conditions, our
esteemed Rabbi of Leisure realizes he is late to take his 17 year old sister to
the Kanye West concert in San Diego
by 7pm.  A mid-lineup freak out ensues, “We’ve
got to go! MOM! Art and Design! towel boy! we have to go RIGHT NOW!  I’m so late, oh my god, oh my god!”
The Rabbi

I reluctantly paddle for a wave and ride it to the beach
where I proceeded to question the Rabbi about the seriousness of his public outburst.  (Direct Quote)  “My parents are going to be so pissed” he relayed with the utmost
urgency.  “Can’t you find someone else to
take your sister to the Kanye West concert? 
Why can’t she drive herself, she’s 17.”
I manage to say without laughing at the reason for our
immediate departure. 

At this point A&D and I were not prepared to leave a beautiful,
almost empty lineup for a seemingly ridiculous errand.  After serious negotiation and justification I
allow OC team towel boy to drive my car back to town so team OC can return home.  (I allow OC team towel boy to drive, since
the Rabbi can’t drive a car with a manual transmission.)  “We’ll either get ‘Competition’ to give us a
ride, or we’ll take the bus.”

Two OC ‘tenderfeet’ depart in a hurry, driving my car. “Utah! Get me Two!”

After a few more hours of empty, beautiful surfing
conditions A&D and I are exhausted and content with bellies full of tasty
waves.  30 miles from our house, “Gee I wish
we had a car.”

After a small walk to a bus stop, A&D and I bundle our
dripping wetsuits into hobo packs and wait patiently for the Express #3
bus.  “How did you get your boards here?”
the bus driver inquires.  “We drove a car
here, but then someone took our car back without us.”
We replied.  “Someone stole your car?!” he exclaimed.  Not exactly.

We were placed in the back of the bus where our boards would
fit in between the bench seat.  The
driver had to ask a couple of day laborers to move to accommodate our equipment.  The picture above was taken on the bus and
illustrates our frustration with our tenderfoot surf companions and also
captures the beauty of public, urban surf transport.  ‘Viva los Dodgers!’ A&D and I share a
laugh on the enjoyable and peculiar bus ride back to town.  Competition picks us up at the local bus
terminal and we return home.

Please understand, I post this story not as an example of
why I’m cooler or better than our companions. 
I post this story to highlight ridiculous behavior which fulfills the
stereotype of everything you try and avoid. 
When a 25 year old is begging his friend to help him, because of the
threat of parental repercussions and Kanye West concerts, you have to laugh at
yourself.  It’s important to listen to
yourself speak and make sure you sound sane. No harm intended, just a bit of

“Back off Warchild, seriously.”

I miss you.

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