The Bells!!

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Let me paint you a picture…
This past Saturday night the Ministers of Health, Letters, A&D and MOM were accompanied by two lovely young ladies to the [Third Annual Christmas Sweater Festival](, a Charity Benefit for Teen Impact, a program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for teens and young adults with, or recovering from, cancer. Hosted at the [El Rey]( Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
The show was headlined by ‘The Deadly Syndrome’ a favorite local band of a few IFS members. The Drummer for ‘The Deadly Syndrome’, Jessie Hoy is a Gaucho alum and longtime friend. I don’t go to many shows, but will rarely miss the ‘Syndrome’ at the El Rey.
In an intermission period between bands, an ugly Christmas sweater competition was held. Various hipsters donned skinny jeans, tight sweaters, some carrying Christmas ornaments, some lit up by Christmas lights, some wearing full Christmas regalia, complete with red pants, sweater vests, and bow ties. There was even a bear who had a shirt on that read ‘Beary Christmas’. Strong showing. Then there was MOH, unshaven, non-skinny jeans, beer in hand (the only one on stage drinking), beer buzzed grin, and cloaked in the most glorious Christmas sweater Los Angeles has ever seen. While the sweater itself was lovely, complete with Christmas trees, Santa Claus embroidery, etc. The Coup de grĂ¢ce were the buttons on the sweater, which were actually JINGLE BELLS. POW!!!
The judging went in two stages, the half-wits and the fashion challenged were unceremoniously herded off the stage to boos and angry fist pumps. Health easily made it to the final round of judging, where Mr. Hoy would present each competitor to the crowd and listen for applause. Then the highly accurate and highly scientific applause ‘o’ meter was used to precisely determine the strength of each Christmas Sweater, based on audience acceptance. Letters, A&D, MOM and two lovely ladies spearheaded the ‘Bells’ (As in ‘JINGLE BELLS’) cheering section. When the MC and Mr. Hoy came to Health and presented him to the crowd, and jingled his ‘Bells’ into the microphone, we erupted in applause, cheers, and drunken shouts of “THE BELLS! THE BELLS!!!!!”. The applause ‘o’ meter spiked and hipsters everywhere cowered behind their PBRs.
The running was tight between THE BELLS, the Bear, and some hipster with a crappy sweater decorated by 6 Christmas lights (whom ‘THE BELLS’ cheering section booed ruthlessly). After double checking the applause ‘o’ meter, and a seemingly endless deliberation, the judges emerged to announce ‘THE BELLS’ as the winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition! Everyone was sobbing, hugging, kissing and popping bottles of the finest Champagne, we had done it!!! Victory!!!
Below is a picture of the champ and lovely lady #2, post victory.
The show was a raging success, and Health was a local celebrity for the remainder of the night. Before long ‘[The Deadly Syndrome](’ came on a rocked a strong set for all the Holiday revelers. Including the following song Eucalyptus:

I would highly suggest this band to friends, their first album ‘The Ortolan’ was great, and their new album will be out in March. Next time they play in LA, we’ll make a post about it, and while I cannot guarantee such a grand spectacle, I can promise a good rock show and fun times with friends. Good Flapjack.

Proffesionally we are through…

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Joseph, There Will Be No Concert Today

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They teach you this in film school Wardrobe? Since I’ve loaded this site with video I’ll make this one a link. You know, in case you’re really bored. And a couple more if you really have nothing to do, here’s one, and here’s another.

That’ll Play!


To those minister and rabbi who were present, well done.  The 4th of July Tahoe weekend was a roaring success.  Although we did have some last minute cancellations and membership was a little skinnier than it should have been, these weekends ultimately make IFS stronger.  The commitment shown by Revelry and Spirits to organize and plan the weekend is much appreciated.  The cabin was great and the company was better.
ihop-free-pancake-day-2009.jpgSome serious business was discussed and it was agreed that the minimum voting requirement needs to be lowered so that decisions can actually be made at such a meeting when very strong active members are present, and weaker, less active members are chronically absent.  A simple majority was suggested as opposed to a 2/3 vote.  Our inability to follow our own rules and still make important decisions was a point of friction and needs to be addressed.  I encourage email communication on these matters to keep things private.

In other news, The Rabbi took home top honors and a brand new ‘Slap Chop’ for his outstanding “Taco Post”.  Well done Rebbi.

OqSM9.jpgAll in all, a wonderful weekend.  The strength of the members present made for great party.  I know I speak for the group when i say every side was sore at the end of it all.  Although many ministers were absent for this great weekend, the excuses need to be respected when appropriate.  Contracting swine flu and studying for the BAR exam are acceptable excuses.  If you are going to bail out on a meeting, there is a proper way to do it.

Exhibit A:

Good Luck on your test AP, make us proud Law Dog!

Press Hop – Practice?


Hope everyone is getting their practice in for Tahoe. I’ve been training for the past few weeks and feel ready for the big game.

Kobe vs. Lebron


Not sure how many of you are avidly following the NBA playoffs this year, but I’ve enjoyed the Kobe vs. Lebron commercials that Nike have put out, and the new one is pretty good. Check it out to see / hear what I mean. A couple other videos after the jump for anyone who needs some entertainment before tonight’s tip-off.


He talks about cake a lot

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Look for Beyond the Pale, he also drops an IHOP joke after the cake bit.

See What A&D Sees

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Couldn’t resist posting this.

The Mascot of Club Deportivo El Oro


This will mess your day up.

Contra Band

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Our buddy opened up for this band in Athens, GA. recently.  It reminds me of the time A&D and ID stayed up all night playing Contra.  So Badass.

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