Big Bear says: “I’M REAL.”


Yes, everyone, Big Bear is REAL and less than a month away.  I’ve discussed these plans with many of you, but for those of you who are not caught up, here’s what we’ve planned:

1) Three nights stay at the Lakeview Mansion in the heart of Big Bear – 1 mile from the slopes and a couple hundred yards off the main road through town.  We have the nights of the 29th, 30th, and 31st booked, with a morning/afternoon departure on the 1st of 2008.  This is the mansion:


2) The Mansion is strong.  It sleeps 16, but has room to sleep many more – the representative said upwards of 26 comfortably.  It is three stories high, with wrap around balconies overlooking the lake and the surrounding nature jam:


The interior features a jacuzzi, a pool table, a Pac Man arcade, an Asteroids arcade, a pinball machine, a big screen, a bar, a couple of fire places, a massive kitchen and a golden eagle:


3) Great location.  We’ll be a quick drive or tram ride to the mountain, so picture drunken skiing or, if you want to get SICK, drunken snowboarding (540 McTwist Bra!!  Scratchin’!!!).   Also, we’ll be walking distance from town, so a night or two at the local bars will be easy to swing.  There’s also plenty of restaurants in town, a couple of which I know are strong from experience (one is a badass haunted prime rib joint).

4) The money.  It is $100 total for the three night stay.  All expenses beyond that are up to you – but figure transportation, food, booze, and rentals, if you are skiing, or snowboarding (Jason!  Sick!!!). 

5) Who’s going?  Here’s who:


Also, we have 11 more of Team IFS scheduled to go – with a few maybes.  So, this should be very strong – and I’m sure they serve flapjacks somewhere in Big Bear.

With all of that said, the money is due Monday.  So far, MOM, Competition, Interior Design, M+T, Letters, and myself have paid (I’ll also be covering Revelry & Spirits).  Also, there are about five of you who have said that you were in, but have not yet paid the $100.  We need to work this out ASAP, otherwise, Amanda will be covering for you, which would be the opposite of strong.  If you haven’t yet paid, call me, and we’ll figure something out.  If you’d like to mail a check to Amanda, here’s the address:

Amanda Farrell
3424 Lambeth St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

For everyone else who hasn’t yet joined in on these plans, call me and let me know if you’re interested.  This will make for a very strong New Year’s Eve celebration…Spray Jam in the snow.

– Rousing
(805) 453 – 1103   

Do Chins Kill?



Procrastinating..More Like Congratulating



Putting off working on my yearly work review, I decided to look at the site and noticed that with this post we will be at 350 posts and almost 950 comments.  A year and almost a month old, this site as well as I.F.S. have come a long way, and none of it could be possible without everyone’s ongoing contributions (except Dane and Jimmy cause they haven’t posted). 

I will be purchasing three thirty packs of Adolphus in SB this weekend if anyone would like to join me at my new vacation home, the Mesa House.

Just as I gave you all Recent Comments when we hit 250 posts.  I am experimenting with new side content.  We now have "MOM’s Posts from the last 60 Days" to highlight our current MOM, the Minister of Trade.  As well I have added the "Category Popularity", which shows the most popular Categories for Posts.  Let me know what you think.

Links the Whole Family Can Enjoy


Mmm…I’m hungry, hungry for some "African American Flavor"

Look at him, he loves it.

This meat is making me sleepy.

Maybe Dad could read me a bedtime story.

How can I stop those plagarizing bastards now?

That’s right, I can use my special power.

No more clowning around, soccer is really really great!

And this month should be a lot of funB-days, graduation, booze, french people, and most importantly pancakes

Slushfund dreams.





Ministers and Rabbi,

As you probably know, IFS: THE RECONSTRUCTION will be held Saturday the 20th at 9:00am sharp.  We should all be ready for a productive meeting – a meeting of rebuilding – so everyone bring $40 cash (or else), some praise/criticism, and your appetites…this is a big meeting, so lets not leave behind a mess for Dotty.  In coordination with the IFS Invitational, remember to pack all necessary surf/beach items.  Further, the Invitational seems like the perfect setting for the Converse v. Fricker wrestling match: "Chins in the Sand."  We should all place bets – MOT, maybe you can organize this.  Call me or post if you have any comments or concerns.

Good Flapjack,


The Minister of Coordination and Rousing



My Beloved Ministers and Rabbi,

On this most beautiful of Shrove Tuesday’s I say Good Flapjack to all – and to our only gay, French, homophobe Minister – Happy Birthday.  Now, here’s a little taste of how I celebrated National Flapjack day:


Yes, I spent my much anticipated lunch hour at IHOP, celebrating the SHRIVING and enjoying a free short stack.  Yes, I sat at a table for one.  Yes, I asked the ever dutiful Juan Ocala (my server) to snap a couple pictures of the occasion for documentation purposes.  And yes, I enjoyed my complimentary short stack with a side of eggs (three, scrambled), bacon, sausage links, ranch, and hollandaise (of course).  I hope you all had a Flapjack day as fulfilling as mine.  Good night, and Good Flapjack.

-Minister of Coordination and Rousing

(The details of "IFS: THE RECKONING" will be worked out shortly, and I will be posting all of the necessary information).

The American, The British, The Egyptian

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Good Ministers (and Rabbi),


I roused up this morning with a thirst for knowledge, cake of pan Knowledge.  The more I read, and the more I learned, I realized that we all must master our pancakes – as we must master our lives.  So follow this link and read, recite and relish our Glorious History.  And remember: Tippety-Tippety-Tin, Give me a Pancake and I’ll come in!

Good Flapjack,

The Minister of C. & R.

Hipster Doofus


Sb_015 Stumbling along with the Minister of C+R to his girfriend’s Friend’s party, I didn’t expect much.  My labored days at a computer typing endlessly, and a recoiled illness from the glorious weekend in SB with the established Ministers left me queasy.  But as a short, hot house party lead to a Hollywood bar my expectations for the night were quickly dwindling.  Crawling in the bar after a fifteen minute line, I ordered three shots and three brews.  Suddenly, I was Baumanned (up shit creek without a paddle.)  I had shots but no friends to give them to.  With the harpy suddenly approaching, I quickly dished them away, and preyed for better days.  I clung to the rail of the bar, I was wrecked.

We slunk to the deli across the street, not a deli, but an IHOP.  Yes ministers, we scouted a location in Hollywood for the greater good.  But what do we find, as we scramble for drinks at Barney’s Beanery, but a befuddled Minister.  We all may remember some rebellious boasting of freedom, but where did it go?  Apparently someone thought they could delete a post from my site:


My name is Chris Finance Finance and you have been Finance’d.  Go home and eat your hat.  Agains.

*All text in brown was written in drunken stream of conciousness and does not make much sense, but to preserve the integrity of this site has been left in its entirety.

You’ve Got to Stand It.



"They never talked about the sex, let it happen, at first only in the tent at night, then in the full daylight with hot sun striking down, and at evening in the fire glow, quick, rough, laughing and snorting, no lack of noises, but saying not a goddamn word execpt once Ennis said, "I’m not no queer," and Jack jumped in with "Me neither.  A one-shot thing.  Nobody’s business but ours."Katys_bday_044Katys_bday_051

-An excerpt from ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ a short story by Pulitzer prize-winning author Annie Proulx.


Minutes From San Diaaahhgo.


Sorry for the delay, but here are the minutes from last months meeting:Finance

1.) Finance has difficulty calculating the bill.

2.)  Finance’s proposal for IFS bank account rejected, and by rejected I mean it was thrown to the ground and we stepped on its neck.

3.)  Speaking of getting thrown to the ground, Finance gets ass handed to him in beach wrestling by the MOD.

4.)  Finance gets kicked out of the bar.

Well, that pretty much does it for the minutes. . . Finance, hopefully you will find this funny, ’cause I know everyone else will.

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