Hey errr….RIK, way to take that down last night…


this is for you bern…

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The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 2 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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Miami’s Secret Hairline Weapon

A tradition of Hairline Heat

King Hairline

The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 1 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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LA is a great ceetey


A little something to get us pumped para los Doyers este fin de semana. See you monkeys soon.  Orale pues.

Get Your Tickets!


Now that the accommodations have been taken care of, we can focus on the activities.
I understand there is some interest in things other than America’s pastime so instead of one or two people buying all the tickets and being stuck with extras, we are all responsible for getting our tickets for the games. The larger the group the more fun it will be at each game, but anyone looking to jump out a perfectly good airplane (or some other form of crahzee) can opt out of a game day.
I just went online and purchased a lawn ticket for both games. These are the cheapest, and require no coordination as there are no assigned seats in the outfield, just grass and bodies. I paid for print now tickets, sucker I know, but each was less than $15, so $30 bucks for both games can be expected.
On Saturday March 28th at 1:05pm (says 3:05pm on the site due to time differences) we will be watching Los Doyers take on the Chi Town Blanco Sox, [tickets for this game can be purchased here](http://mlb.mlb.com/spring_training/tickets.jsp?c_id=cws).
On Sunday March 29th at 1:05pm (says 3:05pm on the site due to time differences) we will be watching Los Angeles Angels de Anaheim take on the Tejas Rangers, [tickets for this game can be purchased here](http://mlb.mlb.com/spring_training/tickets.jsp?c_id=tex).
Please comment when you buy your tickets so we can rouse those that may not check the site so no child gets left behind. I’m not familiar with how these games sell. When I checked there were some good seats for the Doyers game, but they were a little pricey. We just want everyone to get their tickets in the next few days so we can focus on the evening activities and general merriment as we quickly approach another amazing IFS weekend.
(Supposedly the tallest stack in history, Feb. 2009).
Oh and be sure to get in your taco posts or cutie pie is going to run away with it.

IFS : Zona


Aight jiggas here is the info for IFS : Zona. I’ve mapped out our locations. If we book the hotels that Bernie and his crew did, go to the Dodgers vs. White Sox game on Saturday but the Angels vs. Rangers game on Sunday.
Here is a [link to the map](http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=33.495598,-112.044067&spn=1.701748,1.955566&t=h&z=9&msid=101662234827623585474.000464cf00958de3ee479).
Everything is pretty close together, the Angels game is no more than 20 – 30 mins away from the Dodgers game, and as the Sunday game is most likely the departure point for the weekend, the additional drive will not be an issue.
We now need to book the hotel rooms and get the tickets for the game. Our best estimate puts at 12 ministers, not counting Letters and Maritime so we need 3 rooms at each hotel. Not sure on availability since we’ve lagged a bit, so I suggest we do this tomorrow. Who can throw down a card for the rooms, I imagine one person for each place. I can so we just need one more, I’ll assume MOM.
We also need someone to throw down for each game, but this can happen after tomorrow once our rooms are set, as I know there is talk of alternative events. I think this is fine since we have already attended a baseball game in the name of IFS, but should probably happen on Saturday as coordinating people on Sunday during departure will prove more difficult.
I apologize if this post is all business, and not a rallying cry for our latest meeting, only a few weeks away, but I want to make sure we get dere.

How the Phillies won game 4..


The Phils are on to the NLCS to beat up on los Doyers starting at the end of the week as they attempt to get back to the World Series for the first time since 1993.  Unfortunately, the Cubbies were unable to take care of business and I know Baggs is taking this hard.  However, I just wanted to thank one of the Baggerly cousins, Jeff Suppan, for serving up 4 gopher-balls today as Rollins, Burrell (twice), and Werth all hit jacks for the Fightin’ Phils on their way to a 6-2 victory in Milwaukee.  When you going to bring Suppan to an I.F.S. meeting Baggs?


Beware of the Phanatic…

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Derrote a los Doyers!!!!


Phillies v. Cubs – Game 4 – Songs

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