The proper way to address allegations of cheating

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Flex those hyyuge traps Gronk.

Hyyyugjche Traps



The Minister of Hyyyugjche Traps (Letters) says, 

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Muscle Building : Flexing Traps & Arms — powered by ehow

Omaha, Omaha, bald 42, bald 42, set….hike

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While I generally try and report all current hairless news, I have dropped the ‘bald’.  The Minister of Health alerted me that there are important new happenings in the world of male pattern baldness which I have missed.  Great Shame.  Regardless, here is a link to what our current NFL stars will look like in a few short decades.

Here’s a taste:


Super Bald Champs!

International Soccer Cup Sport

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It is time for the World Cup.  In the land of perfectly tanned hineys and fantastic sting bikini parties, the world will be putting the ‘I’ in International Soccer Cup Sport.  I know my hairline blog is not the best way to reach people, but for those in LA/Southern California, we should band together as brothers to watch Sam’s Army attempt to preserve a shred of American dignity on the pitch.  Arriba los Americanos.




The US doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Rio to get out of group play, but at least our coach believes in us.  Costa Rica US Wcup Soccer

Disappointed hairline


Italian ‘Hyuge jackedman’


El ultimo Juego…..Si se puede! Si se puede!!

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Esta noche es el último juego que betweent San Jose Sharks y los Reyes de Los Ángeles. Deseamos a nuestros jugadores la buena fortuna en su casa de hielo.  Vivan los Reyes!!



Defensor del título, la Copa de Don Estanley, los Reyes!


¡Atención! Los Reyes estarán defendiendo su copa, a partir de mañana contra los Azules de St. Louis. Espero que todo ministro cuerpo capaz de apoyar a los Reyes Magos en su búsqueda de una segunda taza.

La Copa de Don Estanley

La Copa de Don Estanley

Juanathan Rapido

Juanathan Rapido

Un golpe azul grande!

Un golpe azul grande!


El ministro de Asuntos real,

Don Frickeriguez

Rincon Classic Expression Session: Tasty City



Dre, laying down the shred last weekend at the Rincon Classic.  Scratching!!



Gracias dioses de hockey

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El juego de poder fue devastador para los diablos. ¡Vivan los Reyes! ¡Viva Juanathan Rapido!


The NBA Hair-Offs (Part 1 of a 3-Post Cycle)

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