Hyyyugjche Traps



The Minister of Hyyyugjche Traps (Letters) says, 

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Muscle Building : Flexing Traps & Arms — powered by ehow

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I’d like to order a steak medium RALALLLAAALLLRE..

Merry Christmas I.F.S!

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In case you thought there wasn’t any hairline in this post, check out Devito around 1:33.

Strong Venetian Hairline.


Hyyyuge Traps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 160 Quotes

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If you have ten minutes to kill today, watch the video above to relive all of Arnold’s greatest quotes. While it doesn’t have a soundtrack spanning it’s entirety, and the quotes aren’t edited together for greater hilarity, the quality of the video and sound are solid.

i write good.


Hey brosefs…After some years practising, working for the proofread essay online service, I recently began writing a column in the Santa Monica Mirror for weekly film reviews. It is a local Santa Monica/Venice area paper, but you can read my column on the inter-web at smmirror under the Life & Arts section. I have to review two independent and two mainstream films a month, so if anyone ever thinks of a recent film for me to review, let me know.

On another note. Besides looking at grad school admissions and doing some work today at home, I had the History channel on all day…”Battle 360″ is one hell’uva program. God Bless America on this Veterans Day.

Stand Firm for Kalyfornea

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Δείτε παρακάτω για μια υπόδειξη.

Stand firm and make the next post and a special prize (undetermined) will be awarded to you. Warning: The prize will match the post in effort. A bad post = bad prize. Oh, and ultimate power reserves the right to delete a really bad post.

Happy Birthday Andrew Chintastic



Happy Birthday MOM, so much chin, so strong.

The Return of Revelry


The much anticipated return of the Minister of Revelry and Spirits will be mid-March, and it seems like an appropriate time to tentatively schedule our spring meeting.  I spoke with R&S regarding our spring meeting and I looks like the weekend of March 27-29th is one of the only weekends that will work.75477760_996dfd6d6c_b.jpg

Since our Santa Barbara brothers have so graciously taken the last few meetings on their shoulders I figured it would be a good time to bring back the LA meeting.  I am willing to organize the festivities with the help of our other Angelino Ministers to put together a proper welcome back party.


Here’s what I’m thinking for a tentative plan:

Friday March 27th – Ministers arrive.  I work right next to LAX, if anyone wants to fly in I can pick them up at the airport.  Ideally a 5-6 arrival time would be perfect.  We will find some local watering hole to wet our whistles in the evening.

Saturday March 28th – Morning meeting at a predetermined pancake house. Location TBD.
Post meeting activities could include, concert, sports, beach, more drinking.  I think this will be in the heart of the NCAA Mens tournament, so  watching some college hoops might be appropriate.  (By the way is someone going to set up an IFS bracket?)

Sunday March 29th – Open. LA is a city full of activities and there’s a number of fun things we could do.

Obviously this is a very preliminary post to determine people’s availability for the weekend.  The details will follow.  Please look into possible activities which might fit with our group and suggest them to me, the weekend is a blank canvas and we need to paint it red.

thirst_4_blood.jpgLet me know what you think brothers, the sooner we can nail this one down, the sooner I can start making plans.  We may need some hotel rooms, etc.

P.S.  Keep working on the Taco reviews, I had some mediocre Mexican meat pancakes this weekend (not from this truck), hardly even work a mention, but they’re out there.  Bring it.


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