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I ran across this picture while looking through my archives and I couldn’t resist. 

Tequila Goggles


This is why the men of IFS stick to Budweiser, Whiskey and the occasional dose of Heat. 
I ran across this and had to share.


The Return of Revelry


The much anticipated return of the Minister of Revelry and Spirits will be mid-March, and it seems like an appropriate time to tentatively schedule our spring meeting.  I spoke with R&S regarding our spring meeting and I looks like the weekend of March 27-29th is one of the only weekends that will work.75477760_996dfd6d6c_b.jpg

Since our Santa Barbara brothers have so graciously taken the last few meetings on their shoulders I figured it would be a good time to bring back the LA meeting.  I am willing to organize the festivities with the help of our other Angelino Ministers to put together a proper welcome back party.


Here’s what I’m thinking for a tentative plan:

Friday March 27th – Ministers arrive.  I work right next to LAX, if anyone wants to fly in I can pick them up at the airport.  Ideally a 5-6 arrival time would be perfect.  We will find some local watering hole to wet our whistles in the evening.

Saturday March 28th – Morning meeting at a predetermined pancake house. Location TBD.
Post meeting activities could include, concert, sports, beach, more drinking.  I think this will be in the heart of the NCAA Mens tournament, so  watching some college hoops might be appropriate.  (By the way is someone going to set up an IFS bracket?)

Sunday March 29th – Open. LA is a city full of activities and there’s a number of fun things we could do.

Obviously this is a very preliminary post to determine people’s availability for the weekend.  The details will follow.  Please look into possible activities which might fit with our group and suggest them to me, the weekend is a blank canvas and we need to paint it red.

thirst_4_blood.jpgLet me know what you think brothers, the sooner we can nail this one down, the sooner I can start making plans.  We may need some hotel rooms, etc.

P.S.  Keep working on the Taco reviews, I had some mediocre Mexican meat pancakes this weekend (not from this truck), hardly even work a mention, but they’re out there.  Bring it.


Amendment to the IFS cheers


Budweiser Brewing

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Almost done with this really long article, caught this gem, [check out the full article here](
> The strictures of the Reinheitsgebot have helped turn German brewers into the most resourceful and technically capable in the world. By mixing and matching strains of yeast, varieties of hops, and pale or roasted grains, they can produce almost any flavor found in fruit or spice. With three ingredients, they can give the illusion of a dozen.
> The same discipline, if not creativity, has helped make Budweiser the most popular beer in the world. Its sheer consistency, across tens of billions of bottles and cans, is a technical marvel, and even the crankiest craft brewers harbor a secret admiration for it.
And a great point as to why you shouldn’t drink just one beer:
> “Look,” he told me later. “I’m not afraid to pay compliments where compliments are due. Anheuser-Busch’s quality–if quality is consistency–is second to none. But I’m frustrated that that one beer has been hammered down people’s throats. I mean, banana cream pie may be your favorite fucking food. But if you ate banana cream pie every day you would hate it, too.”

This is what I saw last night…told through beer commercials.


Meineke Car Care Bowl here we come!

Zach Galifianakis + Absolut Ads = Confused, but Thirsty

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From North to South, from East to West


From overseas we’ll come. So you tremble at our warning we’ll return next month.  The night will be ours, but the battle is not yet over…

This will be my final post before our San Diego journey.  As of today I have gotten commitments to come from almost everyone.  Why don’t I name who isn’t coming: Health, Letters, Wardrobe, fish fornication, Schnitzel,  of course our Germany contingent and Athletics? maybe?  Does that mean only Photo/Wine is the only SB minister to make it to our spring meeting? Dad, wow. Call him what you will, Dane’s love for Philanthropy is big.  (Auditory Pleasures and even Finance, yes Finance will be there)

Other than that I think we have everyone and I’m looking forward to a great weekend.  I’ve got two rooms booked at the Beach Haven Inn in Pacific Beach. (4740 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA) I will be trying to get off work as soon as possible and will head south with A&D, Comp and AP to go try and catch an Adolphus on the beach before sunset.
Padre 2.png
We will be hitting the town Friday night and Saturday we will be going to a local park to have food and drink for our meeting.  Philanthropy and I have discussed the breakfast and the park should be a relaxed atmosphere for us to hang around with friends and family, and drink early in the morning.  But don’t worry, in order to follow the rules of our Society, Philanthropy has promised flapjacks.  From there, the world of San Diego is our proverbial oyster. 

Lets Schuk.

Breathe it in. It always goes down smooth.

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Ministers and Rabbi,

Amongst the internet chatter, a rumor of an informal meeting in San Diego has emerged.  I’m formally proposing an informal meeting on the weekend of May 17th where our beloved Minister of Philanthropy will be graduating from CSU San Marcos with a degree in Political Science.  Politics Jam.


The idea was to get a few hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday night (16th and 17th) and enjoy a sunny weekend  in  ‘America’s Finest City’.  Philanthropy has looked into a bus to bring us to a bowling alley Saturday night after the graduation, and then to the watering hole of our choosing afterward.  There are a number of fun things to do in San Diego including the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Sea World, an array of beautiful beaches and bars. 


Part of the plan was to keep it informal because a number of Philanthropy’s family and friends will be in town and might want to enjoy a pancake breakfast with the men of IFS, as well as any other kind folk who may want to join in a healthy meal of flapjack and adolphus.  However this will still provide a good opportunity to discuss future plans and our end of summer meeting.


If anyone is interested in such a plan please let me know.  I’ll be reserving Hotel accommodations for myself and a few Franklin residents soon, but the more the merrier. 

Best Regards,

Name that Bar


To anyone who has been to our local West LA watering hole you might recognize the bar in this AT&T commercial.  Of course the commercial is minus the normal seedy clientele and Peter Dante showing up Letters with Bob Marley karaoke renditions, but it’s Dels. 

Look for these commercials during the College Hoops games being played this weekend.  The advertisement’s claim is true however AT&T cell phones do get full reception even in the darkest, saddest corner of this sanctuary for damned souls.


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