Love is in the Air


May 23, 2010 is a date which will live on in IFS lore, from here until forever.  We shall gather every year on this date, and celebrate a beautiful union.  It was a sunny Santa Barbara Day, and love was in the air.  Yesterday, a handful of ministers and friends, were witness to the first IFS wedding.  Diego and Amanda were wed at Hendry’s beach in Santa Barbara around 7:00pm in the company of friends and family.

The bride was glowing and the groom couldn’t find the marriage documents.  The tide was a little too high, so the wedding party had to be pushed back into the slough.  Strangely, the wedding took place at the very spot were we had the first IFS photo shoot many years ago (pukka shells, clam digger jeans, white shirts, gay poses, you remember).

Although the Minister of Interior Design’s Ministry certifications were not up to date and could not perform the wedding himself, a replacement minister was found.  The tension was palpable, the two lovebirds couldn’t keep their eyes, or their hands off each other.  For one moment they were not simply a Man and a Woman, they were co-people.  No one could keep them down.  I’m pretty sure I saw a single tear sneak out from under Health’s aviator sunglasses.

Back at the reception, cigars were lit, burgers were served, and Bud Light flowed in true Mesa House style.  Eager guests paid their respects to the glowing couple and celebrated the first Minister to take the plunge.  It was also proposed that the Minister of International affairs could soon be considered “a slashie”, Minister of International (Slash) National Affairs.

It was great to see everyone who made it.  Gear up for the next one, coming in November…

Here are a few photos from the wedding and ensuing reception.  Enjoy.

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  1. schroediki
    May 26, 2010 @ 20:00:10

    God Bless America Slashie. These photos are amazing and the video I have will literally blow.your.mind.

  2. Slashie
    May 26, 2010 @ 12:41:14

    Oh spray slash

  3. Rousing
    May 26, 2010 @ 11:42:35


  4. Comp
    May 26, 2010 @ 08:51:09

    Oh Slashie! Parabens Slash-jam! Best of luck with the new wifey.

  5. Minister of History
    May 25, 2010 @ 00:12:55

    Awesome cake face slashie! these pics are very inter/national.

  6. MBM
    May 24, 2010 @ 21:17:06

    Oh my! Slashie is a now, a strong American man!…soooo bummed I missed the slash jam. Vegas= Bday/Bachelor Party for Slashie?

  7. Health
    May 24, 2010 @ 19:13:21

    Strong, strong Volcom suit Slashie!

  8. Rousing
    May 24, 2010 @ 13:21:34

    Slash Jam! So bummed I missed this – congrats jam slashie! Ohhh Sla-shie! (like wha-mmy)

    So slash jam is now national clam. Very cool party. Great post MOM and thanks for uploading the pics.

  9. Slashie
    May 24, 2010 @ 13:02:30

    Oh frickreriguez. Very touching post. Very strong presence in the wedding jam. Very cool party. I feel so national right now..