Day at the Races 2

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All Flapjacks and Friends

I have made reservations for “Day at the Races 2” at Hollywood Park this coming Saturday May 8th. Right now I have 10 spots reserved at the Turf Club and can add more attendees as necessary.  The group name is “Flapjacks and Friends”.  If you would like to attend, and perhaps bring a guest, please let me know.
The format will be nearly identical to the first “Day at the Races”, reserved seating, trip down to the winner’s circle, group photo, etc.  Only difference is I didn’t pay to have it catered, only because I was unsure of the enthusiasm I’d receive, however there’s a restaurant we can order from nearby, and I can easily add the catering if people want it.  Otherwise, Its $10 a person.  Tough to beat that price.  Fun starts at noon at Hollywood Park. If you didn’t come to the first event at the race track, I’d encourage you to come, its a good time.

So there it is… Come one, come all. We’ll put on a suit, sip a whiskey drink, and watch them ponies run!!

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  1. Minister of MOM
    May 05, 2010 @ 11:21:24

    Sooooo, yeah. Looks like this whole Day at the Races thing has gotten little flapjack support. Is anyone thinking of coming? If you are let me know, I need to reply to the track with a final count, probably tomorrow. If not, no worries, I have friends!!! Lots of friends!!