Flash Game Friday – Super Mario Star Scramble 2

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Another week has passed, and after a hiatus last week Flash Game Friday is back. This week’s game is the first Flash Game Friday falls into the knock-off category – Super Mario Star Scramble 2 developed by Kenney.

The game is a knock-off or homage to Super Mario as it uses Super Mario art, sounds, and ideas. Many game developer communities focus on this development approach in order to make new levels or ideas. Some go as far to actually rip the graphical sprites from the original games through modding or game de-compilers.

It puts a small spin on the classic game as you are not just trying to progress from left to right until you reach a goal, but are tasked with collecting 3 star coins hidden throughout the level in order to open the door at the start position of the level.

Play Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Play More Super Mario Inspired Games

Love is in the Air


May 23, 2010 is a date which will live on in IFS lore, from here until forever.  We shall gather every year on this date, and celebrate a beautiful union.  It was a sunny Santa Barbara Day, and love was in the air.  Yesterday, a handful of ministers and friends, were witness to the first IFS wedding.  Diego and Amanda were wed at Hendry’s beach in Santa Barbara around 7:00pm in the company of friends and family.

The bride was glowing and the groom couldn’t find the marriage documents.  The tide was a little too high, so the wedding party had to be pushed back into the slough.  Strangely, the wedding took place at the very spot were we had the first IFS photo shoot many years ago (pukka shells, clam digger jeans, white shirts, gay poses, you remember).

Although the Minister of Interior Design’s Ministry certifications were not up to date and could not perform the wedding himself, a replacement minister was found.  The tension was palpable, the two lovebirds couldn’t keep their eyes, or their hands off each other.  For one moment they were not simply a Man and a Woman, they were co-people.  No one could keep them down.  I’m pretty sure I saw a single tear sneak out from under Health’s aviator sunglasses.

Back at the reception, cigars were lit, burgers were served, and Bud Light flowed in true Mesa House style.  Eager guests paid their respects to the glowing couple and celebrated the first Minister to take the plunge.  It was also proposed that the Minister of International affairs could soon be considered “a slashie”, Minister of International (Slash) National Affairs.

It was great to see everyone who made it.  Gear up for the next one, coming in November…

Here are a few photos from the wedding and ensuing reception.  Enjoy.

Las Vegas: The Return: A Double Chinned Birthday Celebration


Dear the International Flapjack Society,

It’s time. After weeks of email chatter, it’s happening. IFS returns to Vegas. And this time, we celebrate the birth of two of our strongest Chinisters: MOM and MBM. It’s gonna be hyuuuuuuhhjge.

First off, the dates. Our suite at the Hilton Grand Vacations Resort is reserved for June 18th and 19th. Here’s what I have for a basic plan so far:

June 18th: Arrive, check-in. The group amasses as the stragglers make there way out to the desert. Moons plays a midnight poker tourney downtown, you know, old Vegas, if you don’t you can read more about it here. This is a potential first night option, at least for the gamblers.  Let’s leave Friday open as it will be tough to plan with the disparity in ETAs. Suggestions are of course welcomed.

June 19th:

  • the Morning: Group sleeps. Rousing and Full-blood suffer through a two hour time share meeting with the Hilton people. Wheeeew!
  • the Mid-morning, noon: Pool party (cool party). For those of you who made it to Schroeder’s 34th in Vegas last year, you’ll agree that the pool party is a necessary clam, jam, we had a blast. Booze jam, water jam, women clam vs. Losing money indoors. So start gettin’ your traps hyuuge.
  • the Early evening: I see the pool party wrapping up around 5 or so, at which point we head back to the Hilton and prepare for…
  • the Evening, 7:30: IFS: Vegas: The Second Supper. I’m working on a getting us a small banquet room at the Hilton for dinner. Not the coolest spot to have our supper, but the most practicable. Of course, the meeting/supper location is open for debate.
  • the Night: Post meeting, drunk, attacking the city. We can settle on a bar or a club, or a few bars and and a few clubs. Again, let’s talk about it. Moons likes to watch the dueling pianos at the Bar at Times Square in the New York New York joint, cause he don’t like the clubs.
  • Sunday: oh no…

Ok, so that is a very very basic outline of the weekend. Plan on spending about $30 – $45 for two nights in the suite, depending on how many monks end up going.

We need to finalize: potential Friday night activities, the pool location, and Saturday night’s destinations. I hope Saturday evening supper meeting works for everyone – the time share meeting must take place in the morning, so I can’t do the early meet jam on Sat.

Please RSVP to this post with a comment. This is going to be so, so strong…and for me at least, it might look something like this:

Gosselin, abolute playaaaah.

Good night, and good flapjack,


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Flash Game Friday – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

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So I don’t forget this FGF I made this post a bit early. Sorry about your work / school day jem, and all that your important plans. Prepared to be swamped…with gameplay. See what I did there? I took swamped and made it do work.

This week’s game is the first advertisement game. As a Flash game to promote the upcoming action flick based on the classic game, it’s surprising that it is actually fun, most movie based games suck. The game doesn’t use the same mechanics from the old series as it plays like Canabalt or Robot Unicorn Attack. Lucky for us they don’t paste a Gyllenhaal head on the Persian prince a la Flappy Does Adventures.

Play Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Oh, and if you ever want to go back and play one of the old games I’ve added a list to the Games page here for easy access.

Danke schön!


I want to thank all of the Flapjacks and Friends of Flapjacks who came to the German Movie Night last Thursday. Strong, strong showing. We listened to an interesting talk, watched a strange film, drank wine/beer/strong booze, and then ate fried chicken. Moons and I hope to see all of you back in LBC sometime soon. Moons.

In other German Studies related news, I should let everyone know that I’ll be returning to Europe this fall – this time to Vienna. I got a Fulbright Scholarship to teach there for a year, so, once again, I will be putting the “I” in IFS. Sorry to bring you down Diego. To this end, please start planning your Austrian getaways now. It should be strong.

Angels, Dunk tank, LCD, MGMT and Vegas. It’s all happening.

See you soon,


Flash Game Sunday – Give Up Robot

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Dudes I totally spaced on the Flash Game Friday again. This week’s Flash game is another Adult Swim game. They’re quickly building up a library of addictive and unique Flash games and are making this weekly post easy.

Give Up Robot is a platformer without traditional enemies. You must jump and swing your way through the level, avoiding the holes and orange / lava like blocks. Levels are grouped in tens and get difficult around level 20. Enjoy

Play Give Up Robot

Day at the Races 2

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All Flapjacks and Friends

I have made reservations for “Day at the Races 2” at Hollywood Park this coming Saturday May 8th. Right now I have 10 spots reserved at the Turf Club and can add more attendees as necessary.  The group name is “Flapjacks and Friends”.  If you would like to attend, and perhaps bring a guest, please let me know.
The format will be nearly identical to the first “Day at the Races”, reserved seating, trip down to the winner’s circle, group photo, etc.  Only difference is I didn’t pay to have it catered, only because I was unsure of the enthusiasm I’d receive, however there’s a restaurant we can order from nearby, and I can easily add the catering if people want it.  Otherwise, Its $10 a person.  Tough to beat that price.  Fun starts at noon at Hollywood Park. If you didn’t come to the first event at the race track, I’d encourage you to come, its a good time.

So there it is… Come one, come all. We’ll put on a suit, sip a whiskey drink, and watch them ponies run!!

Flash Game Friday – Continuity

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This week’s Flash game suffered a bit of delay due to the Lakers game and a BBQ at the Minister of Lexicon’s place, but better late than not at all.

The game is titled Continuity and combines basic platforming with a slide-tile puzzle system. Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and the spacebar to zoom out to the puzzle view. You can then use the arrows to slide the tiles around.

Play Continuity