Flash Game Friday – Desktop Tower Defense

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What you thought I forgot to post this Friday’s Flash game? Nah, I was just hobbling through the day after a long night celebrating Slurpee’s graduation from nurse school. This week’s Flash game is one of several of the “tower defense” games. There have been so many games using this formula it’s practically become a genre in itself with several sub categories. There is even a South Park version for the Xbox that puts a new spin on it. But today’s game is one of the better versions as it keeps it simple and I’ll post it as it was one of the first.

In Desktop Tower Defense you’re tasked with placing stationary guns on table to protect the goals from waves of enemies. The game starts simple and you’ll breeze through the first few tutorial levels, but once you gather four or five different guns with different ammo the fun begins. Keys to winning for DTD are to create paths with your guns to lengthen the path the enemies have to follow, but you can’t block it or the game will stop and to upgrade guns frequently.

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