THIS concert IS HAPPENING!!!!!!


When: Friday June 4th @ 8pm

Where: Hollywood Palladium

Who: MT, MBM

Why:  Come on really?  Am I really suppossed to write something here?  Okay fine.  It’s just going to be fun.  How about that?  Or look at it as a warm down to Vegas. 


Price: $43

How to Post Video #3


I don’t know what the problem is with posting video, but maybe a video rather than a screen shot will help someone to figure out where this widespread error is occurring in the system. Can someone try to post a video? Also, don’t delete the post you try to make as I can’t see what’s wrong with it if it’s in the Trash without republishing it anyway.

How to Post Video 2 – Whare is the YouTubes button?


Click the Above image to see what to do to post video from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu etc. If you don’t know where the code for the video player comes from go to the video page on YouTube and click the Embed button below the video. If you don’t know how to copy and paste that code, I can’t help you and you have failed at life.

Flash Game Friday – Desktop Tower Defense

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What you thought I forgot to post this Friday’s Flash game? Nah, I was just hobbling through the day after a long night celebrating Slurpee’s graduation from nurse school. This week’s Flash game is one of several of the “tower defense” games. There have been so many games using this formula it’s practically become a genre in itself with several sub categories. There is even a South Park version for the Xbox that puts a new spin on it. But today’s game is one of the better versions as it keeps it simple and I’ll post it as it was one of the first.

In Desktop Tower Defense you’re tasked with placing stationary guns on table to protect the goals from waves of enemies. The game starts simple and you’ll breeze through the first few tutorial levels, but once you gather four or five different guns with different ammo the fun begins. Keys to winning for DTD are to create paths with your guns to lengthen the path the enemies have to follow, but you can’t block it or the game will stop and to upgrade guns frequently.

Play Desktop Tower Defense



Real Jam


Flash Game Friday – Warfare 1944

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This Friday’s Flash game leaves me a bit underwhelmed. It’s not bad, but I had high hopes. Still, the subject matter and scope make it worthy of one Friday on the site. From the same team that brought you The Last Stand, and The Last Stand 2, Con Artist Games did not tone down the difficulty for this war sim.

It took me five tries to pass the second level, the 5th try I beat it in a minute, so my advice would be strike while the irons hot. Give em hell, and don’t send your soldiers to the slaughter, cause they get super bummed. You get guided through how to play, but it’s most just clicking and some strategy.

Play Warfare 1944

or go back to the future and Play Warfare 1917



This is Happening!!

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I couldn’t pass up the chance to be the first minister to post about the new LCD Soundsystem album. As a Minister of A&D favorite for hearing it all, LCD’s new album is appropriately titled This is Happening.

The album isn’t due out for another month, but the internet had other plans for the release so it can be had with some Chandleresque interweb detective skills. Or you can play by the bands rules and just stream it for the time being from their site.

Listen to This is Happening

From Businessman…

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…to Pulitzer Prize winner??

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