Flash Game Friday – The Last Stand

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I hope you fingers are ready to click. This Friday’s Flash game is titled The Last Stand. A game focusing on surviving each night in a post-zombie apocalyptic world, you’re tasked with protecting your barrier and shooting as many zombies in the head as possible.

After each night you get time to repair your barrier, search for new weapons, and try to find survivors to join your army. It took me several plays, but I was able to survive and beat the game. The only piece of advice I can provide is aim for the head and take down the fatties and the runners.

Play The Last Stand

and if you beat it:

Play The Last Stand 2

[Update: For those who say the game is too hard, see if you can beat my score, of no deaths and 480 head shots.]

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  1. Comp
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 13:14:14

    Allow me to add some advice to what M&T said. .357 is the best gun you will get for a while, focus on adding crew members for a little and get some longevity out of the magnum. Don’t go away from the magnum until you get the hunting rifle. Besides the Barret sniper rifle, the hunting rifle/chainsaw combo is the best in the game. Now that I have pwned Last Stand 1 I am onto Last Stand 2. Good flapjack.