Arnold Schwarzenegger – 160 Quotes

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If you have ten minutes to kill today, watch the video above to relive all of Arnold’s greatest quotes. While it doesn’t have a soundtrack spanning it’s entirety, and the quotes aren’t edited together for greater hilarity, the quality of the video and sound are solid.

Flash Game Friday – The Last Stand

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I hope you fingers are ready to click. This Friday’s Flash game is titled The Last Stand. A game focusing on surviving each night in a post-zombie apocalyptic world, you’re tasked with protecting your barrier and shooting as many zombies in the head as possible.

After each night you get time to repair your barrier, search for new weapons, and try to find survivors to join your army. It took me several plays, but I was able to survive and beat the game. The only piece of advice I can provide is aim for the head and take down the fatties and the runners.

Play The Last Stand

and if you beat it:

Play The Last Stand 2

[Update: For those who say the game is too hard, see if you can beat my score, of no deaths and 480 head shots.]

More Strong British Hairline


See you fuckers up in SB for Spring Break ’07!!! Wheeeeeuuuuuuwww!!!

Storms a brewin’


Quick post here to test the waters:

Who’s going up to SB this Saturday? What seemed like a spur of the moment road trip late last week has already turned into something much, much more beautiful. There’s talk of an IFS ‘Gathering’ to celebrate Diego’s little brother’s birthday, jam. I’m in +1, Nova’s in, Bunchy’s in, Lexicon’s in…who else?

I love you all,


PS Рthis is a strong, metro-sexual hairline:

Oooohhh the Colors…Rainbow Pancakes

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Now that my bracket has been shot to hell, thanks Jayhawks, my attention turns back to the never ceasing world of internet gold mining. Today’s entry is Rainbow Pancakes. They dazzle the eyes and tickle the stomach.

Flash Game Friday – Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

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Today’s Friday Flash game is titled Fancy Pants Adventure. A mix of Mario, Sonic and Line Rider, your character moves with the arrow keys and can jump with S, but as he runs down slopes he gains momentum and can navigate loopy-loops and jam gnarly back-flips to charge through levels.

Developed by Borne Games, it’s one of the best Flash platformers developed to date. Stop reading this post and play the game already.

Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

and if you beat that, head back and play the original World 1.

I might be wrong, but I thought this FB pic was worth a post…


Let me know if you agree or not.

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After the first day of a world brewing convention in the states, the CEO’s of various brewing organizations retire to the bar.

Bruce, the CEO of Fosters, shouts to the barman: “In ‘Straiyla, we make the best beer in the world, so pour me a Fosters mate.

Bob, CEO of Budweiser calls out next: “In the States we brew the finest beer known to mankind and i make the king of them all. Gimme a Bud”.

Hans steps up next: “In Germany we invented das beer. Give me ein Becks, der real King of beers.”

Paddy, CEO of Guinness steps forward: “Barman give me a diet coke with ice and lemon please.”

The others stare at him in stunned silence, amazement written over their faces. Eventually Bruce asks: “Are you not going to have a Guinness Pat?”

To which Paddy replies “Well, if you pussies aren’t drinking, then neither am I”.

UCSB in the Big Tourney


I now know my first Final Four pick for this year’s tourney, UCSB beat the Long Beach 49ers to grab the single coveted Big West bid. Must have been a tough one for you Rousing, if you had time to watch.

It was a tough fought game. The refs let the teams play very loose, and even with a double digit lead in the middle of the 2nd half, UCSB let the 49ers back in the game, leaving a few missed shots in the last minute to decide the game.

If you look closely at the pics from the game you will see our own Ministers of Art + Design (with a weird last name on his jersey) and Competition (with a new hairdo) trying to shut down the Gauchos.

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