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It’s been a while since I’ve made a non-administrative post, and now that we have our new system I think it’s time to reintroduce a weekly post. As I’ve started working and learning more and more about game development, I have a new appreciation for the little guy. In small teams some amazing and creative games are made. They may not have the fanciest graphics, but the themes and concepts are always pretty unique. Which leads me to my first post in this category – Cream Wolf – a game that uses old school graphics and gameplay, but presents a really unique story.

I recently posted on this on my personal site, but it’s too good not to share with all of I.F.S. I won’t ruin the concept with a summary, but just go play it when you’re bored today or this weekend. I’ll follow this up with a post every Friday of an awesome and free game.

Play Cream Wolf

Fully Moved


Alright ministers we’re now officially moved over to the new site and wedoiteverymonth.com now points to the new site domain flapjacksociety.com. I figured now that wedoitquarterly our old domain name was out of date.

Let me know if you notice any kookiness or if any images don’t work as I had to use some magic to get all the files moved over.

Also I’ve moved the minutes and documents to a secure page, the password is the same one I sent out in the email.

Good flapjack,

Happy New Year / New Website


[flashvideo file=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/IFS_0001.flv” /]

This is a little late as I’ve had some issues posting, but please enjoy…

IFS: Rumble in the Jungle

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Mission Accomplished. Well done gentlemen. It was a very enjoyable weekend and I thank everyone who made the journey for the first ‘new’ LA meeting. To those Ministers and Jew who could not be with us, you were missed.
IFS Meeting, check. New CB trophy, check. ‘New and Improved’ Anthem, check. Beer and Whiskey consumed, double check. Super Bowl Party, check.
Empty Table.JPG
**Member of the Month: The Minister of Letters**
Notable Accomplishments: New CB Trophy, “In the face of adversity you suck, fuck you.” Complete with top hat/wand emblem, and drama dancer guy. But perhaps the strongest addition from Letters was the newest edit of the IFS Anthem, a copy of which should live in your email inbox. Amazing, simply amazing. Well played Baggs, you deserve it.
**Continental Breakfast Award: The Minister of Art and Design**
Notables: Totally spaced on planning the meeting place. Managed however to come through in hospitality points, and was rewarded with the appropriate CB award love. Honestly, the CB trophy is awesome, and its been unofficially decided that it must be awarded to a member present at the meeting. It’s simply much more fun to award to someone who’s there.
Worthy of Note: Jimmy made a strong appearance in the middle of the MOM acceptance speech, stuck around for a few cold ones, and a little pin killing. GCross made a strong appearance for the weekend, proudly proclaiming as a guess, “The ‘Minister of Defense’, maybe?”. Difficult to argue there’s a strong case for that one. Something to ponder… If you’ve yet to meet ‘G’, he’s a friend from home (Chico, CA) and is a ‘Real American Hero’, a US Marine. A welcomed guest at any future IFS meeting.
Jimmy Interruption.JPG
Full Blood Ed, managed to drunkenly yell Anchor Man quotes across the bar. Lexicon was kindly removed from the bar for refusing to bribe a bouncer. Athletics was kindly asked to leave the bar because of inappropriate head gear, and a ‘snippy tude’. MOM had a few too many early, and tried to keep it together for the remainder of the night, nice. Glory spaced, and Nova spent.
The following are a few gems from the weekend. I’m thinking of making a run as the new MoPhoto, I got a little extra time on my hands, and no life, why not?
CB Award.JPG

Ahhh, you guys…


Philanthropy’s Crazy Weekend: A Photo-essay

There in spirit, not in body.


Good flapjack my brothers. I love you like a fat kid love cake.