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The recent earthquakes in West Java and Sumatra followed directly on the heels of ol’ Glory and my path through surf paradise. Literally 4 days after A&D and I departed West Java a 7.0 earthquake rocking all the beach communities we were vacationing at. Our friends were all fine and no one was killed in Cimaja village where we were staying, however many perished in nearby communities. ([Story](
I left for Padang, West Sumatra and our surf charter was based out of the regional capital which was just hit by a 7.6 earthquake killing an undetermined number of people. ([Story]( We left our Aussie boat captain, his Indonesian wife, daughter (6) and son (2) at a hotel approximately 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything about their well being.
The people of Indonesia are a warm and welcoming people. Almost everyone we met on our travels was stuck in one of the hardest hit zones of one of these two quakes and have been dealing with the aftermath every since. We literally dodged a bullet and I consider myself lucky.
Anyway, Indonesia is hit hard by these natural disasters on a frequent basis and it throws the country back from its progress into poverty and despair. The Muslim extremists thrive on the poverty and ignorance of the country’s indigent. Indonesia is the worlds most populous Muslim nation and also serves as a model for moderate Muslims, despite fringe groups. But the world needs Indonesia to be a stable, democratic nation. They have a very pro-American president, SBY who is very popular. Anyway, these recent events touched me deeply and I felt compelled to donate to Surfaid, a non profit group which brings relief to these areas. If you want to toss a couple dollars toward the relief effort, please do. Thanks.
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