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Our organization has been slowly falling behind in the technology front. Only half our members are on Facebook, I think I’m the only one on Twitter, and Rousing’s cell phone can’t even send e-mail. To boost our street cred I’ve put together a very basic, but functional site at one of our unused domains here:


I sent out login e-mails to every member, this includes your username and password. Once you login you should be taken back to the homepage. Here rather than having to go into an admin like MovableType you can just post whatever into the Whatcha up to? box. You can embed video and links, or just write what yous up to. For example:

“Went to fridge, out a Mike’s Hard Cran Razz again. Heading to the store pronto.”

This is essentially our own private twitter. Someone makes a post and you’ll see it on the page without reloading.

My goal for this is to have it live alongside our public site with regular posts. We’ve always wanted a private area to share our thoughts and feelings, so here it is. Hopefully we can make it as funny and cool as I think we can.

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