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Whoever said ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ probably didn’t have a lot, and whoever said ‘More Money More Problems’ must have been a gangster rapper who publicly slandered dangerous and violent individuals with lots of weapons and too much free time.  While I am not a rich man nor a gangster rapper (yet) I do appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar.  Money may not buy happiness, but they can buy Adolphus, flapjacks, surfboards, skinny jeans, box sets of the OC on DVD, and cabins at the lake for the fourth of July, which can provide fleeting glimpses of happiness amongst the drudgery of daily life.
Emerald_Bay_Lake_Tahoe.jpgAs we get older and our earning power increases (if only slightly) we have  more disposable income.  The phrase ‘spend like Nova and spend like Finance’ has been thrown around more than once and I realize this distribution of wealth is not homogeneous and some ministers will be working for high powered law firms and financial institutions while others will be slogging through the ranks of professional South American soccer leagues and fornicating with fish.  Apparently ‘Fish Fornication’ isn’t a very lucrative trade.
money.jpgAbove (Ol Glory)

Recently the Minister of Revelry and Spirits and I had a conversation about potential financial investments and where we should stash a little coin for the future.  Some of these investments require minimum investments of 5K or more, which may be out of the price range of most Ministers (perhaps not the Rabbi, Jew joke).  We spoke of maybe going in 1/2 and 1/2 on a specific fund which requires a minimum 5K investment.  The though occurred to set up some sort of ‘IFS investment subcommittee’.  This way we would have numerous bright minds to research and monitor our investments and multiple sources of funding allowing us to invest in slightly more exclusive funds.  Its been proved investment groups normally do better than the average individual investor.  We could share some common advice and help.  The Minister of Athletics works at a financial research institution and would be a good place to start for advice. 

The idea is to build some wealth together, especially now when the market is hurting and opportunities abound.  Although we don’t have much to spare, together we are strong.  If people are at all interested in the idea let me know, we can set up some sort of initial investment and see how it goes.  Nothing too serious, but perhaps a little more serious than ‘Linesmaker’. (R&S you still owe me for the Laker game)  One more step in the growth of IFS.

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